Geraldo at Large
Geraldo at Large is a United States
United States
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, hosted by Fox News correspondent-at-large and former talk show
Talk show
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 host Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera
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Debuting in national syndication on October 31, 2005 as a replacement for A Current Affair, the show had been on Fox News Channel in a slightly different format since July 6, 2002 as the program, At Large with Geraldo Rivera.

Rivera has emphasized that the show would be about "people." The program is seen by Rivera as a test for a potential evening newscast produced by the Fox News Channel. The program aired in the time slot normally designated for national news programs in many markets. However, the program is more similar to the show that it replaced, A Current Affair, in its focus on tabloid-type stories.

Anchors and correspondents from Fox News, including anchor Laurie Dhue
Laurie Dhue
Laurie Walker Dhue now working for CNN, is a former Fox News Channel anchor from 2000–2008, reporting for the television show Geraldo at Large, which airs Saturday and Sunday nights, and the host of Fox Report Weekend...

, Laura Ingle, Phil Keating
Phil Keating
Phil Keating is a national correspondent for the Fox News Channel based in the Miami bureau. During his career at Fox, Keating has covered major breaking news stories including the death of Anna Nicole Smith, Caylee Anthony, and the trial of Jose Padilla.Keating also covers NASA stories for Fox...

, and Arthel Neville
Arthel Neville
Arthel Neville , is an American journalist and television personality.Arthel is the daughter of Art Neville, founder of the New Orleans music groups The Meters and The Neville Brothers.-Biography:...

, serve as correspondents of the newsmagazine.

On October 3, 2009, Geraldo at Large began broadcasting in 720p
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High-definition television
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 and debuted a whole new on-air look, which included a new program logo and new graphics.

End of Syndication

On January 4, 2007, it was announced that the syndicated program would be canceled due to a "soft ad marketplace, the lack of an early news lead-in for his show in several cities and the timeline for financial success." The program's final syndicated episode aired on January 26, 2007.

Return to Fox News Channel

The show returned to the Fox News Channel
Fox News Channel
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weekends as of February 10, 2007.

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