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Herbert Hoover High School (Glendale)

Herbert Hoover High School (Glendale)

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{{For|other high schools named after [[Herbert Hoover]]|Herbert Hoover High School (disambiguation)}} '''Herbert Hoover High School''' is a public [[high school]] in [[Glendale, California]]. The school's colors are purple and white. Hoover High School, named after [[Herbert Hoover]], the 31st president of the [[United States]], is located on {{convert|18.6|acre|m2}} in Glendale. The original campus was erected in 1929 and served students until 1966 when, with the exception of the auditorium and physical education facilities, the buildings were demolished and replaced by a new facility completed in 1969. In 1990, due to continual and anticipated growth in the number of students entering Hoover, a 33-classroom facility was built and completed in 1992. Hoover High School is still a part of a neighborhood cluster that includes [[Mark Keppel elementary schools]] and [[Toll Middle School]]. The Hoover High School of today has approximately 1,950 students which includes a wide range of socioeconomic, educational, and cultural backgrounds. Some 47 % of the students are [[Caucasian race|Caucasian]] (mostly Armenian); 29.6% [[Hispanic]] 5.0% [[Asian people|Asian]]; 9.7% [[Filipino American|Filipino]]; 9% [[African-American]]; and 0.2% other. ==Academics== In 2001, Hoover High School met its school wide API (Academic Performance Index) and has received over $150,000 in Governor's Incentive Award money. The Hoover staff is keenly focused on standards-based instruction and consistently uses data to chart and plan for improvement. Hoover High School offers 22 different Advanced Placement (AP) classes which span a wide variety of disciplines including history, English language and literature, science, foreign language, math, economics, art, psychology, music theory, and computer programming. For the past two years, 40% of the graduating seniors planned to attend a four-year college. Some 44.4% of graduating seniors meet the University of California A-G requirements. In 2010 Hoover High School met its schoolwide API (Academic Performance Index) target with an overall API of 772; an eleven point gain over 2009. Hoover's API has grown 158 points in the last 10 years. Hoover is determined to reach an API of 800 by 2013, the target for all schools in California. The Hoover staff is keenly focused on standards-based instruction and consistently uses data to chart and plan for improvement. Hoover High School offers 22 different Advanced Placement (AP) classes which span a wide variety of disciplines including history, English language and literature, science, foreign language, math, economics, art, psychology, music theory, and computer programming. In 2010, 50 students earned recognition from the College Board as "AP Scholars". Another 15 earned the "AP Scholar with Honor" designation and we are very proud that 20 students earned the honor of "AP Scholar with Distinction". Congratulations to these 85 exceptional students! Data and surveys indicate that 40% of our graduating seniors plan to attend a four-year college and approximately 44% of graduating seniors meet the University of California A-G requirements upon graduation. Hoover High School is an integral part of the city of Glendale which now has over 200,000 residents. National studies, realtors, and residents all concur that Glendale's excellent schools, picturesque neighborhoods, commercial industries, shopping facilities, and strong municipal agencies are motivating factors that keep and attract families and businesses in the community. Glendale has become one of the largest financial, commercial, retail, and motion picture animation centers in the state of California. ==Athletics== Hoover High School Provides a wide variety of different sports to students including Boys Water polo (3rd place, 2008-2009 season and again 2009-2010 season and reached CIF division VI quarterfinals) & Girls Water polo, Boys & Girls Volleyball, Boys & Girls Soccer (2006-2007 league champions), Boys & Girls Basketball, Boys Football (girls are also welcome), Baseball & Softball, Track, Cross Country, Golf, Pep Squad, and Swim. Although the school doesn't have a wrestling team, there have been many arguments towards making the sport possible in the future. The 1975 baseball team won the CIF 4A Championship defeating Lakewood High 2-1 at Dodger Stadium. A significant aspect of the school's history is the long time cross-town rivalry with Glendale High School (Glendale, California). "BGD" known as "Big Game Day" or "Beat Glendale Day" is the biggest social/athletic event of the school year. Even though every sport has its own "BGD" game, Football is the biggest of them all. On