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Gernot Reinstadler

Gernot Reinstadler

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Gernot Reinstadler was an Austrian ski racer
Ski racing
Ski racing may refer to:* Ski Racing * Alpine ski racing* Randonnée racing* Speed skiing* Nordic ski racing or cross-country ski racing* Ski marathon* Biathlon ski racing* Water ski racing* Grass skiing* Skijoring...

. He was regarded as among the most promising young talents of the Austrian downhill team of the early 1990s.

During training for the Lauberhorn
The Lauberhorn is a mountain in the Bernese Alps of Switzerland, located between Wengen and Grindelwald. Its summit is at an elevation of 8110 feet above sea level....

race, while entering the finish S (German: Ziel-S), Reinstadt lost control and crashed into safety nets at full speed, where one of his skis became trapped. Reinstadler suffered a pelvic fracture and severe internal injuries.

He died later the same night at an Interlaken hospital.

Following Reinstadler's death the 1991 Lauberhorn race was canceled, and enhanced safety measures were implemented for the following year's race.