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The glacier
A glacier is a large persistent body of ice that forms where the accumulation of snow exceeds its ablation over many years, often centuries. At least 0.1 km² in area and 50 m thick, but often much larger, a glacier slowly deforms and flows due to stresses induced by its weight...

 Frostisen is one of the larger plateau glaciers in Norway. Frostisen covers an area of about 25 km² (9.7 sq mi), and is 1710 metres (5,610.2 ft) above sea level at its highest point and 840 m (2,755.9 ft) above sea level at its lowest point. It lies near Skjomen
Skjomen is a fjord branch of Ofotfjorden in the Ofoten district in northern Norway, located just south of the city Narvik. A sheltered valley named Skjomdalen goes from the head of the fjord....

, a fjord branch of Ofotfjorden in the Ofoten
Ofoten is a district in North Norway, consisting of the municipalities Tysfjord, Ballangen, Evenes, Tjeldsund, Narvik and Lødingen. It is named after the main fjord Ofotfjord, which is at the center of this landscape...

 district in northern Norway, located just south of the city Narvik
is the third largest city and municipality in Nordland county, Norway by population. Narvik is located on the shores of the Narvik Fjord . The municipality is part of the Ofoten traditional region of North Norway, inside the arctic circle...