GRP Records

GRP Records

GRP Records is an American
United States
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Jazz is a musical style that originated at the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities in the Southern United States. It was born out of a mix of African and European music traditions. From its early development until the present, jazz has incorporated music from 19th and 20th...

 record company, owned by Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group is an American music group, the largest of the "big four" record companies by its commanding market share and its multitude of global operations...

 and operates through its Verve Music Group. The company's name has had different meanings. In its early days, it stood for "Grusin/Rosen Productions," after the founders. By the middle 1990s
File:1990s decade montage.png|From left, clockwise: The Hubble Space Telescope floats in space after it was taken up in 1990; American F-16s and F-15s fly over burning oil fields and the USA Lexie in Operation Desert Storm, also known as the 1991 Gulf War; The signing of the Oslo Accords on...

, after Grusin and Rosen left the company, GRP used the marketing slogan "Great Records Period."


GRP Records was founded in New York by keyboard player Dave Grusin
Dave Grusin
David Grusin is an American composer, arranger and pianist. Grusin has composed many scores for feature films and television, and has won numerous awards for his soundtrack and record work, including an Academy award and 12 Grammys...

 and Larry Rosen
Larry Rosen (producer)
Larry Rosen is an American entrepreneur, producer, musician, and recording engineer.Rosen was born in The Bronx, New York . Rosen began his musical career as a drummer with the Newport Youth Band and met future partner Dave Grusin while working with singer Andy Williams and attending the Manhattan...

 in 1978
1978 in music
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. Previously, the duo had formed Grusin/Rosen Productions as a freelance production team in 1972
1972 in music
-Events:*January 17 – Highway 51 South in Memphis, Tennessee is renamed "Elvis Presley Boulevard"*January 20 – The début of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon at The Dome, Brighton, is halted by technical difficulties,...

, producing records for labels such as RCA, Blue Note and CTI with artists like Jon Lucien
Jon Lucien
Jon Lucien was born on the island of Tortola, the main island of the British Virgin Islands. Born Lucien Harrigan, and raised in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands by his musician father, Lucien was best known for his song "Rashida", the title track of an album released in 1973, and one of two...

, Noel Pointer
Noel Pointer
Noel Pointer was an American jazz violinist and record producer.He was nominated for a Grammy award in 1981. Pointer's reputation as an outstanding jazz musician and literary advocate garnered him honorary citizenship in cities across the United States...

, Earl Klugh
Earl Klugh
Earl Klugh is an American smooth jazz/crossover jazz/jazz fusion guitarist and composer.At the age of 13, Klugh was captivated by the guitar playing of Chet Atkins when Atkins made an appearance on the Perry Como Show. Klugh was a performing guest on several of Atkins' albums...

 and Patti Austin
Patti Austin
-Life and career:Austin was born in Harlem, New York. She made her debut at the Apollo Theater at age four and had a contract with RCA Records when she was only five. Quincy Jones and Dinah Washington have proclaimed themselves as her godparents....

. Between 1978 and 1982
1982 in music
This is a list of notable events in music from 1982. 1982 was a big year in music with Madonna making her debut as well as the year that Michael Jackson released Thriller which became the world's best selling album and it still holds that title today....

, Grusin/Rosen Productions operated under a label agreement with Clive Davis at Arista
Arista Records
Arista was an American record label. It was a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment and operated under the RCA Music Group. The label was founded in 1974 by Clive Davis, who formerly worked for CBS Records...

, which was known as '"Arista/GRP." They achieved success with a number of artists during this period, most notably trumpeter Tom Browne and his jazz-funk hit 'Funkin' for Jamaica'. Embracing an all-digital recording philosophy, GRP made early use of Soundstream's digital recording technology, resulting in Dave Grusin's 'Mountain Dance' (1979), one of the earliest all-digital recordings outside of classical music. Latin flute player Dave Valentin
Dave Valentin
Dave Valentin is a jazz flutist.He learned latin percussion first when he was a teenager, and then switched to flute. Valentin's teacher, Hubert Laws, suggested that he not double on saxophone because of his attractive sound on the flute. He studied at the Bronx Community College...

 was the first act signed to the label.

