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Hedda Hopper

Hedda Hopper

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Hedda Hopper was an American
United States
The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district...

 actress and gossip columnist
Gossip columnist
A gossip columnist is someone who writes a gossip column in a newspaper or magazine, especially a gossip magazine. Gossip columns are material written in a light, informal style, which relates the gossip columnist's opinions about the personal lives or conduct of celebrities from show business ,...

, whose long-running feud with friend turned arch-rival Louella Parsons
Louella Parsons
Louella Parsons was the first American news-writer movie columnist in the United States. She was a gossip columnist who, for many years, was an influential arbiter of Hollywood mores, often feared and hated by the individuals, mostly actors, whose careers she could negatively impact via her...

 became at least as notorious as many of Hopper's columns.

Early life

She was born Elda Furry in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
Hollidaysburg is a borough in Blair County, Pennsylvania, on the Juniata River, south of Altoona. It is the county seat of Blair County. It is part of the Altoona, Pennsylvania, Metropolitan Statistical Area and is one of the communities that comprises the Altoona Urban Area...

, the daughter of David D. (born 1857) and Margaret Miller (born 1856) Furry, members of the German Baptist Brethren. Her siblings included Dora Furry (born 1880); Sherman Furry (born 1882); Cameron Furry (born 1887); Edgar Furry (1889 - 1975); Frank M. Furry (born 1891); and Margaret Furry (born 1897).

The family moved to Altoona
Altoona, Pennsylvania
-History:A major railroad town, Altoona was founded by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1849 as the site for a shop complex. Altoona was incorporated as a borough on February 6, 1854, and as a city under legislation approved on April 3, 1867, and February 8, 1868...

 when Elda was three. Her father was a butcher who owned a shop. She eventually ran away to New York
New York City
New York is the most populous city in the United States and the center of the New York Metropolitan Area, one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. New York exerts a significant impact upon global commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and...

 and began her career
Career is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a person's "course or progress through life ". It is usually considered to pertain to remunerative work ....

 in the chorus
A choir, chorale or chorus is a musical ensemble of singers. Choral music, in turn, is the music written specifically for such an ensemble to perform.A body of singers who perform together as a group is called a choir or chorus...

 on the Broadway stage. Hopper was not successful in this venture, even getting the axe by the renowned Shubert Brothers. Florenz Ziegfeld
Florenz Ziegfeld
Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr. , , was an American Broadway impresario, notable for his series of theatrical revues, the Ziegfeld Follies , inspired by the Folies Bergère of Paris. He also produced the musical Show Boat...

 called the aspiring starlet a "clumsy cow" and brushed off her pleas for a slot in the Follies
Ziegfeld Follies
The Ziegfeld Follies were a series of elaborate theatrical productions on Broadway in New York City from 1907 through 1931. They became a radio program in 1932 and 1936 as The Ziegfeld Follies of the Air....

. After a few years, she joined the theater company of matinee idol DeWolf Hopper
DeWolf Hopper
William DeWolf Hopper was an American actor, singer, comedian, and theatrical producer. Although a star of the musical stage, he was best-known for performing the popular baseball poem Casey at the Bat. -Biography:...

, whom she called "Wolfie."

In her words, "Dancing came easy to me. And in singing, what my voice lacked in quality it made up for in volume." Thus, she remained in the chorus and they toured the country from one end to the other. While in the Hopper company, she realized that chorus and understudy
In theater, an understudy is a performer who learns the lines and blocking/choreography of a regular actor or actress in a play. Should the regular actor or actress be unable to appear on stage because of illness or emergencies, the understudy takes over the part...

 jobs were not acting. She wanted to act, and she knew she would have to prove herself before she could hope to get anywhere in the theater. Hearing that Edgar Selwyn was casting his play The Country Boy for a road tour, she went to his office and talked him into letting her audition for the lead. She was given the role and the show toured for thirty-five weeks through forty-eight states.

She studied singing during the summer and, in the fall, went out with The Quaker Girl in the second lead, the prima donna
Prima donna
Originally used in opera or Commedia dell'arte companies, "prima donna" is Italian for "first lady." The term was used to designate the leading female singer in the opera company, the person to whom the prime roles would be given. The prima donna was normally, but not necessarily, a soprano...

 role. The show closed in Albany
Albany, New York
Albany is the capital city of the U.S. state of New York, the seat of Albany County, and the central city of New York's Capital District. Roughly north of New York City, Albany sits on the west bank of the Hudson River, about south of its confluence with the Mohawk River...


She was the fifth wife of De Wolf Hopper, whose previous wives were named Ella, Ida, Edna and Nella. The similarity in names caused some friction, as he would not always call Elda by her proper name but rather by the names of one of his previous wives. Consequently, Elda Hopper paid a numerologist
Numerology is any study of the purported mystical relationship between a count or measurement and life. It has many systems and traditions and beliefs...

 $10 to tell her what name she should use, and the answer was Hedda.


Hopper began acting in silent movies
Silent film
A silent film is a film with no synchronized recorded sound, especially with no spoken dialogue. In silent films for entertainment the dialogue is transmitted through muted gestures, pantomime and title cards...

 in 1915. Her motion picture
A film, also called a movie or motion picture, is a series of still or moving images. It is produced by recording photographic images with cameras, or by creating images using animation techniques or visual effects...

 debut was in Battle of Hearts (1916) with William Farnum
William Farnum
William Farnum was a major movie actor. One of three brothers, Farnum grew up in a family of actors. He made his acting debut at the age of ten in Richmond, Virginia in a production of Julius Caesar, with Edwin Booth playing the title character...

. She appeared in more than 120 movies over the following twenty-three years, usually portraying distinguished-looking society women.

As her movie career waned in the mid-1930s, Hopper looked for other sources of income. In 1937, she was offered the chance of a lifetime and embarked on a career doing something she was quite adept at: gossip
Gossip is idle talk or rumour, especially about the personal or private affairs of others, It is one of the oldest and most common means of sharing facts and views, but also has a reputation for the introduction of errors and variations into the information transmitted...

. Her gossip column called "Hedda Hopper's Hollywood" debuted in the Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times
The Los Angeles Times is a daily newspaper published in Los Angeles, California, since 1881. It was the second-largest metropolitan newspaper in circulation in the United States in 2008 and the fourth most widely distributed newspaper in the country....

 on February 14, 1938. After years of struggling as an actress, she had finally found her niche. She christened the home she purchased in Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills, California
Beverly Hills is an affluent city located in Los Angeles County, California, United States. With a population of 34,109 at the 2010 census, up from 33,784 as of the 2000 census, it is home to numerous Hollywood celebrities. Beverly Hills and the neighboring city of West Hollywood are together...

 "The House That Fear Built". She maintained a notorious feud with the long-established Louella Parsons
Louella Parsons
Louella Parsons was the first American news-writer movie columnist in the United States. She was a gossip columnist who, for many years, was an influential arbiter of Hollywood mores, often feared and hated by the individuals, mostly actors, whose careers she could negatively impact via her...

