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Dominant position

Dominant position

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A dominant position may refer to:
  • Dominant position
    Grappling position
    A grappling position refers to the positioning and holds of combatants engaged in grappling. Combatants are said to be in a neutral position if neither is in a more favourable position. If one party has a clear advantage such as in the mount they are said to be in a "dominant position"...

     in grappling
  • Dominant male sex position
    Missionary position
    The missionary position is a "man-on-top" sex position usually described as the act in which the woman lies on her back and the partners face each other. Though often acted on and applied by heterosexual pairings, it may also be used by gay and lesbian couples.The missionary position is an example...

  • Dominant female sex position
    Woman on top sex position
    Woman on top, also called the jackhammer, cowboy or cowgirl position, is a group of sex positions in which:* the inserting partner lies on his or her back or sits in a chair, couch, etc....

  • Dominance (economics)
    Dominance (economics)
    Market dominance is a measure of the strength of a brand, product, service, or firm, relative to competitive offerings. There is often a geographic element to the competitive landscape...

    , the firm's dominant position in the market