In 1982, GRP broke away from the Arista umbrella and began operating as an independent label. They quickly became one of the first US labels to release all of their titles on compact disc under the moniker 'The Digital Master Company'. The label achieved success on radio in the New Adult Contemporary (NAC) format on stations like CD101.9 in New York and The Wave in Los Angeles.

1987 on

In 1987, GRP Records signed a distribution deal with MCA Records
MCA Records
MCA Records was an American-based record company owned by MCA Inc., which later gave way to the larger MCA Music Entertainment Group , of which MCA Records was still part. MCA Records was absorbed by Geffen Records in 2003...

; GRP was distributed throughout Europe during this time by a coalition of independent distributors coordinated by the label's Zurich office. MCA Music Entertainment (later renamed Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group
Universal Music Group is an American music group, the largest of the "big four" record companies by its commanding market share and its multitude of global operations...

) bought GRP in February 1990 for approximately $40 million. After the acquisition, the label was temporarily rebranded "MCA-GRP Records," and handled all of MCA's own jazz operations; reissuing numerous classic jazz titles from MCA's Impulse, Chess and Decca catalogs. As Billboard's #1 Contemporary Jazz label for five consecutive years, GRP Records was the major forerunner for the success of the smooth jazz
Smooth jazz
Smooth jazz is a genre of music that grew out of jazz fusion and is influenced by R&B, funk, rock, and pop music styles ....

 format. Founders Grusin and Rosen left in 1995 and were replaced by producer Tommy LiPuma
Tommy LiPuma
Tommy LiPuma is an American music producer. In his long career, he has worked with many musicians, including Barbra Streisand, Miles Davis, Al Jarreau, Anita Baker, Natalie Cole, Claudine Longet, Dave Mason, the Yellowjackets, Michael Franks, Diana Krall, and The Story...


Upon the Universal Music Group's acquisition of PolyGram
PolyGram was the name of the major label recording company started by Philips from as a holding company for its music interests in 1945. In 1999 it was sold to Seagram and merged into Universal Music Group.-Hollandsche Decca Distributie , 1929-1950:...

 in 1998
1998 in music
This is a list of notable events in music that took place in the year 1998.-Events:*January 28 – "Weird Al" Yankovic gets LASIK surgery to cure his myopia...

, GRP became one of a series of labels managed by the Verve Music Group. Its output today is primarily smooth jazz.

GRP currently manages the jazz back catalog that Universal had already owned prior to the PolyGram merger, except for what was once the jazz holdings of ABC Records
ABC Records
ABC Records was an American record label, founded in New York City in 1955 as ABC-Paramount Records. It originated as the main popular music label operated the Am-Par Record Corporation, the music subsidiary of the American Broadcasting Company . ABC-Paramount Records' first president was Samuel H....

, which are currently issued on Impulse! Records
Impulse! Records
Impulse! Records was an American jazz record label, originally established in 1960 by producer Creed Taylor as a subsidiary of ABC-Paramount Records, based in New York City...

 (which is now reissue-only) - this includes the jazz back catalog of Famous Music
Famous Music
Famous Music was the worldwide music publishing division of Paramount Pictures, a division of Viacom since 1994. Its copyright holdings span several decades and includes music from such Academy Award-winning motion pictures as The Godfather and Forrest Gump...

 Group (which ABC purchased from Gulf+Western
Gulf and Western Industries, Inc., for a number of years known as Gulf+Western, was an American conglomerate.- History :Gulf and Western's prosaic origins date to a manufacturer named Michigan Bumper Co. founded in 1934, though Charles Bluhdorn treated his 1958 takeover of what was then Michigan...

 in 1974).


