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Caregiver may refer to:
  • Caregiver
    Caregiver may refer to:* Caregiver or carer - an unpaid person who cares for someone requiring support due to a disability, frailty, mental health problem, learning disability or old age...

     or carer - an unpaid person who cares for someone requiring support due to a disability, frailty, mental health problem, learning disability or old age
  • A Personal Care Assistant
    Personal Care Assistant
    A Personal Care Assistant - variously known under alternate names such as caregiver, personal care attendant, patient care assistant, personal support worker and home care aide - is a paid, employed person who helps persons who are disabled or chronically ill with their activities of daily living ...

    , a paid employee usually serving a disabled person of any age, either via a PCA organisation or directly by the disabled person's own personal funds
  • An assisted living
    Assisted living
    Assisted living residences or assisted living facilities provide supervision or assistance with activities of daily living ; coordination of services by outside health care providers; and monitoring of resident activities to help to ensure their health, safety, and well-being.Assistance may...

  • A nursing home
    Nursing home
    A nursing home, convalescent home, skilled nursing unit , care home, rest home, or old people's home provides a type of care of residents: it is a place of residence for people who require constant nursing care and have significant deficiencies with activities of daily living...

  • A hospice care situation
  • Caregiver
    Caregiver (film)
    Caregiver is a 2008 Filipino medical-drama film. The film stars Filipina actress Sharon Cuneta portraying the role of Sarah, a mother who left her son in the Philippines and also a teacher who relinquished her profession in lieu of care giving in London, in hopes of augmenting her salary. Chito S...

    , a blockbuster Philippine film starring Sharon Cuneta
    Sharon Cuneta
    Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan, better known as Sharon Cuneta, is a popular and multi-awarded Filipino singer, actress and TV host dubbed as Megastar of Philippine Entertainment, fondly called Mega by fans and people from the entertainment industry....

  • The C.A.R.E.giver, a science-fiction novel by Grant R. Bushman.
  • Someone who dispenses medical cannabis
    Medical cannabis
    Medical cannabis refers to the use of parts of the herb cannabis as a physician-recommended form of medicine or herbal therapy, or to synthetic forms of specific cannabinoids such as THC as a physician-recommended form of medicine...

     to a patient
    A patient is any recipient of healthcare services. The patient is most often ill or injured and in need of treatment by a physician, advanced practice registered nurse, veterinarian, or other health care provider....