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In Greek mythology
Greek mythology
Greek mythology is the body of myths and legends belonging to the ancient Greeks, concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world, and the origins and significance of their own cult and ritual practices. They were a part of religion in ancient Greece...

, Eribotes, son of Teleon
In Greek mythology, Teleon was known as the father of two of the Argonauts, Butes and Eribotes. Hyginus names Zeuxippe, daughter of the river god Eridanos, as his spouse and mother of Butes...

, was counted among the Argonauts
The Argonauts ) were a band of heroes in Greek mythology who, in the years before the Trojan War, accompanied Jason to Colchis in his quest to find the Golden Fleece. Their name comes from their ship, the Argo, which was named after its builder, Argus. "Argonauts", therefore, literally means...

.. Eribotes appears to have had skills of a physician: in the Argonautica, he attends on Oileus
In Greek mythology, Oileus was the king of Locris. His father was given as Hodoedocus and his mother as Agrianome , according to Hyginus's Fabulae. Oileus's wife was Eriopis, who bore him a son named Ajax...

 when the latter is wounded by a feather of a Stymphalian bird.