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Eastern Idaho

Eastern Idaho

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{{Unreferenced|date=December 2009}} [[Image:Map of Idaho highlighting Eastern Idaho.png|right]] '''Eastern Idaho''' is a generic term used to describe areas of [[Idaho]] which lie east of the [[Magic Valley]] region. It is generally understood to include: [[Bannock County, Idaho|Bannock]], [[Bear Lake County, Idaho|Bear Lake]], [[Bingham County, Idaho|Bingham]], [[Bonneville County, Idaho|Bonneville]], [[Butte County, Idaho|Butte]], [[Caribou County, Idaho|Caribou]], [[Clark County, Idaho|Clark]], [[Custer County, Idaho|Custer]], [[Franklin County, Idaho|Franklin]], [[Fremont County, Idaho|Fremont]], [[Jefferson County, Idaho|Jefferson]], [[Madison County, Idaho|Madison]], [[Oneida County, Idaho|Oneida]], [[Power County, Idaho|Power]] and [[Teton County, Idaho|Teton]] Counties. ==Demographics== According to the 2010 census the counties of the Eastern Idaho region had a combined population of 358,588. [[Idaho Falls, Idaho|Idaho Falls]] and [[Pocatello, Idaho|Pocatello]] are the region's largest cities and only metropolitan areas, accounting for the majority of the region's population. Other important cities include [[Rexburg, Idaho|Rexburg]] and [[Blackfoot, Idaho|Blackfoot]]. Americans who are of [[English-American|ethnic English]] stock form a large plurality in every county in eastern Idaho. ==Education== Eastern Idaho is home to several of the state's colleges and universities, including [[Idaho State University]] in Pocatello, [[Eastern Idaho Technical College]] in Idaho Falls and [[Brigham Young University-Idaho]] in Rexburg. The Center for Higher Education provides outreach degree programs for Idaho State University and the University of Idaho at University Place in Idaho Falls. Most of the region's cities and towns support separate public school districts. ==Culture== Eastern Idaho is generally thought of as an all-season outdoor mecca above all else, with ski resorts [[Kelly Canyon]] and [[Pebble Creek]], and extreme proximity to [[Yellowstone]], the [[Tetons]], [[Jackson, Wyoming|Jackson]], and [[Grand Targhee]] in Wyoming, each of which lie near the Idaho border. The area is also renowned in the fly fishing world as well, with travelers coming from afar to fish the [[Snake River]] and its branches and tributaries. [[Island Park, Idaho|Island Park]], [[Bear Lake (Idaho–Utah)|Bear Lake]], Heise Hot Springs, and [[Lava Hot Springs]] are also regional tourist hotspots. Cultural events are routinely held at Idaho State University and Brigham Young University-Idaho, and at various venues throughout downtown Idaho Falls. Idaho State University's {{Convert|123000|sqft|m2|adj=on}} L.E. and Thelma E Stephens Performing Arts Center contains state-of-the-art performance space. The facility's Jensen Grand Concert Hall contains more than 500 fiberglass-reinforced gypsum panels which allow the concert hall to be computer-tuned. Two ceiling canopies allow the acoustics of the hall to be computer-adjusted, making the center a hit with both performers and their audiences. Idaho Falls's Museum of Idaho brings in major national exhibitions each year, including Da Vinci inventions and the famous Bodies exhibit. The Eastern Idaho State Fair is held every September in Blackfoot. The 2004 independent film [[Napoleon Dynamite]] was set in and filmed on location in [[Preston, Idaho|Preston]] in [[Cache Valley]]. [[The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]] is the largest religion in the region, though there are also many Methodists, Baptists, Episcopalians, Roman Catholics, and Presbyterians. ==Agriculture== The Eastern Idaho region grows most of Idaho's [[potato]] crop, making it one of the world's most productive potato-growing areas. [[Barley]] for [[beer]] production is also significant. Several major breweries, including [[Coors Brewing Company|Coors]], [[Anheuser-Busch]] and [[Mexico|Mexico's]] [[Grupo Modelo]] have barley producing operations in the area. [[Sugar beet]]s, [[alfalfa]] and [[wheat]] are also major crops. There are also many cattle ranches for raising [[beef]]. ==Technology== The [[Idaho National Laboratory]] between Idaho Falls and [[Arco, Idaho|Arco]] in [[Butte County, Idaho|Butte County]] is one of the nation's top nuclear research facilities. French nuclear corporation [[Areva]] is currently building a uranium enrichment plant west of Idaho Falls as well. [[Philo Farnsworth]], inventor of the [[cathode ray tube]], and considered the primary inventor of television grew up in [[Rigby, Idaho|Rigby]]. ON Semiconductor (formerly AMIS) of Pocatello is a computer chip manufacturer. Idaho State University in Pocatello is home to the Idaho Accelerator Center. The center contains 10 operating accelerators used in research done through the University, national laboratories such as INL, and the private sector. [[Idaho State University]] operates the Center For Advanced Energy Studies at University Place in Idaho Falls. This public-private parternership researches solutions to America's continuing energy crisis. ==See also== *[[Idaho Falls metropolitan area]] *[[Pocatello metropolitan area]] *[[Rexburg micropolitan area]] {{Idaho}} {{Coord missing|Idaho}}