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Darker (disambiguation)

Darker (disambiguation)

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Darker is an album by C-Tec originally released in 1997.-Releases:Synthetic Symphony a division of SPV GmbHCat# CD 085-61572 SPV Wax Trax! Records a label of TVT RecordsCat# TVT 7252-2-Track listing:...

is a 1997 album by C-Tec.

Darker may also refer to:
  • Darker (computer game)
    Darker (computer game)
    -Synopsis:Darker has the player assume the role of Tolly, a civilian shuttle pilot in the city of Delphi, the only city situated on the dark side of a planet in synchronous rotation around the local star. The player must defend Delphi from the Halons, inhabitants of the planet's light side, who are...

    , a 1995 computer game by Psygnosis

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  • Dark (disambiguation)