, who had been friendly to her in print and to whom she had sometimes passed information. Hopper and Parsons became archrivals competing fiercely, and often nastily, for the title "Queen of Hollywood", although those who knew both declared that Hopper, a former actress, was more sadistic.

She was noted for her hats, considered her trademark, mostly because of her taste for large, flamboyant ones; and her hats were so famous that, in the 1946 movie, Breakfast in Hollywood, Del Porter, backed by Spike Jones and his City Slickers
Spike Jones
Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny and other Warner Brothers cartoon characters, performed a drunken, hiccuping verse for 1942's "Clink! Clink! Another Drink"...

, sang a novelty song, "A Hat for Hedda Hopper" while Hopper was sitting in the audience wearing an extraordinary creation.

She was known for hobnobbing with the biggest names in the industry, for getting a "scoop" before almost anyone else most of the time, and for being vicious in dealing with those who displeased her, whether intentionally or not. Fictional columnist J.J. Hunsecker, played by Burt Lancaster
Burt Lancaster
Burton Stephen "Burt" Lancaster was an American film actor noted for his athletic physique and distinctive smile...

 in the film Sweet Smell of Success
Sweet Smell of Success
Sweet Smell of Success is a 1957 American film noir made by Hill-Hecht-Lancaster Productions and released by United Artists. It was directed by Alexander Mackendrick and stars Burt Lancaster, Tony Curtis, Susan Harrison and Martin Milner. The screenplay was written by Clifford Odets, Ernest Lehman...

, is said to have been inspired at least in part by Hedda Hopper.

Hopper courted controversy as well for "naming names" of suspected or alleged Communists during the Hollywood Blacklist
Hollywood blacklist
The Hollywood blacklist—as the broader entertainment industry blacklist is generally known—was the mid-twentieth-century list of screenwriters, actors, directors, musicians, and other U.S. entertainment professionals who were denied employment in the field because of their political beliefs or...

. Her frequent attacks against Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin
Sir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin, KBE was an English comic actor, film director and composer best known for his work during the silent film era. He became the most famous film star in the world before the end of World War I...

 in the 1940s for his leftist politics and love life contributed to his departure from America in 1952. After publishing a blind item
Blind item
A blind item is a news story, usually gossip, in which the details of the matter are reported while the identities of the people involved are not revealed. The invention of the blind item is credited to William d'Alton Mann , publisher of Town Topics, who often used it for blackmail....

 on Katharine Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn
Katharine Houghton Hepburn was an American actress of film, stage, and television. In a career that spanned 62 years as a leading lady, she was best known for playing strong-willed, sophisticated women in both dramas and comedies...

 and Spencer Tracy
Spencer Tracy
Spencer Bonaventure Tracy was an American theatrical and film actor, who appeared in 75 films from 1930 to 1967. Tracy was one of the major stars of Hollywood's Golden Age, ranking among the top ten box office draws for almost every year from 1938 to 1951...

's relationship, Tracy confronted her at Ciro's
Ciro's was a nightclub in West Hollywood, California, at 8433 Sunset Boulevard, on the Sunset Strip, opened in January 1940, by entrepreneur William Wilkerson. Herman Hover took over management of Ciro's in 1942 until it closed its doors in 1957...

 and kicked her in the bottom. Similarly, after she had printed a story about an extramarital affair between Joseph Cotten
Joseph Cotten
Joseph Cheshire Cotten was an American actor of stage and film. Cotten achieved prominence on Broadway, starring in the original productions of The Philadelphia Story and Sabrina Fair...

 and Deanna Durbin
Deanna Durbin
Deanna Durbin is a Canadian-born, Southern California-raised retired singer and actress, who appeared in a number of musical films in the 1930s and 1940s singing standards as well as operatic arias....

, Cotten ran into Hopper at a social event and pulled out her chair, only to pull it out from under her when she sat down. She reportedly tried to "out
Coming out
Coming out is a figure of speech for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people's disclosure of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity....

" Cary Grant
Cary Grant
Archibald Alexander Leach , better known by his stage name Cary Grant, was an English actor who later took U.S. citizenship...

 and Randolph Scott
Randolph Scott
Randolph Scott was an American film actor whose career spanned from 1928 to 1962. As a leading man for all but the first three years of his cinematic career, Scott appeared in a variety of genres, including social dramas, crime dramas, comedies, musicals , adventure tales, war films, and even a few...

 as gay
Gay is a word that refers to a homosexual person, especially a homosexual male. For homosexual women the specific term is "lesbian"....

 lovers, but Grant was too big a star even for her to touch. She also spread rumors that Michael Wilding
Michael Wilding (actor)
-Early life:Born in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England, Wilding was a successful commercial artist when he joined the art department of a London film studio in 1933. He soon embarked on an acting career.-Career:...

 and Stewart Granger
Stewart Granger
Stewart Granger was an English-American film actor, mainly associated with heroic and romantic leading roles. He was a popular leading man from the 1940s to the early 1960s rising to fame through his appearances in the Gainsborough melodramas.-Early life:He was born James Lablache Stewart in Old...

 had been intimate (Wilding later sued Hopper for libel and won). ZaSu Pitts
ZaSu Pitts
ZaSu Pitts was an American actress who starred in many silent dramas and comedies, transitioning to comedy sound films.-Early life:ZaSu Pitts was born in Parsons, Kansas to Rulandus and Nellie Pitts; she was the third of four children...

 compared Hopper to "a ferret
The ferret is a domesticated mammal of the type Mustela putorius furo. Ferrets are sexually dimorphic predators with males being substantially larger than females. They typically have brown, black, white, or mixed fur...

", and pointed out that she should not have been surprised her (Hopper's) own movie career did not pan out. Joan Fontaine
Joan Fontaine
Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland , known professionally as Joan Fontaine, is a British American actress. She and her elder sister Olivia de Havilland are two of the last surviving leading ladies from Hollywood of the 1930s....

 sent Hopper a skunk one Valentine's Day with a note reading "I stink and so do you".

Radio and television

Hopper debuted as host of her own radio
Radio programming
Radio programming is the Broadcast programming of a Radio format or content that is organized for Commercial broadcasting and Public broadcasting radio stations....

 program, The Hedda Hopper Show, November 6, 1939. Sponsored by Sunkist
Sunkist Growers, Incorporated
Sunkist Growers, Incorporated is a citrus grower's non-stock membership cooperative composed of 6,000 members from California and Arizona. It is headquartered in the Sherman Oaks district of Los Angeles.-History:...

