Chichele Professor of Public International Law

Chichele Professor of Public International Law

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One of the statutory Chichele Professorships established at All Souls College, Oxford
All Souls College, Oxford
The Warden and the College of the Souls of all Faithful People deceased in the University of Oxford or All Souls College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England....

, this chair was established in 1859 as the Chichele Professor of International Law and Diplomacy. Its name was later changed to the Chichele Professor of Public International Law.

List of Professors

  • Mountague Bernard
    Mountague Bernard
    Mountague Bernard was an English international lawyer.-Life:He was the third son of Charles Bernard of Jamaica, the descendant of a Huguenot family, and was born at Tibberton Court, Gloucestershire....

    , 1859 – 1870
  • Thomas Erskine Holland
    Thomas Erskine Holland
    Sir Thomas Erskine Holland KC, FBA was a British jurist.After school at Brighton College and studies at Oxford, he practiced law as a barrister from 1863 onwards. In 1874, he returned to Oxford, succeeding William Blackstone as Vinerian Reader...

    , 1874 -
  • Sir Henry Erle Richards. 1911-
  • James Leslie Brierly, 1922-
  • Sir Humphrey Waldock
    Humphrey Waldock
    Sir Humphrey Meredith Waldock was a British jurist and international lawyer. Humphrey Waldock served as the British judge in the European Court of Human Rights from 1966 until 1974 and in the International Court of Justice from 1973 until 1981. He was also the president of the ICJ between 1979...

    , 1947-
  • D. P. O'Connell, 1972
  • Ian Brownlie
    Ian Brownlie
    Sir Ian Brownlie, CBE, QC, FBA was a British practising barrister, specialising in international law. After an education at Hertford College, Oxford, he was called to the Bar by Gray's Inn in 1958 and was a tenant at Blackstone Chambers from 1983 until his death on 3 January 2010.During his...

    , 1980 – 1989
  • Vaughan Lowe
    Vaughan Lowe
    Alan Vaughan Lowe QC is a leading barrister and academic specialising in the field of international law. He has been Chichele Professor of Public International Law in the University of Oxford, and a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, since 1999...

    , 1999 –