  • 9501: Dave Grusin: NY/LA Dream Band
  • 9502: Glenn Miller: In A Digital Mood
  • 9503: Gerry Mulligan: Little Big Horn
  • 9504: Dave Grusin:Night: Lines
  • 9505: Special EFX: Special EFX
  • 9506: Kevin Eubanks:Sundance
  • 9507: Dave Grusin: Mountain Dance
  • 9508: Dave Valentin: Kalahari
  • 9509: Sampler Vol.1 Limited Edition
  • 9510: Diane Schurr: Deedles
  • 9511: Dave Grusin: Out of the Shadows
  • 9512: Dizzy Gillespie: New Faces
  • 9513: Dave Grusin: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Themes (Never issued 1987 under the name Cinemagic)
  • 9514: Dave Grusin: One Of A Kind
  • 9515: Dave Valentin: The Hawk
  • 9516: Jay Hoggard: Days Like These
  • 9517: Tom Browne: Browne Sugar
  • 9518: Scott Jarrett: Without Rhyme Or Reason
  • 9519: Dave Valentin: Legends
  • 9520: Kevin Eubanks: Opening Night
  • 9521: Special EFX: Modern Manners
  • 9522: Dave Grusin & Lee Ritenour: Harlequin
  • 9523: Dave Valentin: Jungle Garden
  • 9524: Lee Ritenour: Rio
    Rio (Lee Ritenour album)
    -Track listing:#"Rainbow"#"San Juan Sunset"#"Rio Funk"#"It Happens Everyday"#"Ipanema Sol"#"Simplicidad"#"A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That"-Personnel:*Alex Acuña*Rubens Bassini*Chico Batera*Paulinho Braga*Jose Da Silva*Dave Grusin...

  • 9525: Lee Ritenour: On The Line
  • 9526: Dave Valentin: In Love’s Time (Never issued on CD)
  • 9527: Randy Goodrum: Solitary Nights (Japanese Release Only)
  • 9528: Billy Cobham: Warning
  • 9529: Sampler Vol.2 Limited Edition
  • 9531: Diane Schurr: Schurr Thing
  • 9532: Grusin/Schurr/Valentin/Ritenour: Live In Session
  • 9533: Eddie Daniels: Breakthrough
  • 9534: Special EFX: Slice of Life
  • 9535: Chick Corea: The Chick Corea Elektric Band
  • 9536: Billy Cobham: Power Play
  • 9537: Dave Valentin: Light Struck
  • 9538: Lee Ritenour: Earth Run
  • 9539: Kevin Eubanks: Face To Face
  • 9540: Diane Schurr: Timeless
    Timeless (Diane Schuur album)
    Timeless is a 1986 album by Diane Schuur, accompanied by a big band, arranged by Billy May, Johnny Mandel, Patrick Williams and Jeremy Lubbock ....

  • 9542: Stephane Grappelli: Plays Jerome Kern
  • 9543: Special EFX: Mystique
  • 9544: Eddie Daniels: To Bird With Love
  • 9545: David Benoit: Freedom At Midnight
  • 9546: Chick Corea: Light Years
  • 9547: Dave Grusin: Cinemagic
  • 9548: Duke Ellington Orchestra: Digital Duke
  • 9549: New Magic Sampler
  • 9550: Diane Schuur & the Count Basie Orchestra
    Diane Schuur & the Count Basie Orchestra
    Diane Schuur & the Count Basie Orchestra is a 1987 live album by Diane Schuur, accompanied by the Count Basie Orchestra, arranged by Frank Foster....

  • 9551: Billy Cobham: Picture This
  • 9552: Kevin Eubanks: The Heat of Heat
  • 9553: Lee Ritenour: Portrait
  • 9554: Dave Valentin: Mind Time
  • 9555: Tom Scott: Streamlines
  • 9556: Szkazchi: Sa: chi
  • 9557: Yutaka: Yutaka
  • 9558: David Benoit: Every Step of the Way
  • 9559: Special EFX: Double Feature
  • 9560: John Patitucci: John Patitucci
    John Patitucci (album)
    - Track listing :# "Growing" – 4:38# "Wind Sprint" – 6:10# "Searching, Finding" – 5:09# "Baja Bajo" – 5:49# "Change of Season" – 3:57# "Our Family" – 3:05# "Peace and Quiet Time" – 5:02# "Crestline" – 5:17...

  • 9561: Eddie Daniels: Memos From Paradise
  • 9562: Dave & Don Grusin: Sticks and Stones
  • 9563: Eric Mariental: Voices of the Heart
  • 9564: Chick Corea: Eye of the Beholder
    Eye of the Beholder (album)
    Eye of the Beholder is a 1988 Album by the Chick Corea Elektric Band. It features Chick Corea with guitarist Frank Gambale, saxophonist Eric Marienthal, drummer Dave Weckl and bassist John Patitucci.-Track listing:#"Home Universe" – 2:43...