, she was heard on CBS
CBS Broadcasting Inc. is a major US commercial broadcasting television network, which started as a radio network. The name is derived from the initials of the network's former name, Columbia Broadcasting System. The network is sometimes referred to as the "Eye Network" in reference to the shape of...

 three times a week for 15 minutes until October 30, 1942. From October 2, 1944 to September 3, 1945, Armour Treet
Treet is a canned meat product, similar to Spam, that is marketed by Pinnacle Foods' Armour Star subsidiary in the USA. Treet is made with chicken and pork....

 sponsored a once-a-week program. On September 10, 1945, she moved to ABC
American Broadcasting Company
The American Broadcasting Company is an American commercial broadcasting television network. Created in 1943 from the former NBC Blue radio network, ABC is owned by The Walt Disney Company and is part of Disney-ABC Television Group. Its first broadcast on television was in 1948...

, still sponsored by Armour, for a weekly program that continued until June 3, 1946. Hopper moved back to CBS October 5, 1946, with a weekly 15-minute program, This Is Hollywood, sponsored by Procter & Gamble
Procter & Gamble
Procter & Gamble is a Fortune 500 American multinational corporation headquartered in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio and manufactures a wide range of consumer goods....

. It ran until June 28, 1947.

Expanding to 30 minutes on NBC
The National Broadcasting Company is an American commercial broadcasting television network and former radio network headquartered in the GE Building in New York City's Rockefeller Center with additional major offices near Los Angeles and in Chicago...

, she was host of a variety series, The Hedda Hopper Show, broadcast from October 14, 1950 to November 11, 1950 on Saturdays, then from November 19, 1950 to May 20, 1951 on Sundays, This program featured music, talk and dramatized excerpts from movies with well-known guests, such as Broderick Crawford
Broderick Crawford
Broderick Crawford was an Academy Award-winning American stage, film, radio and TV actor, often cast in tough-guy roles and best known for his starring role in the television series "Highway Patrol."-Early life:...

 doing a scene from All the King's Men
All the King's Men (1949 film)
All the King's Men is a 1949 drama film based on the Robert Penn Warren novel of the same name. It was directed by Robert Rossen and starred Broderick Crawford in the role of Willie Stark.-Plot:...


On January 10, 1960, a television special,
Hedda Hopper's Hollywood, aired on NBC
The National Broadcasting Company is an American commercial broadcasting television network and former radio network headquartered in the GE Building in New York City's Rockefeller Center with additional major offices near Los Angeles and in Chicago...

. Hosted by Hopper, guest interviews included a remarkably eclectic mix of then-current and former stars: Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball
Lucille Désirée Ball was an American comedian, film, television, stage and radio actress, model, film and television executive, and star of the sitcoms I Love Lucy, The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy and Life With Lucy...

 (a longtime friend of Hopper), Francis X. Bushman
Francis X. Bushman
Francis Xavier Bushman was an American actor, film director, and screenwriter. His matinee idol career started in 1911 in the silent film His Friend's Wife, but it did not survive the silent screen era....

, Liza Minnelli
Liza Minnelli
Liza May Minnelli is an American actress and singer. She is the daughter of singer and actress Judy Garland and film director Vincente Minnelli....

, John Cassavetes
John Cassavetes
John Nicholas Cassavetes was an American actor, screenwriter and filmmaker. He acted in many Hollywood films, notably Rosemary's Baby and The Dirty Dozen...

, Robert Cummings
Robert Cummings
Charles Clarence Robert Orville Cummings , mostly known professionally as Robert Cummings but sometimes as Bob Cummings, was an American film and television actor....

, Marion Davies
Marion Davies
Marion Davies was an American film actress. Davies is best remembered for her relationship with newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, as her high-profile social life often obscured her professional career....

 (her last public appearance), Walt Disney
Walt Disney
Walter Elias "Walt" Disney was an American film producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, entertainer, international icon, and philanthropist, well-known for his influence in the field of entertainment during the 20th century. Along with his brother Roy O...

, Janet Gaynor
Janet Gaynor
Janet Gaynor was an American actress and painter.One of the most popular actresses of the silent film era, in 1928 Gaynor became the first winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performances in three films: Seventh Heaven , Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans and Street Angel...

, Bob Hope
Bob Hope
Bob Hope, KBE, KCSG, KSS was a British-born American comedian and actor who appeared in vaudeville, on Broadway, and in radio, television and movies. He was also noted for his work with the US Armed Forces and his numerous USO shows entertaining American military personnel...

, Hope Lange
Hope Lange
Hope Elise Ross Lange was an American stage, film, and television actress.- Early life :Lange was born into a theatrical family in Redding, Connecticut...

, Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins
Anthony Perkins was an American actor, best known for his Oscar-nominated role in Friendly Persuasion and as Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho , and its three sequels.-Early life:...

, Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds is an American actress, singer, and dancer.She was initially signed at age 16 by Warner Bros., but her career got off to a slow start. When her contract was not renewed, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer gave her a small, but significant part in the film Three Little Words , then signed her to...

, James Stewart
James Stewart (actor)
James Maitland Stewart was an American film and stage actor, known for his distinctive voice and his everyman persona. Over the course of his career, he starred in many films widely considered classics and was nominated for five Academy Awards, winning one in competition and receiving one Lifetime...

, and Gloria Swanson
Gloria Swanson
Gloria Swanson was an American actress, singer and producer. She was one of the most prominent stars during the silent film era as both an actress and a fashion icon, especially under the direction of Cecil B. DeMille, made dozens of silents and was nominated for the first Academy Award in the...


Hopper also had several acting roles during the latter part of her career, including brief cameo appearances as herself in the movie Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard (film)
Sunset Boulevard is a 1950 American film noir directed and co-written by Billy Wilder, and produced and co-written by Charles Brackett...

(1950) and The Patsy (1964), as well as episodes of The Martha Raye Show
The Martha Raye Show
The Martha Raye Show is an hour-long comedy/variety show which aired live on NBC from January 23, 1954, to May 29, 1956. The series was hosted by the late Martha Raye, a Montana native, who often called herself "The Big Mouth." Her boyfriend on the program and a foil for her humor was portrayed by...

, I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy is an American television sitcom starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, and William Frawley. The black-and-white series originally ran from October 15, 1951, to May 6, 1957, on the Columbia Broadcasting System...

,, The Ford Show, Starring Tennessee Ernie Ford
The Ford Show
The Ford Show is a half-hour comedy/variety program, starring singer and folk humorist Tennessee Ernie Ford, which aired in color on NBC television on Thursday evenings from October 4, 1956 to June 29, 1961....

, and The Beverly Hillbillies
The Beverly Hillbillies
The Beverly Hillbillies is an American situation comedy originally broadcast for nine seasons on CBS from 1962 to 1971, starring Buddy Ebsen, Irene Ryan, Donna Douglas, and Max Baer, Jr....

, starring Buddy Ebsen
Buddy Ebsen
Buddy Ebsen was an American character actor and dancer. A performer for seven decades, he had starring roles as Jed Clampett in the long-running television series The Beverly Hillbillies and as the title character in the 1970s detective series Barnaby Jones, and played Barnaby Jones in the movie...

