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Commercial Slip

Commercial Slip

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{{unreferenced|date=February 2009}} [[Image:Erie-canal-commercial-slip.jpg|right|thumb|250px|Buffalo's Erie Canal Commercial Slip
Spring 2008.]][[Buffalo, New York]]'s '''Commercial Slip''' is a recently re-excavated and restored portion of the western terminus of the [[Erie Canal]]. The Slip was a remnant of [[Little Buffalo Creek]], which flowed into the [[Buffalo River (New York)|Buffalo River]] just before the larger stream entered [[Lake Erie]]. The Commercial Slip formed one boundary of Buffalo's infamous [[Canal Street (Buffalo)|Canal District]], and was filled in when the district was marked for [[urban renewal]] in the 1950s. By that time, the [[New York State Thruway|New York State Thruway and the Skyway]] had been built over the Canal district, and the Commercial Slip was buried and forgotten. In the late 1990s, public authorities began showing an interest in reviving Buffalo’s Erie Canal heritage. Initially, plans called for re-creating some buried elements of the Canal. However a public outcry, with pressure from citizens’ groups and the local media, convinced the planners to excavate and restore actual portions of the district, including the Commercial Slip. Today, the Slip is a vibrant focal point on Buffalo’s waterfront, offering a look back into the City’s storied Canal Street days. Recently, plans were made for Canal Side, an area next to the slip, and will be completed sometime in the future. ==External links== * [http://gapfel.com/eriecanal Maps of Buffalo's ''Erie Canal District'' then and now] * [http://www.canalsidebuffalo.com/ Website showing plans for Canal Side] {{coord missing|New York}}