  • 9565: Kevin Eubanks: Shadow Prophets
  • 9567: Diane Schurr: Talkin’ About You
  • 9568: Dave Valentin: Live At The Blue Note
    Live at the Blue Note (Dave Valentin album)
    Live at the Blue Note is an album by jazz musician Dave Valentin. This album features Bill O'Connell , Lincoln Goines , Robert Ameen , and Giovanni Hidalgo .-Track listing:...

  • 9569: Gary Burton: Times Like These
    Times Like These (Gary Burton album)
    Times Like These is an album by vibraphonist Gary Burton recorded in 1988 and released on the GRP label.-Reception:The Allmusic review by Scott Yanow awarded the album 4½ stars stating "Burton sounds fine on the diverse material...

  • 9570: Lee Ritenour: Festival
  • 9571: Tom Scott: Flashpoint
  • 9572: Mark Egan: A Touch of Light
  • 9573: Daryl Sturemer: Steppin’ Out
  • 9574: Christmas Collection Vol.1
  • 9575: Billy Cobham: Billy’s Best Hits
  • 9577: Szkazchi: Mystic Dreams
  • 9578: Deborah Henson: Conant: On The Rise
  • 9579: Dave Grusin: Collection
  • 9580: Kevin Eubanks: The Searcher
  • 9581: Special EFX: Confidential
  • 9582: Chick Corea: Chick Corea Akoustic Band
    Chick Corea Akoustic Band
    Akoustic Band is a 1989 album by Chick Corea's Akoustic Band, featuring Chick Corea with John Patitucci and Dave Weckl.The Allmusic review by Daniel Gioffre states: "After recording a string of fusion records in the late '80s with his Elektric Band, Chick Corea returned to acoustic jazz with this...

  • 9583: John Patittucci: On The Corner
  • 9584: Eddie Daniels: Blackwood
  • 9585: Omar Hakim: Rhythm Deep
  • 9586: Eric Marienthal: Round Trip
  • 9587: David Benoit: Urban Daydreams
  • 9588: The Rippingtons Featuring Russ Freeman: Tourist in Paradise
    Tourist in Paradise
    -Track listing:#"Tourist in Paradise" - 5:39#"Jupiter's Child" - 5:17#"Aruba!" - 4:15#"One Summer Night in Brazil" - 6:28#"Earthbound" - 4:37#"Let's Stay Together" - 4:47#"One Ocean Way" - 4:19#"Destiny" - 5:40#"The Princess" - 3:08...

  • 9589: New York Voices: New York Voices
  • 9591: Diane Schurr: Collection
  • 9592: Dave Grusin: Migration
  • 9593: Nelson Rangell: Playing for Keeps
  • 9594: Lee Ritenour: Color Rit
  • 9595: David Benoit: Waiting for Spring
  • 9596: Various: Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown
  • 9598: Gary Burton: Reunion
    Reunion (Gary Burton album)
    Reunion is a 1989 album by Gary Burton, reuniting him with guitarist Pat Metheny for their first recordings in almost 13 years. Both have been called prodigies; Burton when he joined George Shearing's group in 1963 at age 19. Burton met Metheny at the Wichita Jazz Festival in 1973, when Metheny...

  • 9599: Steve Khan: Public Access
  • 9600:
  • 9601: Chick Corea Elektric Band: Inside Out
  • 9602: Don Grusin: Raven
  • 9603: Patti Austin: Love’s Gonna Getcha
  • 9604: Kevin Eubanks: Promise of Tomorrow
  • 9605: The Rippingtons: Moonlighting
    Moonlighting (album)
    Moonlighting is the debut album by contemporary jazz ensemble The Rippingtons. Recorded in July/August 1986, it featured the cut "She Likes to Watch," which has gone on to become one of the band's signature songs. The album was initially released by the Japanese label Alfa then released in the US...