. Her autobiography
An autobiography is a book about the life of a person, written by that person.-Origin of the term:...

From Under My Hat (Doubleday, 1952) was followed by The Whole Truth and Nothing But (1962), also published by Doubleday.

Hopper remained active as a writer
A writer is a person who produces literature, such as novels, short stories, plays, screenplays, poetry, or other literary art. Skilled writers are able to use language to portray ideas and images....

 until her death, producing six daily columns and a Sunday column for the
Chicago Tribune syndicate
Tribune Media Services
Tribune Media Services is a syndication company owned by the Tribune Company.The company has two divisions, "News and Features" and "Entertainment Products"...

, as well as writing countless articles for celebrity magazines such as
Photoplay was one of the first American film fan magazines. It was founded in 1911 in Chicago, the same year that J. Stuart Blackton founded a similar magazine entitled Motion Picture Story...


Personal life

On May 8, 1913, she married DeWolf Hopper
DeWolf Hopper
William DeWolf Hopper was an American actor, singer, comedian, and theatrical producer. Although a star of the musical stage, he was best-known for performing the popular baseball poem Casey at the Bat. -Biography:...

 in New Jersey
New Jersey
New Jersey is a state in the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic regions of the United States. , its population was 8,791,894. It is bordered on the north and east by the state of New York, on the southeast and south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Pennsylvania and on the southwest by Delaware...

. They had one child, actor William Hopper
William Hopper
William Hopper, born DeWolf Hopper, Jr. was an American actor. He is best-remembered for playing Paul Drake on television's Perry Mason.-Early life:...

, best known for playing Paul Drake
Paul Drake
Paul Drake was the private detective in the Perry Mason series of murder mystery novels by Erle Stanley Gardner. Drake was described as tall and slouching, frequently wearing an expression of droll humor...

 in the
Perry Mason
Perry Mason (TV series)
Perry Mason is an American legal drama produced by Paisano Productions that ran from September 1957 to May 1966 on CBS. The title character, portrayed by Raymond Burr, is a fictional Los Angeles defense attorney who originally appeared in detective fiction by Erle Stanley Gardner...

 series. They were divorced in 1922.


Hopper died of double pneumonia
Pneumonia is an inflammatory condition of the lung—especially affecting the microscopic air sacs —associated with fever, chest symptoms, and a lack of air space on a chest X-ray. Pneumonia is typically caused by an infection but there are a number of other causes...

 at the age of 80 in Cedars of Lebanon Hospital
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Originally established as Kaspare Cohn Hospital in 1902, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is a non-profit, tertiary 958-bed hospital and multi-specialty academic health science centre located in Los Angeles, California, US. Part of the Cedars-Sinai Health System, the hospital employs a staff of over...

 in Hollywood. She is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Altoona, Pennsylvania
Altoona, Pennsylvania
-History:A major railroad town, Altoona was founded by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1849 as the site for a shop complex. Altoona was incorporated as a borough on February 6, 1854, and as a city under legislation approved on April 3, 1867, and February 8, 1868...


For her contribution to the motion picture industry, Hopper has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Walk of Fame
The Hollywood Walk of Fame consists of more than 2,400 five-pointed terrazzo and brass stars embedded in the sidewalks along fifteen blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood, California...

 at 6313½ Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood.


Jane Alexander
Jane Alexander
Jane Alexander is an American actress, author, and former director of the National Endowment for the Arts. Although perhaps best known for playing the female lead in The Great White Hope on both stage and screen, Alexander has played a wide array of roles in both theater and film and has committed...

 received an Emmy nomination portraying Hopper in the 1985 TV film Malice in Wonderland
Malice in Wonderland (TV film)
Malice in Wonderland is a 1985 American television movie based on the 1972 novel Hedda and Louella: A Dual Biography of Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons by George Eells. Starring Elizabeth Taylor and Jane Alexander, it tells the based-on-real-life stories of powerful Hollywood gossip columnists...

(opposite Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor
Dame Elizabeth Rosemond "Liz" Taylor, DBE was a British-American actress. From her early years as a child star with MGM, she became one of the great screen actresses of Hollywood's Golden Age...

 as Louella Parsons).

She was also portrayed by Katherine Helmond
Katherine Helmond
Katherine Marie Helmond is an American film, theater and television actress, who played Emily Dickinson on Meeting of Minds, as well as such fictional characters as Jessica Tate on Soap, Mona Robinson on Who's the Boss?, Doris Sherman on Coach, and Lois Whelan on Everybody Loves...

Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story
Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story
Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story is a 1995 biographical TV film directed by Kevin Connor. The film stars Sherilyn Fenn , Katherine Helmond, Nigel Havers, Angus Macfadyen, William McNamara and Ray Wise.-Cast:...

, a 1995 made for TV movie and by Joanne Linville in James Dean
James Dean
James Byron Dean was an American film actor. He is a cultural icon, best embodied in the title of his most celebrated film, Rebel Without a Cause , in which he starred as troubled Los Angeles teenager Jim Stark...

, a 2001 made for TV movie..


Silent films
  • The Battle of Hearts (1916 Fox) (Lost ; save for brief sequences in Hedda Hopper's Hollywood)
  • Seven Keys to Baldpate
    Seven Keys to Baldpate
    Seven Keys to Baldpate is a 1917 silent film mystery produced by George M. Cohan and distributed by Artcraft Pictures, an affiliate of Paramount. It is based on Cohan's play of the novel by Earl Derr Biggers. Cohan himself stars in this silent version along with Anna Q. Nilsson and Hedda Hopper,...

    (1917 Artcraft Pictures) (Extant)
  • Her Excellency, the Governor
    Her Excellency, the Governor
    Her Excellency, the Governor is a 1917 silent film drama produced and distributed by the Triangle Film Corporation. Albert Parker is the director and gossip colunist Hedda Hopper is in an early starring lead. It is an original story distantly related to a play, His Excellency, the Governor...

    (1917 Triangle)(Lost)
  • Nearly Married
    Nearly Married
    Nearly Married is a 1917 silent film comedy produced by Samuel Goldwyn and starring Madge Kennedy. It is based on a 1913 stage play Nearly Married by Edgar Selwyn. Also an early film appearance by future gossip columnist Hedda Hopper. A lost film....

    (1917 Goldwyn) (Lost)
  • The Beloved Traitor (1918 Goldwyn)(Lost)
  • By Right of Purchase
    By Right of Purchase
    By Right of Purchase is a 1918 silent feature film drama starring Norma Talmadge in a story produced by her husband Joseph Schenck. The film was distributed by Lewis J. Selznick's Select Pictures Company. An up and coming actress and soon to be gossip columnist, Hedda Hopper, has a small role in...

