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Beverlywood, Los Angeles, California

Beverlywood, Los Angeles, California

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[[Image:Hamilton High School LAUSD Entrance.jpg|thumb|300px|The copper-topped bell tower of [[Alexander Hamilton High School (Los Angeles, California)|Hamilton High School]] is a neighborhood landmark.]] '''Beverlywood''' is a district on the [[West Los Angeles (region)|West Side]] of the city of [[Los Angeles]], [[California]]. ==Geography and transportation== Beverlywood is bordered by [[Century City, Los Angeles, California|Century City]] on the northwest, [[Cheviot Hills, Los Angeles, California|Cheviot Hills]] on the west, [[Palms, Los Angeles, California|Palms]] on the southwest, [[Culver City, California|Culver City]] on the south, [[Crestview, Los Angeles, California|Crestview]] on the east; [[South Robertson, Los Angeles, California|South Robertson]] on the north. The district's boundaries are roughly [[Robertson Boulevard]] on the east; the Culver City limits on the south; Beverwil Drive and the Hillcrest Country Club on the west; and Monte Mar on the north. Beverlywood's principal thoroughfares are [[Venice Boulevard|Venice]], [[La Cienega Boulevard|La Cienega]], and [[Robertson Boulevard|Robertson]] Boulevards; Beverwil Drive; and Cadillac and Cattaraugus Avenues. ==Neighborhood== [[Image:Beverlywood Bakery & Beverlywood Kosher Meats.JPG|thumb|left|250px|Beverlywood Bakery & Charlie's Delicatessen, Pico Blvd.]] Largely residential, Beverlywood is one of the centers of [[Jew]]ish life in Los Angeles. Renowned [[Nazism|Nazi]]-hunter [[Simon Wiesenthal]]'s [[Museum of Tolerance]] is adjacent to Beverlywood, in Los Angeles (and not, as is commonly thought, in Beverly Hills). The neighborhood is also home to a modest [[Iran|Persian]] population (many of whom also adhere to [[Judaism]]) as well as a notable [[Israeli American]] population. Almost all of Beverlywood's inhabitants live in single-family homes built between the 1920s and the 1950s, with the oldest homes in the areas near Beverly Hills. Beverlywood contains very few apartment buildings. Contained within the district's area is the [http://www.beverlywoodhoa.com/ Beverlywood Homes Association]. The association is considered one of the most powerful in Los Angeles, having successfully fought off the 1960s up-[[zoning]] that occurred in areas such as Palms and [[West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California|West Los Angeles]]. Homes located within the boundaries of the association generally sell for higher prices than those outside of it, perhaps due to the strict enforcement of [[restrictive covenant]]s by the association. The boundaries of the association area are roughly Robertson Blvd. on the east, Airdrome St. on the north, Rancho Park on the west, and Cattaraugus Avenue on the south. {{-}} ==Demographics== In 2009, the ''[[Los Angeles Times]]'''s "Mapping L.A." project supplied these Beverlywood neighborhood statistics: population: 6,080; median household income: $105,253. ==Government and infrastructure== The [[Los Angeles County Department of Health Services]] SPA 5 West Area Health Office serves Beverlywood. ===Police=== [[Los Angeles Police Department]] operates the West Los Angeles Community Police Station at 1663 Butler Avenue, 90025, serving the neighborhood. ==Education== [[Image:Palms Middle School.jpg|thumb|[[Palms Middle School]]]] The neighborhood is within the [[Los Angeles Unified School District]]. However, many families in the neighborhood send their children to [[private schools]]. * [http://www.lausd.k12.ca.us/Canfield_EL/ Canfield Elementary School] * [[Castle Heights Elementary School]] * [http://www.lausd.k12.ca.us/Shenandoah_EL/ Shenandoah Street Elementary School] * [[Palms Middle School]] * [[Alexander Hamilton High School (Los Angeles, California)|Hamilton High School]] ==External links== * [http://www.beverlywoodhoa.com/ Beverlywood Homes Association] * [http://www.latimes.com/classified/realestate/news/communities/2003/la-re-guide28dec28,0,4539299.story?coll=la-realestate-communities-2003 ''Los Angeles Times'', Real Estate section, Neighborly Advice column: "[Beverlywood:] A mid-cities look that's lasted" (28 Dec 2003)] {{Los Angeles}} {{Los Angeles Westside}} {{coord missing|Los Angeles County, California}}