  • 9607: Eddie Daniels: Nepenthe
  • 9608: Spyro Gyra: Fast Forward
    Fast Forward (Spyro Gyra album)
    Fast Forward is the fourteenth album by Spyro Gyra, released in 1990 . The album showed a bunch of people in the future sightseeing in a museum.- Track listing :# "Bright Lights" - 5:20...

  • 9609: Special EFX: Just Like Magic
  • 9610: Eric Marienthal: Crossroads
  • 9611: Larry Carlton: Collection
  • 9612: Carl Anderson: Pieces of A Heart
  • 9613: Tom Scott: Them Changes
  • 9614: Acoustic Alchemy: Reference Point
    Reference Point
    Reference Point is the first album by Acoustic Alchemy released in 1990 for jazz label GRP and their fourth album overall.Containing some of the band's more popular tracks, such as the title track "Reference Point", "Same Road, Same Reason" and "Cuban Heels", the nine-track album is also the only...

  • 9615: Lee Ritenour: Stolen Moments
  • 9616: Yutaka: Brazasia
  • 9617: John Patitucci: Sketchbook
    Sketchbook (album)
    - Track listing :# "Spaceships" – 4:38# "Joab" – 6:10# "If You Don't Mind" – 5:09# "Scophile" – 5:49# "Greatest Gift" – 3:57# "From a Rainy Night" – 3:05# "Junk Man" – 5:02# "Two Worlds" – 5:17...

  • 9618: The Rippingtons Featuring Russ Freeman: Welcome to the St. James' Club
    Welcome to the St. James' Club
    Welcome to the St. James' Club is The Rippingtons' fourth album which was released in 1990.-Track listing:#"Welcome to the St. James' Club" - 4:41#"Wednesday's Child" - 4:53#"I Watched Her Walk Away" - 5:24#"Kenya" - 5:23#"Affair in San Miguel" - 5:04...

  • 9619: Dave Weckl: Master Plan
    Master Plan
    Master Plan is a 1990 studio album by drummer Dave Weckl.-Track listing:# Tower Of Inspiration# Here And There# Festival De Ritmo# In Common# Garden Wall# Auratune# Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise# Master Plan# Island Magic-Personnel:...

  • 9620: The Meeting: The Meeting
  • 9621: David Benoit: Inner Motion
  • 9622: Michael Brecker: Now You See It…(Now You Don’t)
  • 9623: Michael Paulo: Fusebox
  • 9624: Nelson Rangell: Nelson Rangell
  • 9625: Tom Schuman: Extremeities
  • 9626: George Howard: Dancing In The Sun
  • 9627: Chick Corea Akoustic Band: Alive
  • 9628: Diane Schurr: Pure Schurr
  • 9629: George Howard: Love and Understanding
  • 9630: Yellowjackets: Greenhouse
  • 9632: Claus Ogerman Featuring Michael Brecker: Claus Ogerman
  • 9633: Amani A.W.Murray: Amani A.W.Murray
  • 9634: Arturo Sandoval: Flight to Freedom
  • 9636: Deborah Henson: Conant: Talking Hands
  • 9637: B.B.King: Live At the Apollo
  • 9638: The Crusaders: Healing The Wounds
  • 9640: Special EFX: Peace of the World
  • 9641:
  • 9642: Spyro Gyra: Collection
    Collection (Spyro Gyra album)
    Collection is the fifteenth and debut compilation album by Spyro Gyra, released in 1991 . The album cover showed a couple of fairies above a city with flowers.- Track listing and personnel :1...

  • 9643: Gary Burton: Cool Nights
  • 9644: Don Grusin: Zephyr
  • 9645: Lee Ritenour: Collection
  • 9646: Tom Scott: Keep This Love Alive
  • 9647: Szakcsi: Eve of Chance
  • 9648: Acoustic Alchemy: Back on the Case
    Back On The Case
    Back On The Case is the fifth studio album by Acoustic Alchemy released in 1991.The first four tracks from this album all appear on the band's 2002 compilation album, "The Very Best Of Acoustic Alchemy"....

