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Central Plain (China)

Central Plain (China)

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{{unreferenced|date=November 2007}} {{Contains Chinese text}} {{redirect|Zhongyuan||Zhongyuan District}} '''Zhongyuan''' or the ''Central Plain'' of China ({{zh|c=中原|p=Zhōngyuán}}) refers to the area on the lower reaches of the [[Yellow River]] which formed the cradle of Chinese civilization. It forms part of the [[North China Plain]]. In its narrowest sense, the Central Plain covers modern-day [[Henan]], the southern part of [[Hebei]], the southern part of [[Shanxi]], and the western part of [[Shandong]] province. A broader interpretation of the Central Plain's extent would add the [[Guanzhong]] plain of [[Shaanxi]], the northwestern part of [[Jiangsu]], and parts of [[Anhui]] and northern Hebei. Since the beginning of recorded history, the Central Plain has been an important site for Chinese civilization. In the pre-Qin era, present-day [[Luoyang]] and its nearby areas were considered the “Center of the World”, as the political seat of the [[Xia Dynasty]] was located around [[Mount_Song|Songshan]] and the [[Luo River (Henan)|Yi-Luo river basin]]. Inscriptions on some bronze objects from this era contain references to the 'Central States' (''[[Zhongguo]]''), 'Eastern States', or 'Southern States'. This indicates that the Central Plain, which was referred as the 'Central States' in these inscriptions, was considered to occupy the center of the world. The [[Songshu]], official history of [[Song Dynasty]] states: “Ancient emperors of ability arose in the northwest, that were able to conquer the Central Plain and further occupy the southeast." [[Zhuge Liang]], a noted military strategist of the [[Three Kingdoms]] Period, also stated that "he would lead an army to conquer the Central Plain." All these point to the fact that the Central Plain was of both political and strategic importance. This may be the reason that many later dynasties selected Luoyang and [[Kaifeng]] in the Central Plain as their capitals. ==See also== * [[Metropolitan regions of China]] * [[Yangtze River Delta]] * [[Pearl River Delta]] * [[Yellow River Delta and Bohai Sea]] * [[National Capital Region (China)|National Capital Region]] {{Regions and cities of China}} {{coord missing|People's Republic of China}}