    (1918 Select Pictures) (Extant)
  • Virtuous Wives
    Virtuous Wives
    Virtuous Wives is a 1918 silent film society drama produced by Louis B. Mayer and Anita Stewart and released by First National Pictures. Miss Stewart is also the star of the film which is today a lost film. Future gossip columnist Hedda Hopper had a role in this motion picture...

    (1918 First National) (Lost)
  • The Third Degree
    The Third Degree (1919 film)
    The Third Degree is a 1919 silent drama film produced and distributed by the Vitagraph Film Company. It is based on a stage play by Charles Klein produced in 1909 starring Helen Ware...

    (1919 Vitagraph) (Lost)
  • Sadie Love
    Sadie Love
    Sadie Love is a 1919 silent film comedy produced Famous Players-Lasky and distributed by Paramount-Artcraft. It is based on a 1915 stage play by Avery Hopwood which starred a young Marjorie Rambeau. Billie Burke is the star in the film version and John S. Robertson directed. This is a lost film...

    (1919 Paramount-Artcraft)(Lost)
  • The Isle of Conquest
    The Isle of Conquest
    The Isle of Conquest is a silent film drama starring Norma Talmadge and produced by Talmadge and her husband Joseph Schenck. This film is now considered a lost film.-Cast:*Norma Talmadge - Ethel Harmon*Wyndham Standing - John Arnold...

    (1919 Select Pictures) (Lost)
  • The Man Who Lost Himself (1920 Select Pictures)(Lost)
  • The New York Idea
    The New York Idea (1920 film)
    The New York Idea is a 1920 silent comedy film directed by Herbert Blache and starring Alice Brady. It is based on a 1906 Broadway play by Langdon Mitchell that starred Mrs. Fiske and George Arliss. It is an extant film at the International House of Photography, George Eastman House...

    (1920 Realart) (Extant; / Geo. Eastman per silentera)
  • Heedless Moths
    Heedless Moths
    Heedless Moths is a 1921 feature length silent film melodrama with an appearance by real life nude model Audrey Munson playing herself, a nude model. Munson also contributed the story...

    (1921 Equity Pictures) (Lost)
  • The Inner Chamber (1921 Vitagraph) (Lost)
  • Conceit (1921 Select Pictures)(Lost)
  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes (1922 film)
    Sherlock Holmes is an American silent film starring John Barrymore as Holmes and Roland Young as Watson. The film was titled Moriarty in the UK.-Production background:...

    (1922 Goldwyn) (Extant)
  • What's Wrong with the Women?
    What's Wrong with the Women?
    What's Wrong with the Women? is a silent film Jazz Age drama, directed by Roy William Neill, produced by Daniel Carson Goodman, and starring Barbara Castleton and Constance Bennett....

    (1922 Equity Pictures)(Lost)
  • Women Men Marry (1922 Truart)(Lost)
  • Has the World Gone Mad?
    Has the World Gone Mad?
    Has the World Gone Mad? is a 1923 silent film society-drama produced by Daniel Carson Goodman and distributed through Equity Pictures. Goodman also created the story and wrote the screenplay. It was directed by J. Searle Dawley. A lost film.-Cast:...

    (1923 Equity Pictures)(Lost)
  • Reno (1923 Goldwyn)(Lost)
  • Another Scandal (1924 W.W. Hodkinson & PDC)(Lost)
  • Gambling Wives (1924 Arrow Film)(Lost)
  • Why Men Leave Home
    Why Men Leave Home
    Why Men Leave Home is a 1924 silent film comedy-drama produced by Louis B. Mayer and released through First National Pictures, then known as Associated First National. It is based on a 1922 Broadway play by Avery Hopwood. The film was released in Germany in 1925 by UFA. John M. Stahl directed and...

    (1924 Associated First National)(Lost)
  • Happiness
    Happiness (1924 film)
    Happiness is a 1924 silent comedy film directed by King Vidor. It stars stage great Laurette Taylor, in one of her rare film appearances. The film is based on the 1914 Broadway play written by Taylor's husband J. Hartley Manners.-Cast:...

    (1924 MGM) (Extant)
  • Miami (1924 W.W. Hodkinson)(Lost)
  • Sinners in Silk
    Sinners in Silk
    Sinners in Silk is a 1924 silent film directed by Hobart Henley. The film stars Eleanor Boardman, Adolphe Menjou, Hedda Hopper, Conrad Nagel and Jean Hersholt. It is written by Benjamin Glazer and Carey Wilson...

    (1924 MGM) (Lost)
  • The Snob
    The Snob (1924 film)
    The Snob is a 1924 silent drama film directed by Monta Bell. The film stars Norma Shearer and John Gilbert prior to their superstardom, together with Phyllis Haver, Conrad Nagel and Hedda Hopper. It is written by Monta Bell based on a novel The Snob: The Story of a Marriage by Helen Reimensnyder...

    (1924 MGM) (Lost)
  • Her Market Value
    Her Market Value
    Her Market Value is a 1925 silent film melodrama directed by Paul Powell and starring Agnes Ayres. Powell produced the picture and distributed through Producer's Distributing Corporation or PDC. This feature is extant at UCLA Film and Television Archive....

    (1925 PDC) (Extant , *UCLA Film & TV)
  • Declassée
    Declassée is a 1925 silent film drama of manners produced and released by First National Pictures in association with Corinne Griffith as executive producer. Griffith also stars in the production directed by Robert G. Vignola which is based on the 1919 play by Zoe Akins that starred Ethel Barrymore...

    (1925 First National) (Extant)
  • Dangerous Innocence
    Dangerous Innocence (film)
    Dangerous Innocence is a 1925 black-and-white silent film comedy/romance/drama film written by Lewis Milestone and James O. Spearing based upon the novel Ann's an Idiot by Pamela Wynne. Directed by William A. Seiter for Universal Pictures, the film stars Laura La Plante and Eugene O'Brien...

    (1925 Universal)(Lost)
  • Zander the Great
    Zander the Great
    Zander the Great is a 1925 silent drama film directed by George W. Hill, in his first directing role for MGM. The film stars Marion Davies. The screenplay by Frances Marion is based upon Edward Salisbury Field 1923 play.-Plot:...

    (1925 MGM) (Extant)
  • Raffles
    Raffles (1925 film)
    Raffles is a feature length silent adventure crime/romance motion picture starring House Peters, Miss DuPont, Hedda Hopper, Fred Esmelton and Walter Long....

    (1925 Universal)(Extant)
  • The Teaser
    The Teaser (1925 film)
    The Teaser is a 1925 black-and-white silent film comedy/romance/drama film written by Lewis Milestone, Edward T. Lowe Jr. and Jack Wagner based upon the play of the same name by Adelaide Matthews and Martha M. Stanley. The film was directed by William A. Seiter for Universal Pictures, and stars...

    (1925 Universal) (Lost)
  • Borrowed Finery (1925 Tiffany Pictures)(Lost)
  • Dance Madness
    Dance Madness
    Dance Madness is a 1926 silent comedy film directed by Robert Z. Leonard based upon a script by Frederica Sagor. The film stars Claire Windsor, Conrad Nagel and Hedda Hopper. The film is lost.-Plot:...