  • 9649: Chick Corea Elektric Band: Beneath the Mask
  • 9650: Christmas Collection Vol.2
  • 9651: The Rippingtons Featuring Russ Freeman: Curves Ahead
    Curves Ahead
    -Track listing:#"Curves Ahead" - 5:39#"Aspen" - 5:28#"Santa Fe Trail" - 5:14#"Take Me With You" - 5:34#"North Star" - 5:24#"Miles Away" - 5:17#"Snowbound" - 4:51#"Nature of the Beast" - 6:21#"Morning Song" - 4:09...

  • 9652: Voyceboxing: Voyceboxing
  • 9653: New York Voices: Hearts of Fire
  • 9654: David Benoit: Shadows
  • 9655: Eric Marienthal: Oasis
  • 9656: Dave Samuels: Natural Selection
  • 9657: Kenny Kirkland: Kenny Kirkland
  • 9658: Joe Sample: Collection
  • 9659: George Howard: Love Will Follow
  • 9660: Patti Austin: Carry On
  • 9661: Dudley Moore: Songs Without Words
  • 9662: Nelson Rangell: In Every Moment
  • 9663: Kim Pensyl: 3 Day Weekend
  • 9664: Dave Valentin: Musical Portraits
  • 9665: Eddie Daniels & Gary Burton: Benny Rides Again
  • 9666: Acoustic Alchemy: Early Alchemy
    Early Alchemy
    Early Alchemy was a compilation album produced by Nick Webb of Acoustic Alchemy and the sixth album overall released on March 16, 1992.The album was put together from old recordings and outtakes by Webb and Simon James, to give insight into the progression of the band's music.The album contains the...

  • 9667: Yellowjackets: Live Wires
  • 9668: Arturo Sandoval: I Remember Clifford
    I Remember Clifford (album)
    I Remember Clifford is a 1992 album by Arturo Sandoval, the second album he made after fleeing from his native Cuba.The entire album is a tribute to Clifford Brown, who was a great influence on Sandoval; Brown was an influential, highly-rated and much-loved jazz trumpeter who died in an auto...

  • 9669: George Howard: Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
  • 9670: Special EFX: Global Village
  • 9671: Carl Anderson: Fantasy Hotel
  • 9672: All: Star Big Band: All Star Big Band
  • 9673: Dave Weckl: Heads Up
  • 9674: Spyro Gyra: Three Wishes
    Three Wishes (Spyro Gyra album)
    Three Wishes is the sixteenth album by Spyro Gyra, released in 1992 . The album cover shows a kaleidoscope with a magic lamp in between.- Track listing :*"Jennifer's Lullaby" was dedicated to the memory of Stan Getz....

  • 9675: Tom Scott: Born Again
  • 9676: Don Grusin: No Borders
  • 9677: Rene Luis Toledo: The Dreamer
  • 9678: Sal Marquez: One for Dewey
  • 9679: Gerry Mulligan: Re: Birth of the Cool
  • 9681: The Rippingtons Featuring Russ Freeman: Weekend in Monaco
    Weekend in Monaco
    -Track listing:#"Weekend in Monaco" - 5:19#"St. Tropez" - 5:55#"Vienna" - 4:49#"Indian Summer" - 5:44#"A Place for Lovers" - 5:12#"Carnival" - 5:45#"Moka Java" - 5:46#"Highroller" - 5:56#"Where the Road Will Lead Us" - 4:15...

  • 9682: Patti Austin: Live
  • 9683: Larry Carlton: Kid Gloves
  • 9684: The Brecker Brothers: The Return of the Brecker Brothers
  • 9685: Gary Burton: Six Pack
  • 9686: George Howard: Steppin' Out
    Steppin' Out (George Howard album)
    Steppin' Out is the second studio album released by jazz saxophonist George Howard. It was first released as an LP record in 1984 by Palo Alto Records and reached as high as #9 on the Billboard magazine Top Jazz Albums list for that year...

  • 9687: David Benoit: Letter to Evan
  • 9688: Acoustic Alchemy: The New Edge
    The New Edge
    The New Edge is the seventh album by Acoustic Alchemy released in 1993.The album is critically regarded as one of Acoustic Alchemy's better albums, despite only having one track, "Cool As A Rule" on their standard set-list....

