Corinto, Nicaragua

Corinto, Nicaragua

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{{Other uses|Corinto (disambiguation)}} Corinto is a town of 17,000 (1995 population) on the northwest Pacific coast of [[Nicaragua]] in the province of [[Chinandega Department|Chinandega]]. The municipality was founded in 1863 and was named in honour of the Greek city of [[Corinth]].


It was a railroad terminus and [[Nicaragua]]'s largest Pacific port. It has its own [[Container terminal]] and is able to manage a wide variety of [[cargo]]: liquid, bulk, containers, cars, etc.

United States Intervention

On May 2, 1896 U.S. Marines land in Corinto to protect U.S. interests during political unrest. On January 25, 1922 the [[USS Galveston (CL-19)|USS Galveston]] landed a detachment of [[USMC|U.S. Marines]] at Corinto, to reinforce the [[Managua]] legation guard during a period of political tension. While supporting the [[Contras]] against the Socialist Sandinista government in the 1980s, U.S. Forces mined the Port of Corinto. On October 10, 1983, an attack destroyed {{convert|3.2|e6USgal|m3}} of fuel. It is believed that this attack was directed by the CIA and carried out by U.S. [[United States Navy SEALs|Navy Seals]].


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