    (1926 MGM) (Lost)
  • The Caveman
    The Caveman (1926 film)
    The Caveman is a 1926 silent film comedy produced and distributed by the Warner Brothers. Lewis Milestone directed the Darryl Zanuck scripted story taken from the play The Cave Man by Gelett Burgess. Matt Moore, Marie Prevost, Hedda Hopper star. A small role is played by a young Myrna Loy, just...

    (1926 Warner Brothers) (Extant)
  • Pleasures of the Rich
    Pleasures of the Rich
    Pleasures of the Rich is a 1926 silent comedy-drama directed by Louis J. Gasnier and produced by the Tiffany studios with a general distribution through Renown Pictures. This movie stars several well known performers of the time, such as Helene Chadwick, Jack Mulhall, Hedda Hopper and Mary Carr. A...

    (1926 Tiffany/Renown) (Extant)
  • Skinner's Dress Suit
    Skinner's Dress Suit
    Skinner's Dress Suit is a 1926 silent film comedy produced and distributed by Universal Pictures and starring Reginald Denny. William Seiter was the director of the film which was based on the novel of the name by Henry Irving Dodge...

    (1926 Universal) (Extant)
  • Lew Tyler's Wives (1926 Preferred) (Lost)
  • The Silver Treasure (1926 Fox)(Lost)
  • Don Juan
    Don Juan (1926 film)
    Don Juan is a Warner Brothers film, directed by Alan Crosland. It was the first feature-length film with synchronized Vitaphone sound effects and musical soundtrack, though it has no spoken dialogue...

    (1926 Warner Brothers) (Extant)
  • Fools of Fashion (1926 Tiffany)
  • Obey The Law
    Obey The Law
    Obey The Law is a 1926 silent film adventure-drama made by the Cohn brothers ?Jack and Harry Cohn and Al Raboch. The picture stars Bert Lytell and was released through the Cohns' fledgling company Columbia Pictures...

    (1926 Columbia) (Extant)
  • Orchids and Ermine
    Orchids and Ermine
    Orchids and Ermine is a 1927 silent film comedy starring Colleen Moore, filmed partly on location in New York. The film still exists.- Story :...

    (1927 First National) (Extant)
  • Venus of Venice (1927 First National)(Extant *George Eastman House, incomplete missing a reel)
  • Matinee Ladies (1927 Warner Brothers) (Lost)
  • Children of Divorce
    Children of Divorce
    Children of Divorce is a silent film, directed by Frank Lloyd from an adaptation of Owen Johnson's novel, written by Adela Rogers St. Johns, Hope Loring and Louis D. Lighton.-Plot:...

    (1927 Paramount) (Extant)
  • Black Tears (1927 Hollywood Pictures Corp.) (Lost)
  • The Cruel Truth
    The Cruel Truth
    The Cruel Truth is a 1927 silent film drama distributed by the Sterling Pictures company, on a State's Rights concept. It was directed by Phil Rosen and stars Hedda Hopper and Constance Howard...

    (1927 Sterling Pictures) (Extant)
  • Adam and Evil (1927 MGM)(Lost)
  • Wings
    Wings (film)
    Wings is a silent film about World War I fighter pilots, produced by Lucien Hubbard, directed by William A. Wellman and released by Paramount Pictures. Wings was the first film, and the only silent film, to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Wings stars Clara Bow, Charles "Buddy" Rogers, and...

    (1927 Paramount) (Extant)
  • One Woman to Another (1927 Paramount)(Lost)
  • The Drop Kick
    The Drop Kick
    The Drop Kick was a 1927 silent film directed by Millard Webb written by Katherine Brush about a college football player who finds his reputation on the line when he pays an innocent visit to a woman whose husband kills himself. It was one of the early films of John Wayne who was only aged 20 in...

    (1927 First National) (Extant)
  • A Reno Divorce (1927 Warner Brothers)(Lost)
  • French Dressing (1927 First National) (Lost)
  • Companionate Marriage (1928 First National) (Lost)
  • Love and Learn (1928 Paramount)(Lost)
  • The Whip Woman (1928 First National) (Lost)
  • The Port of Missing Girls
    The Port of Missing Girls (1928 film)
    The Port of Missing Girls is a 1928 silent film directed by Irving Cummings. It stars Barbara Bedford and Hedda Hopper making it one of the rare occasions Hopper actually starred in a film. This film is not to be confused with the 1938 talkie of a similar name, Port of Missing Girls...

    (1928 Brenda Pictures) (Extant)
  • The Chorus Kid (1928 Lumas) (Lost)
  • Harold Teen
    Harold Teen
    Harold Teen was a popular, long-running comic strip written and drawn by Carl Ed . Publisher Joseph Medill Patterson may have suggested, and certainly approved, the strip's concept, loosely based on Booth Tarkington's successful novel Seventeen. Asked in the late 1930s why he had started the strip,...

    (1928 First National) (Extant)
  • Green Grass Widows (1928 Tiffany-Stahl)(Lost per IMDb)
  • Undressed (1928 Sterling Pictures) (Lost)
  • Runaway Girls (1928 Columbia)(Lost)

Sound Films
  • Girls Gone Wild (1929 Fox)(Lost)
  • The Last of Mrs. Cheyney
    The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1929 film)
    The Last of Mrs. Cheyney is a 1929 American comedy film directed by Sidney Franklin. The screenplay by Hanns Kräly is based on the 1925 play of the same name by Frederick Lonsdale...

    (1929 MGM)(Extant)
  • His Glorious Night
    His Glorious Night
    His Glorious Night is a 1929 American romance film directed by Lionel Barrymore and starring John Gilbert in his first released talkie. It has gained notoriety as the film that reputedly ended the career of John Gilbert by revealing that he had a voice unsuitable for sound...

    (1929 MGM)(Extant)
  • Half Marriage (1929 RKO) (Extant)
  • The Racketeer
    The Racketeer
    The Racketeer is a 1929 American film directed by Howard Higgin.The film is also known as Love's Conquest in the United Kingdom.- Cast :*Robert Armstrong as Mahlon Keane*Carole Lombard as Rhoda Philbrooke*Roland Drew as Tony Vaughan...

    (1929 Pathe) (Extant)
  • A Song of Kentucky (1929 Fox)(Lost)
  • Such Men Are Dangerous (1930 Fox)
  • High Society Blues
    High Society Blues
    High Society Blues is a film starring Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell. The movie was written by Howard J. Green from the story by Dana Burnett and directed by David Butler....

    (1930 Fox)
  • Murder Will Out (1930 First National)
  • Holiday
    Holiday (1930 film)
    Holiday is a 1930 romantic comedy film which tells the story of a young man who is torn between his free-thinking lifestyle and the tradition of his wealthy fiancée's family. It stars Ann Harding, Mary Astor, Edward Everett Horton, Robert Ames and Hedda Hopper...

