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Bicycle City

Bicycle City

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Bicycle City is a planned, car-free
Car-free can refer to several things:*Pedestrian zones*Car-free movement...

 communities project with a mission to create sustainable places where people can live, work and visit. Parking is planned to be on the edge of the community near your home.

The first Bicycle City is underway near Columbia, SC.
On December 11, 2010, Bicycle City South Carolina celebrated a ceremonial Groundbreaking Day. The first five miles of biking and walking trails are about half completed and the first phase of home sites is scheduled for the first quarter of 2011. The community is planned to include eco-friendly homes, two community lakes, a community center and market with local organics, and community parking on the edge. Everything is connected via miles of multi-surface walking, hiking and biking trails.

Bicycle City has been featured in Bicycling magazine, Next American City magazine, and Outside magazine as one of "10 Big Ideas for 2010." In 2010, Bicycle City sponsored the Interbike Conference in Las Vegas and the Livable Cities Conference in Charleston.

Bicycle City communities plan to reduce storm water runoff, reduce congestion, protect animals and the environment, and provide a key model for sustainable development that is not dependent on cars.

Bicycle City's design team includes Ozzie Nagler, who designed Seoul Olympic Village and the Three Rivers Greenway; Anne Lusk, Harvard School of Public Health
Harvard School of Public Health
The Harvard School of Public Health is one of the professional graduate schools of Harvard University, located in the Longwood Area of the Boston, Massachusetts neighborhood of Mission Hill, which is next to Harvard Medical School. HSPH is considered a significant school focusing on health in the...

 research fellow; and Mike Lydon, principal of the Street Plans Collaborative.

The concept of Bicycle City has been influenced by the ideas of new urbanism
New urbanism
New Urbanism is an urban design movement, which promotes walkable neighborhoods that contain a range of housing and job types. It arose in the United States in the early 1980s, and has gradually continued to reform many aspects of real estate development, urban planning, and municipal land-use...

, smart growth
Smart growth
Smart growth is an urban planning and transportation theory that concentrates growth in compact walkable urban centers to avoid sprawl and advocates compact, transit-oriented, walkable, bicycle-friendly land use, including neighborhood schools, complete streets, and mixed-use development with a...

 development and healthy, active communities, as well as the work of people such as Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright
Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect, interior designer, writer and educator, who designed more than 1,000 structures and completed 500 works. Wright believed in designing structures which were in harmony with humanity and its environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture...

, John Naisbitt
John Naisbitt
John Naisbitt is an American author and public speaker in the area of futures studies. His first book Megatrends was published in 1982. It was the result of almost ten years of research. It was on the New York Times bestseller list for two years, mostly as #1...

, Andreas Duany, Paolo Soleri
Paolo Soleri
Paolo Soleri is an Italian-American architect. He established Arcosanti and the educational Cosanti Foundation. Soleri is a lecturer in the College of Architecture at Arizona State University and a National Design Award recipient in 2006.-Early life:Soleri was born in Turin, Italy...

, John Robbins, Scott Martin, Maria Montessori
Maria Montessori
Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and educator, a noted humanitarian and devout Catholic best known for the philosophy of education which bears her name...

 and Richard Register.

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