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For One Night Only - Live

For One Night Only - Live

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For One Night Only is an album by British
United Kingdom
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Rock music
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 band Terrorvision
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, released in 2005.

The album documents what at the time was assumed to be one of the last live performances of the group, and was recorded live at the London Kentish Town Forum on April 15, 2005. The band later reformed again in 2007 and have played many shows since.

It was released by Secret Records.

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of the same performance was released on 7 February 2007.

Track listing

  1. Enteralterego
  2. D'Ya Wanna Go Faster?
  3. Josephine
  4. Friends & Family
  5. Alice What's The Matter
  6. American TV
  7. Stop The Bus
  8. Still The Rhythm
  9. Some People Say
  10. My House
  11. Celebrity Hit List
  12. Fist Of Fury
  13. What Makes You Tick
  14. Dog Chewed The Handle
  15. Bad Actress
  16. Middleman
  17. Tequila
  18. Pretend Best Friend
  19. Oblivion
  20. Discoteque Wreck
  21. Perseverance