the day of the big football game, the school provides events such as "The Poster Drop," which is a competition towards every grade (9-12) taking place on the Friday morning of the game, spirit assemblies, and many different activities. The game usually takes place at Glendale High School because Hoover High School does not have a "proper" field and will not get it fixed due to the construction of the quad. The mascot is "The Tornadoes" but was temporarily changed in the past to the Wind Gusts when a [[Kansas]] team whose town had just been ravaged by tornadoes came to visit. ==Miscellaneous activities== '''BETA''' Beta is a business academic program where a student must process an application if they are interested in the program. Those who are accepted are required to take at least 5 semesters of business classes. Which are Business Technology, Keyboarding, Virtual Enterprise, and Intro to Business. '''Debate Club''' Students compete with other schools debating about a topic (different topics are chosen every week) '''Fine Arts Academy''' Students are nominated to the Hoover High School Fine Arts Academy. Academy students are invited to take advanced classes at Hoover to create a Fine Arts Emphasis in their Degree Program. Students must take 3 years of Arts classes while enrolled at Hoover in order to be considered an Academy graduate. Of these 3 Courses at least 2 must be at Hoover High School. Along with the academic distinction that comes with being an Academy student you will be eligible to participate in events at the Hoover Arts Gallery. '''Jazz Ensemble''' Students audition to play in the Hoover High School Studio Jazz Orchestra, the flagship performing group at Hoover. All instrumentalists are welcome: trumpets, trombones, and saxophones participate as well as flutes, clarinets, violins, cellos, and at one point, a bassoon and a harp. Jazz students play a variety of music styles, including swing, Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban, reggae, jazz-rock fusion, pop and jump-swing. The Studio Jazz Orchestra has received more major awards than any other comprehensive high school jazz group in the country. ==Notable alumni/attendants== * [[Thomas Leary]] - early IBM engineer * [[Carlos Moorhead]], United States Congressman, 1973-1997 * [[Steven Banks]], Actor, TV Star "The Steven Banks Show" * [[Bob Gagliano]], QB for 7 NFL teams, 1981–1993 * [[Héctor López (boxer)|Héctor López]], Silver Medalist, [[Boxing_at_the_1984_Summer_Olympics#Bantamweight_.28.E2.80.93_54_kg.29|1984 Olympics Silver Medal in boxing]] * [[Forrest Beaty]], National H.S. Record Holder 220yd dash (1961), co-holder 100 yd dash record (1962) * [[Richard Boone]], actor star of "Have Gun Will Travel" television series * [[John Cho]], actor best known as Harold Lee in [[Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle]] * [[Bill Craig]], Gold Medalist, swimming, 1964 Olympics * [[Jack Davis (athlete)|Jack Davis]], 2-time Silver Medalist, 110M high hurdles, 1952 & 1956 Olympics * [[Glenn Dumke]], Chancellor, California State University System, 1962–82 * [[Joe Hahn|Joseph Hahn]], [[DJ]] for the band [[Linkin Park]] and music video director * [[John Hangartner]], SoCal CIF Football Player of the Year, 1954 * [[Lee Hartwell]], Nobel Prize for Medicine, 2001 * [[Paul Ignatius]], Secretary of the Navy, 1967–69 * [[Maren Jensen]], actress co-star in the original [[Battlestar Galactica]] television series, 1978–79 * [[Ed King]] - Guitarist of [Lynard Skynerd] & [Strawberry Alarm Clock] 1964 * [[Rich McGeagh]], world record, 100 meter backstroke, 1964 * [[Eva Mendes]], actress * [[Danielle Castano]], Miss World-Philippines * [[Juno Stover-Irwin|Juno Stover]] - Two-time Olympic diving medalist; two-time USA/AAU]] champion; two-time [[Pan-American Games]] medalist * [[Nancy Evans]], 1993 CIF Player of the Year in softball, 1998 NCAA Player of the Year * [[Joe Hillman]], single season scoring record in basketball, 41.3 points per game * [[Wally Ritchie]], former Major League Baseball pitcher * [[Ray Lamb]], MLB pitcher with Cleveland Indians and L.A. Dodgers * [[Stirling Silliphant]], Academy Award, screenwriter "In the Heat of The Night" * [[Anthony Velez]] "ANT V", Executive Producer, Nomadic Minds Productions LLC * [[Gerald Quist]], 4-time Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup 19 Emmy Award nominations * [[Ron Underwood]], director "Tremors", "City Slickers" * [[Anita Jones Garner]], personality at KCET and KBIG, Los Angeles * Summer Block, editor of online humor magazine "The Foghorn" ==External links== * [http://hooverhs.org/ Hoover High School website] * [http://www.gusd.net/157910102619571520/site/default.asp? School profile on GUSD] * [http://www.leaguelineup.com/welcome.asp?url=hooverpepteam School's Pep Team] {{coord missing|Los Angeles County, California}}