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'''CKXA-FM''' is a [[Canada|Canadian]] radio station, broadcasting at 101.1 [[FM radio|FM]] in [[Brandon, Manitoba]]. The station broadcasts [[country music]] as '''101.1 The Farm'''. ==History== The station went into operation on December 5, 1928 as '''CKX''', and was owned and operated by the [[Manitoba Telecom Services|Manitoba Telephone System]]. It broadcast at 1120 kHz [[AM radio|AM]] until 1941, at which time it switched to 1150 kHz. In 1947 the provincial government announced that it was leaving the radio business. The following year CKX was purchased by a group of Brandon businessmen headed by John B. Craig, managing director of [[Western Manitoba Broadcasters]]. The station moved to FM in 1999. It added an A to its callsign when it moved to FM, as it already had a sister station using the callsign [[CKX-FM]]. In 2001, CKXA-FM changed to a Top 40 format under the name Hot 101, similar to owner Craig Broadcasting's "Hot 103" ([[CKMM-FM]]) in Winnipeg. In 2002, CKX and CKXA, along with two other Craig radio properties were sold to [[Standard Broadcasting|Standard Radio]]. In 2005, CKXA returned to the country music format. In 2007 Astral Media acquired CKXA as part of its purchase of Standard Broadcasting. [[Image:CKX CKXA Studios.JPG|thumb|200px|left|Radio Studios of stations [[CKX-FM]] and CKXA-FM at 2940 Victoria Avenue, on Brandon's west side]] ==External links== *[http://www.1011thefarm.com/ 101.1 The Farm] *[http://www.broadcasting-history.ca/listings_and_histories/radio/histories.php?id=1098&historyID=69 CKXA-FM history] at [[Canadian Communications Foundation]] {{Westman Radio}} {{Astral Media}} {{coord missing|Manitoba}} {{DEFAULTSORT:Ckxa-Fm}}