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Commando mortar refers to a class of infantry light mortars designed for maximum portability and rapid deployment, at the expense of accuracy and repeatability.

Commando mortars often feature design simplifications such as straps instead of bipods, carrying handles, and limited aiming equipment. Some commando mortar straps are marked with measurements, with the intent that the mortarman step on a marked point of the sling and pull the sling taut, at which point the mortar will be angled so as to fire to the range marked at that point of the sling.


: Hirtenberger C6 60mm: Indep
INDEP - Indústrias Nacionais de Defesa, EP , originally Fábrica do Braço de Prata , is a defense industry company owned by the Portuguese Government...

 M/968 60mm: L9A1 51 mm Light Mortar
L9A1 51 mm Light Mortar
The L9A1 51 mm Light Mortar is a man-portable mortar system used by the British Army. Smoke, illuminating and high explosive bombs are available. A short range insert device allows the weapon to be used in a direct fire mode...

: Soltam
Soltam Systems is an Israeli Defense company located near Yokneam. The company has been developing and manufacturing advanced artillery systems, mortars, ammunition and peripheral equipment since 1952. Soltam Systems serves armed and special forces in more than 60 countries...

 C03 60mm: M4 60mm: ECIA 60mm: M70 60mm: DC-M37C1 60mm Patrol Mortar: MKEK 60mm: "Spade mortar"
37mm Spade Mortar
The 37mm Spade Mortar was a Soviet 37 mm light infantry mortar used in the Second World War. The mortar was produced from 1939 until the end of 1941....

 37mm: "Marsh mortar"
37mm Marsh Mortar
The 37mm Marsh Mortar was a compact commando mortar developed by the Iranian Army during the Iran-Iraq War. It is very similar in concept to the WWII Soviet 37mm Spade Mortar...

 37mm: Mortar 60mm