  • 9689: Yellowjackets: Like A River
  • 9690: Special EFX: Collection
  • 9691: Eric Marienthal: One Touch
  • 9692: Billy Taylor Featuring Gerry Mulligan: Dr.T
  • 9693: Yutaka: Another Sun
  • 9694: Phillip Bent: The Pressure
  • 9695: Nelson Rangell: Truest Heart
  • 9696: Dave Samuels: Del Sol
  • 9697: Lee Ritenour: Wes Bound
  • 9698: Acoustic Alchemy: The New Edge
    The New Edge
    The New Edge is the seventh album by Acoustic Alchemy released in 1993.The album is critically regarded as one of Acoustic Alchemy's better albums, despite only having one track, "Cool As A Rule" on their standard set-list....

  • 9701: Arturo Sandoval Featuring Michel Legrand: Dream Come True
  • 9705: Gold Encore Series: Digital Big Band Bash!
  • 9707: Gold Encore Series: I Love A Piano
  • 9708: Gold Encore Series: Guitar Fire
  • 9709: Gold Encore Series: World of Contemporary Jazz Groups
  • 9710: Kim Pensyl: Eyes of Wonder
  • 9713: Diane Schurr: Love Songs
  • 9714: Spyro Gyra: Dreams Beyond Control
    Dreams Beyond Control
    Dreams Beyond Control is the seventeenth album by Spyro Gyra, released in 1993 .- Track listing :# "Walk the Walk" – 4:20# "Patterns in the Rain" – 4:38...

  • 9718: The Rippingtons Featuring Russ Freeman: Live in L.A.
    Live in L.A.
    Live in L.A. is The Rippingtons' seventh album and first live release which was released in 1992.-Background information:"Live in L.A." was recorded on consecutive nights at the Ventura Theatre and the Greek Theatre...

  • 9719: Don Grusin: Native Land
  • 9720: Sergio Salvatore: Sergio Salvatore
  • 9721: We’re All In This Together: Group AIDS Benefit
  • 9723: Larry Carlton: Renegade Gentleman
    Renegade Gentleman
    Renegade Gentleman is an album by Larry Carlton, released in 1993.-Track listing:#"Crazy Mama" 4:32#"R.C.M." 5:05#"Sleep Medicine" 4:20#"Cold Day in Hell" 6:03#"Anthem" 4:32#"Amen A.C." 4:48#"Never Say Naw" 6:54...

  • 9724: George Howard: When Summer Comes
  • 9725: John Patitucci: Another World
    Another World (John Patitucci album)
    Another World is the fifth album by American Grammy winning jazz double bass and electric bass player John Patitucci released in 1993.- Track listing :# "Ivory Coast, Part I" – 1:20# "Ivory Coast, Part II" – 4:50...

  • 9726: Jimmy Haslip: Arc
  • 9727: Tony Remy: Boof!
  • 9728: Christmas Collection Vol.3
  • 9729: Kim Pensyl: A Kim Pensyl Christmas
  • 9730: Jack Elliott Featuring Ray Brown: American Jazz Philharmonic
  • 9731: Chick Corea Elektric Band II: Paint The World
  • 9732: Gold Encore Series: Songbirds
  • 9733: Gold Encore Series:Triumphant Sax
  • 9734: Christmas Collection 3 Disc Box
  • 9737: Sczakci: Straight Ahead
  • 9738: Gary Burton & Rebecca Paris: It’s Another Day
  • 9739: David Benoit & Russ Freeman: The Benoit/Freeman Project
  • 9740: Dave Grusin: Dave Grusin Presents The All: Star Big Band: Live!
  • 9742: Ramsey Lewis: Sky Islands
    Sky Islands
    Sky Islands is a 1993 Jazz album by Ramsey Lewis released on GRP Records.The album peaked at #4 on the Billboard Top Contemporary Jazz Albums chart.-Track listing:-Personnel: *Tony Carpenter - Percussion, Background Vocals...

