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Cinder Cone (British Columbia)

Cinder Cone (British Columbia)

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Cinder Cone is a cinder cone
Cinder cone
According to the , Cinder Cone is the proper name of 1 cinder cone in Canada and 7 cinder cones in the United States:In Canada: Cinder Cone In the United States:...

 with a small crater
Volcanic crater
A volcanic crater is a circular depression in the ground caused by volcanic activity. It is typically a basin, circular in form within which occurs a vent from which magma erupts as gases, lava, and ejecta. A crater can be of large dimensions, and sometimes of great depth...

 on the west side of the Helm Glacier
Helm Glacier
Helm Glacier is a glacier, flowing north to enter Lowery Glacier just west of Fazekas Hills, in the Queen Elizabeth Range. Named for Arthur S. Helm, former Secretary of the Ross Sea Committee, by the New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition ....

 in Garibaldi Provincial Park
Garibaldi Provincial Park
Garibaldi Provincial Park, also called Garibaldi Park, is a wilderness park located in British Columbia, Canada, about 70 kilometres north of Vancouver. The park is located to the east of the Sea to Sky Highway between Squamish and Whistler and covers an area of over 1,950 square kilometres...

. Cinder Cone is surrounded by cinder flats and its crater is filled with melt water during the summer. Cinder Cone gets eroded easily by melt water during the spring, washing the pyroclastics into the Valley of Desolation. Cinder Cone produced a 9 km (6 mi) long lava flow during the early Holocene
The Holocene is a geological epoch which began at the end of the Pleistocene and continues to the present. The Holocene is part of the Quaternary period. Its name comes from the Greek words and , meaning "entirely recent"...


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