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Forum of Constantine

Forum of Constantine

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{{Unreferenced|date=November 2006}} [[Image:Keystone Constantine Forum Istanbul.JPG|thumb|Keystone that was probably a part of the forum, kept at the Istanbul Archaeological Museum]] The '''Forum of Constantine''' ({{lang-el|Φόρος Κωνσταντίνου}}) was built at the foundation of [[Constantinople]] immediately outside of the [[Walls of Constantinople#Wall of Byzantium|old city walls]] of [[Byzantium]]. It was circular in shape and had two monumental gates to the east and west. The [[Column of Constantine]], which still stands upright and is known today in Turkish as ''Çemberlitaş'', was erected in the centre of the square. The column was originally crowned with a statue of [[Constantine I]] (3. 306-337) as [[Apollo]], but a strong gale in 1150 caused the statue and three of the column's upper drums to fall, and a cross was added in its place by the [[Byzantine Empire|Byzantine]] emperor [[Manuel I Komnenos]] (r. 1143-1180). Otherwise the forum remained nearly intact until the [[Fourth Crusade]] in 1203-1204. The city's first Senate House lay on the north side of it. We know from the sources that the square was decorated with a number of antique statues, but it is impossible to determine their exact appearance and location. The Forum suffered major damage in a fire started by soldiers of the Fourth Crusade in 1203. After the [[siege of Constantinople (1204)|Sack of 1204]], the antique statues decorating the Forum were melted down by the Crusaders. == See also == *[[Roman Forum]] *[[Imperial fora]] *[[Forum of Arcadius]] *[[Forum of Theodosius]] *[[Augustaion]] == External links == {{commonscat-inline}} * [http://www.byzantium1200.com/forum-c.html Byzantium 1200 | Forum of Constantine] {{Byzantine-stub}} {{coord missing|Turkey}}