    (1930 RKO)
  • Let Us Be Gay
    Let Us Be Gay
    Let Us Be Gay is a 1930 comedy drama produced and distributed by MGM. It was directed by Robert Z. Leonard and starred Norma Shearer. It is based on a 1929 Broadway play by Rachel Crothers. the film is now available on dvd from the Warner Archive Collection. -Cast:*Norma Shearer - Mrs. Katherine...

    (1930 MGM)
  • Our Blushing Brides
    Our Blushing Brides
    Our Blushing Brides is a 1930 drama film starring Joan Crawford, Robert Montgomery, Anita Page, and Dorothy Sebastian. The film was a follow-up to Our Dancing Daughters and Our Modern Maidens , and was a commercial success when it was released.The two previous installments in the series were both...

    (1930 MGM)
  • War Nurse (1930 MGM)
  • The Easiest Way
    The Easiest Way
    The Easiest Way is a 1931 American MGM drama film directed by Jack Conway. Adapted from the 1909 play of the same name by David Belasco, the film stars Constance Bennett, Adolphe Menjou, Robert Montgomery, Clark Gable, and Anita Page.-Plot:...

    (1931 MGM)
  • The Prodigal (1931 MGM)
  • Men Call It Love (1931 MGM)
  • A Tailor Made Man (1931 MGM)
  • Shipmates (1931 MGM)
  • The Common Law (1931 RKO)
  • The Mystery Train (1931 Standard Photoplay/Continental Talking Pictures)
  • Rebound (1931 RKO)
  • Flying High
    Flying High (1931 film)
    Flying High , also known as George White's Flying High, is a musical film released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, produced by George White with lyrics by B. G. DeSylva and Lew Brown, music by Ray Henderson, with additional songs by Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh .The film opened on November 14, 1931...

    (1931 MGM)
  • West of Broadway (1931 MGM)
  • Good Sport (1931 Fox)
  • The Man Who Played God
    The Man Who Played God
    The Man Who Played God is a 1932 American drama film directed by John G. Adolfi. The screenplay by Julien Josephson and Maude T. Howell is based on the 1914 play The Silent Voice by Jules Eckert Goodman, who adapted it from a story by Gouverneur Morris....

    (1932 Warner Brothers)
  • Night World
    Night World (1932 film)
    Night World is a pre-Code drama film featuring Lew Ayres, Mae Clarke, and Boris Karloff.-Production background:The movie was directed by Hobart Henley and features an early Busby Berkeley music number, "Who's Your Little Who-Zis".-Plot:...

    (1932 Universal)
  • As You Desire Me
    As You Desire Me (film)
    As You Desire Me is a 1932 film adaptation of the play by Luigi Pirandello made by MGM. It was produced and directed by George Fitzmaurice with Irving Thalberg as co-producer. The adaptation was by Gene Markey, the cinematography byWilliam H...

    (1932 MGM)
  • Skyscraper Souls
    Skyscraper Souls
    Skyscraper Souls is a Pre-Code 1932 drama film starring Warren William and Maureen O'Sullivan. The film was directed by Edgar Selwyn and is based upon the novel Skyscraper by Faith Baldwin.-Plot:...

    (1932 MGM)
  • Downstairs
    Downstairs (film)
    Downstairs is a 1932 dramatic film. It stars John Gilbert as a charming but self-serving chauffeur who wreaks havoc on his new employer's household, romancing and fleecing the women on the staff, and blackmailing the employer's wife. Gilbert had written the story in 1928 for a proposed silent film...

    (1932 MGM)
  • Speak Easily
    Speak Easily
    Speak Easily is a 1932 American comedy film starring Buster Keaton, Jimmy Durante, and Thelma Todd, and directed by Edward Sedgwick. The studio also paired Keaton and Durante as a comedy team during this period in The Passionate Plumber and What! No Beer? Keaton later used many of the physical...

    (1932 MGM)
  • The Unwritten Law (1932 Commonwealth Pictures)
  • Men Must Fight (1933 MGM)
  • The Barbarian
    The Barbarian (1933 film)
    The Barbarian is a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film about an American woman tourist in Egypt who has several suitors, among them an Arab guide who is more than he seems. The Barbarian stars Ramon Novarro and Myrna Loy...

    (1933 MGM)
  • Pilgrimage
    Pilgrimage (1933 film)
    -Cast:* Henrietta Crosman - Mrs. Hannah Jessop* Heather Angel - Suzanne* Norman Foster - Jim 'Jimmy' Jessop * Lucille La Verne - Mrs. Kelly Hatfield* Maurice Murphy - Gary Worth* Marian Nixon - Mary Saunders...

    (1933 Fox)
  • Beauty for Sale
    Beauty for Sale
    Beauty for Sale is a 1933 film about the romantic entanglements of three beauty salon employees. It stars Madge Evans, Alice Brady, and Otto Kruger. It was based on the novel Beauty by Faith Baldwin.-Cast:*Madge Evans as Letty Lawson...

    (1933 MGM)
  • Bombay Mail (1934 Universal)
  • Little Man, What Now?
    Little Man, What Now? (film)
    Little Man, What Now? is a 1934 drama film directed by Frank Borzage and starring Margaret Sullavan. It is based on the novel of the same name.-Cast:* Margaret Sullavan - Emma 'Lammchen' Pinneberg* Douglass Montgomery - Hans Pinneberg...

    (1934 Universal)
  • Let's Be Ritzy (1934 Universal)
  • No Ransom (1934 Liberty Pictures)
  • One Frightened Night (1935 Mascot)
  • Lady Tubbs (1935 Universal Pictures)
  • Society Fever (1935 Chesterfield Pictures)
  • Alice Adams
    Alice Adams (film)
    Alice Adams, also known as Booth Tarkington's Alice Adams, is a 1935 romantic film made by RKO. It was directed by George Stevens and produced by Pandro S. Berman from a screenplay by Dorothy Yost, Mortimer Offner adapted by Jane Murfin from the novel, Alice Adams, by Booth Tarkington...

    (1935 RKO)
  • I Live My Life
    I Live My Life
    I Live My Life is a 1935 film, starring Joan Crawford, Brian Aherne, and Frank Morgan, and is based on the story Claustrophobia, by A. Carter Goodloe.-Plot summary:...

  • Three Kids and a Queen (1935)
  • Ship Cafe (1935)
  • The Dark Hour (1936)
  • Doughnuts and Society (1936)
  • Dracula's Daughter
    Dracula's Daughter
    Dracula's Daughter is a 1936 American vampire horror film produced by Universal Studios, a sequel to the 1931 film Dracula. Directed by Lambert Hillyer from a screenplay by Garrett Fort, the film stars Otto Kruger, Gloria Holden, Marguerite Churchill and, as the only cast member to return from the...

