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Cortona Cathedral

Cortona Cathedral

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[[File:Cortona-catedral.jpg|thumb|240px|Façade of the cathedral.]] {{Commons category|Duomo (Cortona)}} '''Cortona Cathedral''' is a [[cathedral]] in [[Cortona]], [[Tuscany]], central [[Italy]],dedicated to the [[Virgin Mary]]. ==History== The church was built over the remains of an ancient Roman temple and is mentioned (as a ''[[pieve]]'', or pleban church) in the 11th century. In 1325 the [[diocese of Cortona]] was founded, but the church was not chosen as its cathedral; the annexed building was anyway used as the bishop's residence. In 1507 [[Pope Julius II]] moved there the cathedral seat from the sub-urban church of San Vincenzo, and in the 15th century the edifice's interior was renovated. ==Description== The appearance of the original medieval church is mostly hidden by later additions, such as the 18th century [[barrel vault]]ed ceiling in the nave, which was repainted in the late 19th century by the local artist Giovanni Brunacci; in the same epoch the oval windows, the triumphal arch and the pavement were also added or remade. The oldest element visible are in the [[Romanesque architecture|Romanesque]] façade, consisting of a pier with capital and small columns at the corners, and part of the large arcade. The church has a nave and two aisles, divided by columns with [[Filippo Brunelleschi|Brunelleschi]]-inspired capitals. The right side has a [[loggia]] built in the late 16th century; the bell tower dates from the middle of the same century. Artworks in the interior include an ''Adoration of the Shepherds'' by [[Pietro da Cortona]] and assistants (c. 1663), a ''Consecration of the church of the Holy Saviour'' by [[Andrea Commodi]] (1607, brought here in the late 18th century) and a ''Descent of the Holy Ghost'' by Tommaso Bernabei (1528-1529). The town's [[Diocesan Museum (Cortona)|Diocesan Museum]] houses works once in the cathedral, including [[Pietro Lorenzetti]]'s ''Maestà'' (before 1320), and a tapestry and a [[reliquary]] from the [[Renaissance]] times. {{coord missing|Italy}}