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Barbarian Invasion

Barbarian Invasion

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Barbarian Invasion may refer to:
  • The so-called 'barbarian invasions'
    Migration Period
    The Migration Period, also called the Barbarian Invasions , was a period of intensified human migration in Europe that occurred from c. 400 to 800 CE. This period marked the transition from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages...

    contemporaneous with the fall of the Roman Empire
  • Les Invasions barbares
    Les Invasions barbares
    The Barbarian Invasions is a 2003 French Canadian comedy-drama film directed by Denys Arcand. It is the sequel to Arcand's earlier film The Decline of the American Empire and is followed by Days of Darkness. The film was produced by companies from both Canada and France, including Telefilm Canada,...

    , a movie by Denys Arcand
    Denys Arcand
    Georges-Henri Denys Arcand, is a Canadian film director, screenwriter and producer. He has won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film in 2004 for The Barbarian Invasions...

     with the English title The Barbarian Invasions;
  • Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion, An expansion pack in the Rome: Total War
    Rome: Total War
    Rome: Total War is a PC strategy game developed by The Creative Assembly and released on by Activision...

    computer game.