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Do the Collapse

Do the Collapse

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Do the Collapse is the 11th album by Dayton, Ohio
Dayton, Ohio
Dayton is the 6th largest city in the U.S. state of Ohio and the county seat of Montgomery County, the fifth most populous county in the state. The population was 141,527 at the 2010 census. The Dayton Metropolitan Statistical Area had a population of 841,502 in the 2010 census...

 indie rock
Indie rock
Indie rock is a genre of alternative rock that originated in the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1980s. Indie rock is extremely diverse, with sub-genres that include lo-fi, post-rock, math rock, indie pop, dream pop, noise rock, space rock, sadcore, riot grrrl and emo, among others...

 group Guided by Voices
Guided by Voices
Guided by Voices is an American indie rock band originating from Dayton, Ohio. Beginning with the band's formation in 1983, it made frequent personnel changes but always maintained the presence of principal songwriter Robert Pollard...

. In contrast with their lo-fi reputation, the album features glossy production work from Ric Ocasek
Ric Ocasek
Ric Ocasek is an American musician and music producer. He is best known as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the rock band, The Cars....

, and found a mixed reception from critics and fans.

"Teenage FBI" was featured on the soundtrack to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV-series. It was also featured on NCAA Football 2006. "Hold On Hope" was featured on the Scrubs
Scrubs (TV series)
Scrubs is an American medical comedy-drama television series created in 2001 by Bill Lawrence and produced by ABC Studios. The show follows the lives of several employees of the fictional Sacred Heart, a teaching hospital. It features fast-paced screenplay, slapstick, and surreal vignettes...

episode "My Occurrence
My Occurrence
"My Occurrence" is the 22nd episode of the American sitcom Scrubs. It originally aired on May 7, 2002 on NBC.-Plot:Jordan's brother Ben comes into the hospital after piercing his hand with a nail-gun, to which Ben and Dr. Cox have fun by causing J.D to faint not once but twice from seeing such a...

" as well as the 2000 film Attraction.

The track 'Teenage FBI' was named the 160th on the '500 Greatest Modern Rock Song of All Time' by 97X in 2006.

In his introduction to James Greer
James Greer
James Greer is an American novelist, screenwriter, musician, and critic. He lives in Los Angeles but spends much of his time in France.-Career as a musician/critic:Greer was Senior Editor and Senior Writer at Spin magazine in NYC in the early 90s...

's book Guided by Voices: A Brief History: Twenty-One Years of Hunting Accidents in the Forests of Rock and Roll, Academy Award-winning film maker Steven Soderbergh
Steven Soderbergh
Steven Andrew Soderbergh is an American film producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, editor, and an Academy Award-winning film director. He is best known for directing commercial Hollywood films like Erin Brockovich, Traffic, and the remake of Ocean's Eleven, but he has also directed smaller less...

referenced the album stating "that album Ric Ocasek produced was terrific."

Track listing

  1. "Teenage FBI" - 2:53
  2. "Zoo Pie" - 2:18
  3. "Things I Will Keep" - 2:25
  4. "Hold on Hope" - 3:31
  5. "In Stitches" - 3:39
  6. "Dragons Awake!" - 2:08
  7. "Surgical Focus" - 3:48
  8. "Optical Hopscotch" - 3:01
  9. "Mushroom Art" - 1:47
  10. "Much Better Mr. Buckles" - 2:24
  11. "Wormhole" - 2:33
  12. "Strumpet Eye" - 1:58
  13. "Liquid Indian" - 3:38
  14. "Wrecking Now" - 2:33
  15. "Picture Me Big Time" - 4:01
  16. "An Unmarketed Product" - 1:08