  • 9746: The Crusaders: Live In Japan
  • 9747: Gold Encore Series: Sound The Trumpets
  • 9748: Gold Encore Series: Balladeers!
  • 9749: Gold Encore Series: Feeling The Blues
  • 9750: Gold Encore Series: Magical Duos
  • 9752: Tom Scott: Reed My Lips
  • 9753: Billy Taylor: It’s A Matter of Pride
  • 9754: Yellowjackets: Run For Your Life
  • 9755: Nelson Rangell: Yes, Then Yes
  • 9760: Dave Weckl: Hard: Wired
  • 9761: Arturo Sandoval: Danzón (Dance On)
    Danzón (Dance On)
    Danzón is an album by Arturo Sandoval, released through GRP Records in 1994. In 1995, the award won Sandoval the Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Performance....

  • 9762: Sergio Salvatore: Tune Up
  • 9766: New York Voices: Collection
  • 9767: Diane Schurr & B.B.King: Heart to Heart
  • 9769: Dave Valentin: Tropic Heat
  • 9770: Kim Pensyl: Pensyl Sketches Collection
  • 9774: Chick Corea: Expressions
  • 9776: Gold Encore Series: Feel the Vibes
  • 9778: Carl Anderson: Heavy Weather Sunlight Again
  • 9779: Don Grusin: Banana Fish
  • 9780: George Howard: A Home Far Away
  • 9781: Russ Freeman And The Rippingtons: Sahara
  • 9782: Gold Encore Series: Jazz Live
  • 9783: Acoustic Alchemy: Against The Grain
    Against The Grain (Acoustic Alchemy album)
    Against The Grain, Acoustic Alchemy's 7th album, was released in 1994 under the GRP label.Despite having only ten tracks, "Against The Grain" still manages to notch up a total play time of 53 minutes, notably because of the band's experimentation with some longer, more drawn out tracks.The most...

  • 9784: The Brecker Brothers: Out of the Loop
    Out of the Loop (Brecker Brothers album)
    Out of the Loop is an album by the Brecker Brothers, released through GRP Records in 1994. In 1995, the album won the brothers the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Performance .-Reception:...

  • 9785: Eric Marienthal: Street Dance
  • 9787: David Benoit: Shaken Not Stirred
  • 9788: Teodross Avery Quartet: In Other Words
  • 9789: Dave Grusin: The Orchestral Album
  • 9790: Gold Encore Series: Jazz Romance
  • 9791: Gold Encore Series: Jazz Exotica
  • 9792: Gold Encore Series: Covering All The Bassists
  • 9793: Gold Encore Series: Beat of A Different Drummer
  • 9794: Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Cool
  • 9796: Gold Encore Series: The Joy of Christmas
  • 9800: All: Star Big Band: All Blues
  • 9802: John Patitucci: Mistura Fina
    Mistura Fina
    -Track listing: # "Mistura Fina" – 5:39# "Bate Balaio" – 4:03# "Puccini" – 4:37# "Samba Novo" – 5:47# "The Four Loves" – 4:09# "Assim Nao Da" – 6:51# "Joys And Sorrows" – 5:58# "Agua Mae Agua" – 4:07# "Soul Song" – 5:46# "Varadero" – 3:09...

  • 9803: Tom Scott: Night Creatures
  • 9805: Gary Burton & Makato Ozone: Face to Face
  • 9806: Billy Taylor Trio: Homage
  • 9808: Spyro Gyra: Love and Other Obsessions
    Love and Other Obsessions
    Love and Other Obsessions is the eighteenth album by Spyro Gyra, released in 1995 . The album cover showed a bunch of people dancing in the cloudy sky.- Track listing :#"Lost and Found" – 5:09...

  • 9809: Yellowjackets: Collection
  • 9814: Nelson Rangell: Destiny
  • 9815: Urban Knights: Urban Knights I
    Urban Knights I
    Urban Knights I is a jazz album by Urban Knights which was released on GRP records in 1995. The album reached number 3 on the Billboard Top Contemporary Jazz Albums Chart.-Track listing :#On the Radio 4:40...

  • 9817: Lee Ritenour & Larry Carlton: Larry and Lee
  • 9821: Patti Austin: The Ultimate Collection
  • 9822: Arturo Sandoval: Arturo Sandoval & El Train Latino
  • 9824: George Benson: That's Right
    That's Right (album)
    That's Right is the twenty ninth studio album by the American jazz/soul guitarist George Benson. It was released on CD in 1996 through GRP Records. It was the first album released on GRP Records...

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