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Craig D. Idso is the founder and chairman of the board of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change
Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change
The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change is a 501 non-profit organization based in Arizona in the United States...


He is the brother of Keith E. Idso
Keith E. Idso
Keith E. Idso is Vice President of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change. He is the brother of Craig D. Idso and son of Sherwood B. Idso. He received his B.S. in Agriculture with a major in Plant Sciences from the University of Arizona and his M.S. from the same institution...

 and son of Sherwood B. Idso
Sherwood B. Idso
Sherwood B. Idso assumed the Presidency of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, a 501 public charity which has accepted donations by ExxonMobil Oil Corporation, on 4 October 2001. Prior to that time he was a Research Physicist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's...


Idso received his B.S. in Geography from Arizona State University, his M.S. in Agronomy from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, and his Ph.D. in Geography from Arizona State University, where he studied as one of a small group of University Graduate Scholars.

Idso's current research focus is on carbon sequestration, but he remains actively involved in several other aspects of global and environmental change, including climatology and meteorology, along with their impacts on agriculture. Idso has published scientific articles on issues related to data quality, the growing season, the seasonal cycle of atmospheric
Carbon dioxide
Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring chemical compound composed of two oxygen atoms covalently bonded to a single carbon atom...

, world food supplies, coral reefs, and urban concentrations, the latter of which he investigated via a National Science Foundation grant as a faculty researcher in the Office of Climatology at Arizona State University. In addition, he has lectured in Meteorology at Arizona State University, and in Physical Geography at Mesa and Chandler-Gilbert Community Colleges. From 2001-2002, Idso served as Director of Environmental Science at Peabody Energy
Peabody Energy
Peabody Energy Corporation , previously Peabody Coal Company, is the largest private-sector coal company in the world. The company is headquartered in Downtown St. Louis, Missouri....

 in St. Louis, MO.

Idso is a global warming skeptic
Global warming controversy
Global warming controversy refers to a variety of disputes, significantly more pronounced in the popular media than in the scientific literature, regarding the nature, causes, and consequences of global warming...

. He is co-author with Fred Singer
Fred Singer
Siegfried Fred Singer is an Austrian-born American physicist and emeritus professor of environmental science at the University of Virginia...

 and Robert M. Carter
Robert M. Carter
Robert M. "Bob" Carter is an adjunct research professor in the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University, Queensland, and the University of Adelaide, South Australia. He is a geologist specializing in palaeontology, stratigraphy, marine geology, and environmental science...

 of the reports of the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), a study group of global warming skeptics. Idso advocates that increasing atmosphere carbon dioxide concentrations will instead benefit plant growth. With his name on 67 papers, Idso was the most represented author in a list of 938 peer reviewed papers alleged to be skeptical of global warming. Idso is a science adviser to the Science and Public Policy Institute
Science and Public Policy Institute
The Science and Public Policy Institute is an organization which concerns itself with issues related to carbon dioxide and global warming. It is based in Virginia, USA and was founded around 2007. It describes itself as:...


Selected publications

  • CD Idso, SB Idso, RC Balling. The urban dome of Phoenix, Arizona, Physical Geography, 1998

  • DE Stooksbury, CD Idso, KG Hubbard. Effects of data gaps on the calculated monthly mean maximum and minimum temperatures in the continental United States: a spatial and temporal study, Journal of Climate, Vol. 12, no. 5 II, pp. 1524–1533. 1999 Abstract

  • CD Idso, SB Idso, BA Kimball, HS Park, JK Hoober, et al. Ultra-enhanced spring branch growth in CO₂-enriched trees: can it alter the phase of the atmosphere's seasonal cycle?, Environmental and Experimental Botany, 2000

  • CD Idso, SB Idso, RC Balling Jr. An intensive two-week study of an urban dome in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Atmospheric Environment, 2001

  • SB Idso, CD Idso, RC Balling Jr. Seasonal and diurnal variations of near-surface atmospheric concentration within a residential sector of the urban dome of Phoenix, AZ, USA, Atmospheric Environment, 2002

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