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European route E69

European route E69

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{{Unreferenced stub|auto=yes|date=December 2009}} [[Image:Tabliczka E69.svg|right|150px]] [[Image:E-69 road Mageroya.jpg|thumb|275px|The E 69 road at Mager√łya]] '''European route E 69''' is an [[European Route|E-road]] between Olderfjord and [[North Cape, Norway|North Cape]] in northern [[Norway]]. The road is {{convert|129|km|abbr=on}} long. It contains five tunnels, totalling {{convert|15.5|km|abbr=on}}. The longest, the [[North Cape Tunnel]], is {{convert|6.9|km|abbr=on}} long and reaches {{convert|212|m|ft|abbr=on}} below sea level. The northernmost part of the road is closed during the winter months. E 69 is the northernmost road in the world connected to a major international road network. Roads further north in e.g. [[Svalbard]] and [[Greenland]] are isolated and short. {{Commons category|E69|E 69}} {{E-road}} {{Coord missing|Norway}} {{DEFAULTSORT:European Route E69}}