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Dover Downs

Dover Downs

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Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment ownes Dover Downs Hotel & Casino a hotel and casino that has a racing facility that holds harness horse racing
Horse racing
Horse racing is an equestrian sport that has a long history. Archaeological records indicate that horse racing occurred in ancient Babylon, Syria, and Egypt. Both chariot and mounted horse racing were events in the ancient Greek Olympics by 648 BC...

 on a 0.625 miles (1 km) track and NASCAR
The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is a family-owned and -operated business venture that sanctions and governs multiple auto racing sports events. It was founded by Bill France Sr. in 1947–48. As of 2009, the CEO for the company is Brian France, grandson of the late Bill France Sr...

 events on a 1 miles (1.6 km) concrete surface. The Sprint Cup track is now known as Dover International Speedway
Dover International Speedway
Dover International Speedway is a NASCAR-sanctioned race track located in Dover, Delaware, owned by, and serving as the corporate headquarters of, Dover Motorsports, Inc. It is co-located with a harness racing track, Dover Downs, and shares the complex with Dover Downs Hotel & Casino...

, and the Dover Downs name is used for horse racing events. The owner of the facility, Dover Downs, is headquartered within the facility housing both tracks.

Dover Downs Hotel & Casino features dining, accommodations and conference space. Primary features of Dover Downs Hotel & Casino include a hotel, dining options, over 2,700 slot machines, 40 table games, and the Rollins Center, an 18000 square feet (1,672.3 m²) multipurpose ballroom which features entertainment as well as hosting business conferences, conventions and banquets.

Opened in autumn 2007, the expanded hotel added 268 additional rooms, including 52 suites, and 11 spa suites for a total of 500 hotel rooms. This makes Dover Downs Hotel & Casino the largest hotel in Delaware.

Open in winter 2008, the hotel features Toppers Spa/Salon, a 6000 square feet (557.4 m²) luxurious spa for relaxing.