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Eustathius or Eustathios may refer to:
  • Eustathius of Antioch
    Eustathius of Antioch
    Eustathius of Antioch, sometimes surnamed the Great, was a bishop and patriarch of Antioch in the 4th century.He was a native of Side in Pamphylia. About 320 he was bishop of Beroea, and he became patriarch of Antioch shortly before the Council of Nicaea in 325...

    , Patriarch of Antioch (c.320 - c.330)
  • Eustathius of Sebaste
    Eustathius of Sebaste
    Eustathius, was bishop of Sebastia in Armenia. Together with Basil of Ancyra, he was the author of the sect of the Macedonians....

    Floruit , abbreviated fl. , is a Latin verb meaning "flourished", denoting the period of time during which something was active...

  • Eustathius of Cappadocia
    Eustathius of Cappadocia
    Eustathius of Cappadocia, was a Neoplatonist and Sophist, and a pupil of Iamblichus and Aedesius, who lived at the beginning of the 4th century. When Aedesius was obliged to quit Cappadocia, Eustathius was left behind in his place...

     (4th century) Neoplatonist, orator, and diplomat
  • Eustathius (consul 421), Roman consul in 421
  • Eustathius of Epiphania
    Eustathius of Epiphania
    Eustathius of Epiphania was a sixth-century Byzantine historian.Eustathius was born in Epiphania . He probably was a Christian and wrote in the time of the emperor Anastasius I a history from the fall of Troy to the 12th year of Anastasius in two parts...

    , sixth-century Byzantine historian
  • Eustathios Maleinos
    Eustathios Maleinos
    Eustathios Maleinos was a leading Byzantine general and one of the wealthiest and most influential members of the Anatolian military aristocracy during the late 10th century. He held senior administrative and military posts in the East, and was involved in the aristocratic rebellions against...

     (fl. 960s–980s), Byzantine general and magnate
  • Eustathios Romaios
    Eustathios Romaios
    Eustathios Romaios was a Byzantine jurist and a judge on the Byzantine Imperial Court.His writings, partially preserved in a practical handbook written by one of his secretaries, are a principal source for legal historians researching the renaissance of Justinian's thought in the Middle Byzantine...

     (c. 970–1030), Byzantine jurist
  • Eustathios Daphnomeles
    Eustathios Daphnomeles
    Eustathios Daphnomeles was a Byzantine strategos and patrician who distinguished himself in the Byzantine conquest of Bulgaria. Along with Nikephoros Ouranos and Nikephoros Xiphias, he ranks as one of the most prominent and successful generals of Emperor Basil II against Samuel of Bulgaria,...

     (fl. early 11th century), Byzantine general
  • Eustathios Palatinos
    Eustathios Palatinos
    Eustathios Palatinos was the catepan of Italy from the autumn of 1045 to September 1046. The primary source for his term of office is the chronicle of Lupus, a fellow protospatharius....

     (fl. mid-11th century), Byzantine Catepan of Italy
  • Patriarch Eustathius of Constantinople
    Patriarch Eustathius of Constantinople
    Eustathius was Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople from 1019 to 1025.Eustathius was the protopresbyter of the imperial palace when he was raised to the Patriarchal throne by the Emperor Basil II...

     from 1019 to 1025, see Sergius II of Constantinople
  • Eustathius Macrembolites
    Eustathius Macrembolites
    Eustathius or Eumathius , surnamed Macrembolites , a medieval revivalist of the Greek romance, flourished in the second half of the 12th century CE....

     (fl. 12th century)
  • Eustathius of Mtskheta
    Eustathius of Mtskheta
    Eustathius or Eustace of Mtskheta is an Orthodox Christian saint, executed for his apostasy from Zoroastrianism by the Persian military authorities in Georgia...

     (died 551), Georgian saint
  • Eustathius of Thessalonica
    Eustathius of Thessalonica
    Archbishop Eustathius of Thessalonica was a Greek bishop and scholar. He is most noted for his contemporary account of the sack of Thessalonike by the Normans in 1185, for his orations and for his commentaries on Homer, which incorporate many remarks by much earlier researchers.- Life :After being...

     (fl. late 12th century), famous for his commentaries on Homer
  • Ewostatewos
    Ewosṭatewos was an important religious leader of the Ethiopian Church. He was a forceful advocate for the Ethiopian form of observing the Sabbath...

    , Ethiopian Saint (c.1273 – c.1352)