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Farthing may refer to:
  • Farthing (British coin), an old British coin valued one quarter of a penny
  • Farthing (Irish coin), its counterpart among the pre-decimal Irish coins
  • Farthing (magazine), a defunct British science fiction magazine
  • Farthing (novel)
    Farthing (novel)
    Farthing is an alternate history novel written by Jo Walton and published by Tor Books in August, 2006. A sequel, Ha'penny, was released in October 2007 by Tor Books. A third novel in the series, Half a Crown, was released in September 2008, also from Tor.-Background:The novel is set in the 1949...

    , a novel written by Jo Walton
  • farthing, used in the King James Version of the Bible to translate κοδράντης (kodrantes, quadrans
    The quadrans was a low-value Roman bronze coin worth one quarter of an as. The quadrans was issued from the beginning of cast bronze coins during the Roman Republic with three pellets representing three unciae as a mark of value...

    ), a Roman coin
  • Farthings of Iceland
    Farthings of Iceland
    Historically, Iceland was divided into four landsfjórðungar or farthings, that were named after the Cardinal directions. These were administrative divisions established in 965 for the purpose of organising regional assemblies and for regional courts...

    , historical administrative divisions of Iceland
  • Farthing, Wyoming
    Farthing, Wyoming
    Farthing was a railroad station and post office in the U.S. state of Wyoming. Farthing is located southwest of Chugwater in the Chugwater Creek valley. The region was originally named Iron Mountain due to iron deposits discovered on a nearby ridge in 1850 and briefly mined in 1870...

    (also known as Iron Mountain), a railroad station and post office in Wyoming