  • Bunker Bean
    Bunker Bean
    Bunker Bean is a 1936 American black-and-white comedy film adapted from a novel by Harry Leon Wilson. It was directed by William Hamilton and Edward Kelly, produced by William Sistrom starring Owen Davis Jr as the title character. The cast included Lucille Ball as Mrs Kelly.-External links:*...

  • You Can't Buy Luck (1937)
  • Dangerous Holiday (1937)
  • Topper
    Topper (film)
    Topper is a 1937 American comedy film which tells the story of a stuffy, stuck-in-his-ways man who is haunted by the ghosts of a fun-loving married couple. It was adapted by Eric Hatch, Jack Jevne and Eddie Moran from the novel by Thorne Smith. The film was directed by Norman Z. McLeod, produced by...

  • Artists and Models (1937)
  • Vogues of 1938
    Vogues of 1938
    Vogues of 1938 is a 1937 musical film distributed by United Artists, directed by Irving Cummings, written by Bella Spewack and Sam Spewack, and starring by Warner Baxter and Joan Bennett...

  • Nothing Sacred
    Nothing Sacred (film)
    Nothing Sacred is a 1937 Technicolor screwball comedy film made by Selznick International Pictures and distributed by United Artists. It was directed by William A. Wellman and produced by David O. Selznick, from a screenplay credited to Ben Hecht, based on a story by James H. Street...

  • Tarzan's Revenge
    Tarzan's Revenge
    Tarzan's Revenge is an adventure film starring Glenn Morris in his only outing as Tarzan. Eleanor Holm, a popular swimming star, co-starred as Eleanor Reed. The movie was produced by Sol Lesser, written by R. Lee Johnson and Jay Vann and directed by D. Ross Lederman...

  • Maid's Night Out (1938)
  • Dangerous to Know
    Dangerous to Know
    Dangerous to Know is a 1938 crime film starring Anna May Wong, Akim Tamiroff, Gail Patrick, Lloyd Nolan, and Anthony Quinn. The movie was directed by Robert Florey...

  • Thanks for the Memory
    Thanks for the Memory (1938 film)
    Thanks for the Memory is a 1938 film starring Bob Hope and Shirley Ross, and directed by George Archainbaud. The title is from the song that later became Hope's theme, which first appeared in The Big Broadcast of 1938 earlier the same year...

  • Midnight
    Midnight (1939 film)
    Midnight is a 1939 romantic comedy directed by Mitchell Leisen and written by Charles Brackett and Billy Wilder based on a story by Edwin Justus Mayer and Franz Schulz. It starred Claudette Colbert, Don Ameche and John Barrymore.-Plot:Eve Peabody is an out-of-work American showgirl...

  • The Women
    The Women (1939 film)
    The Women is a 1939 American comedy-drama film directed by George Cukor. The film is based on Clare Boothe Luce's play of the same name, and was adapted for the screen by Anita Loos and Jane Murfin, who had to make the film acceptable for the Production Code in order for it to be released.The film...

  • What a Life
    The Aldrich Family
    The Aldrich Family, a popular radio teenage situation comedy , was also presented in films, television and comic books. In the radio series' well-remembered weekly opening exchange, awkward teen Henry's mother called, "Hen-reeeeeeeeeeeee! Hen-ree Al-drich!", and he responded with a breaking...

  • That's Right - You're Wrong (1939)
  • Laugh It Off (1939)
  • Queen of the Mob (1940)
  • Cross-Country Romance (1940)
  • Life with Henry
    The Aldrich Family
    The Aldrich Family, a popular radio teenage situation comedy , was also presented in films, television and comic books. In the radio series' well-remembered weekly opening exchange, awkward teen Henry's mother called, "Hen-reeeeeeeeeeeee! Hen-ree Al-drich!", and he responded with a breaking...

  • I Wanted Wings (1941)
  • Reap the Wild Wind
    Reap the Wild Wind
    Reap the Wild Wind is a serialized story written by Thelma Strabel in 1940 for The Saturday Evening Post, which was the basis for the 1942 film starring Ray Milland, John Wayne, Paulette Goddard, Robert Preston, and Susan Hayward, and directed by Cecil B. DeMille, his second picture to be filmed in...

  • Breakfast in Hollywood (1946)
  • The Corpse Came C.O.D. (1947)
  • Sunset Boulevard
    Sunset Boulevard (film)
    Sunset Boulevard is a 1950 American film noir directed and co-written by Billy Wilder, and produced and co-written by Charles Brackett...

  • Pepe
    Pepe (film)
    Pepe is a 1960 film starring Mario "Cantinflas" Moreno in the title role, directed by George Sidney. A multitude of cameo appearances attempted to replicate the success of Mario Moreno's American debut, notably Around the World in Eighty Days, produced by Mike Todd in 1956.The film failed to...

    (Cameo, 1960)
  • The Patsy (1964)
  • The Oscar
    The Oscar (film)
    The Oscar is a 1966 American drama film, written by Harlan Ellison, Clarence Greene, Russell Rouse and Richard Sale, directed by Rouse and starring Stephen Boyd, singer Tony Bennett , comedian Milton Berle , Elke Sommer, Ernest Borgnine, Jill St. John, and Eleanor Parker...


Short Subjects:
  • Mona Lisa (Experimental Technicolor
    Technicolor is a color motion picture process invented in 1916 and improved over several decades.It was the second major process, after Britain's Kinemacolor, and the most widely used color process in Hollywood from 1922 to 1952...

     film, 1926)
  • Cat, Dog & Co.
    Cat, Dog & Co.
    Cat, Dog & Co. is a 1929 Our Gang short silent comedy film directed by Robert A. McGowan under the pseudonym "Anthony Mack".Produced by Hal Roach and released to theaters by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, it was the 91st Our Gang short that was released...

  • The Stolen Jools
    The Stolen Jools
    The Stolen Jools is a short comedy film produced by the Masquers Club of Hollywood, featuring many cameo appearances by the film stars of the day...

  • Apples to You! (1934)
  • Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 1 (1941)
  • Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 2 (1941)
  • Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 3 (1942)
  • Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 4 (1942)
  • Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 5 (1942)
  • Hedda Hopper's Hollywood No. 6 (1942)
  • Unusual Occupations (1946
    1946 in film
    The year 1946 in film involved some significant events.-Events:*November 21 - William Wyler's The Best Years of Our Lives premieres in New York featuring an ensemble cast including Fredric March, Myrna Loy, Dana Andrews, Teresa Wright, and Harold Russell.*December 20 - Frank Capra's It's a...

  • Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Movie Columnists (1947)
  • Screen Snapshots: The Walter Winchell Party (1957)
  • Screen Snapshots: WAIF International Ball (1957)

Further reading

  • Frost, Jennifer. “Hedda Hopper, Hollywood Gossip, and the Politics of Racial Representation in Film, 1946–1948,” Journal of African American History, 93 (Winter 2008), 36–63.

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