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Atlantis, the Palm is a hotel resort at Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah
The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago created using land reclamation by Nakheel, a company owned by the Dubai government in United Arab Emirates. It is one of three islands called the Palm Islands which extend into the Persian Gulf, increasing Dubai’s shoreline by a total of...

 in Dubai
Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates . The emirate is located south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula and has the largest population with the second-largest land territory by area of all the emirates, after Abu Dhabi...

, United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
The United Arab Emirates, abbreviated as the UAE, or shortened to "the Emirates", is a state situated in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman, and Saudi Arabia, and sharing sea borders with Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Iran.The UAE is a...

. It is a joint venture between Kerzner
Sol Kerzner
Solomon Kerzner is a South African accountant and business magnate.-Background and career:Kerzner was born in Troyeville, Johannesburg, the youngest of four children to Jewish Russian immigrants...

 International Limited and Istithmar PSJC and was opened on 24 September 2008. The resort is modelled after the Atlantis, Paradise Island
Atlantis Paradise Island
The Atlantis Paradise Island is a resort and waterpark located on Paradise Island, The Bahamas. Officially opened in 1998, the resort was created by South African hotel magnate Sol Kerzner and Kerzner International Limited. Paradise Island first opened its Coral and Beach Towers as the Trump...

 resort in Nassau, Bahamas
Nassau, Bahamas
Nassau is the capital, largest city, and commercial centre of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. The city has a population of 248,948 , 70 percent of the entire population of The Bahamas...

. Almost everything in it is underwater themed.


The resort consists of two towers linked by a bridge, with a total of 1,539 rooms. There are two monorail stations connecting the resort to the main section of the Palm Jumeirah islands.


The 5 star resort also includes the 16 ha (39.5 acre) Aquaventure theme water park, a 45000 m² (53,819.6 sq yd) conference center, and 1900 m² (2,272.4 sq yd) of retail space. The resort's also has a Dolphin Bay in which guests can swim and interact with dolphins at Atlantis. The Palm Jumeirah itself is one part of a trilogy including the larger Palms Jebel Ali and Deira, which are still under construction.

The Resort kept a young female whaleshark
Whale shark
The whale shark, Rhincodon typus, is a slow-moving filter feeding shark, the largest extant fish species. The largest confirmed individual had a length of and a weight of more than , but unconfirmed claims report considerably larger whale sharks...

 (Sammy) in its 11-million litre aquarium. Sammy gained public attention when gulfnews published her story, which started campaigns to have Sammy released back into the ocean. Experts pointed to various signs which showed that Sammy was vulnerable in the aquarium. She was released in March 2010.

Official launch

After the successful construction completion carried out by Laing O'Rourke
Laing O'Rourke
Laing O'Rourke is a multinational construction company headquartered in Dartford, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1978....

 the hotel was ready for opening. A list of VIP guests who attended the event included Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar is an Indian film playback singer, actor, director, and music director. He is the son of famous singer and actor Kishore Kumar and Bengali singer and actress Ruma Guha Thakurta. Like his father he too loved singing since childhood and used to sing in Kolkata during Durga Pooja functions...

, Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton
Mischa Anne Marsden Barton is a British-American fashion model, film, television, and stage actress, best known for her role as Marissa Cooper in the American television series The O.C..-Early life:...

, Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker
Christopher "Chris" Tucker is an American actor and comedian. He is best known for playing the role of Detective James Carter in the Rush Hour film series.-Early life:...

, Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan
Michael Jeffrey Jordan is a former American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats...

, Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes
Wesley Trent Snipes is an American actor, film producer, and martial artist, who has starred in numerous action films, thrillers, and dramatic feature films. Snipes is known for playing the Marvel Comics character Blade in the Blade film trilogy, among various other high profile roles...

, Andrea Colognoli, and Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is an American actress, pop singer and model. She began her career as a child fashion model before making her motion picture debut in Disney's 1998 remake of The Parent Trap at the age of 11...

 to name a few. Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra is an Indian actress and former Miss World. Before starting her acting career, she worked as a model and gained fame after winning the Miss World title in 2000. She is often referred to by the nickname "Piggy Chops", which was given to her by co-stars on the set of the film...

 was chosen as the 'Goddess of Atlantis' to inaugurate the resort.
The event included Australian diva Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue
Kylie Ann Minogue, OBE - often known simply as Kylie - is an Australian singer, recording artist, songwriter, and actress. After beginning her career as a child actress on Australian television, she achieved recognition through her role in the television soap opera Neighbours, before commencing...

 performing her debut concert in the Middle East alongside Lebanese singer Nawal Al Zoghbi, a light display that was illuminated onto the hotel and a total of 100,000 fireworks, around seven times the amount that were used for the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which only lasted around fifteen minutes but cost around $16M.

The display of spectacular fireworks
Fireworks are a class of explosive pyrotechnic devices used for aesthetic and entertainment purposes. The most common use of a firework is as part of a fireworks display. A fireworks event is a display of the effects produced by firework devices...

 across the full 5 kilometers stretch of Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah
The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago created using land reclamation by Nakheel, a company owned by the Dubai government in United Arab Emirates. It is one of three islands called the Palm Islands which extend into the Persian Gulf, increasing Dubai’s shoreline by a total of...

, lit up the entire island and Atlantis resort, creating a display visible from space. Custom-made shells shipped in from across the globe, created a light spectacle taking off from the 716 firing locations around the island
An island or isle is any piece of sub-continental land that is surrounded by water. Very small islands such as emergent land features on atolls can be called islets, cays or keys. An island in a river or lake may be called an eyot , or holm...

, including 400 balconies at the resort.

Popular culture

A task in the 6th leg of The Amazing Race 15
The Amazing Race 15
The Amazing Race 15 is the fifteenth installment of the reality television show The Amazing Race. The Amazing Race 15 featured 12 teams of two, with a pre-existing relationship, in a race around the world....

 took place at its water park. All 14 team members had to slide down the resort's Leap of Faith water slide, which dropped them along 200 ft and 90 ft down an 84° incline and through a tunnel beneath the aquarium's shark lagoon. After retrieving the clue at the bottom of the exit pool, teams had to search the water park for a beach located near a lagoon, which was the sixth pit stop in the race. However, only 13 team members made it down the slide, as one of the team members (Mika) was afraid of heights and water, and she and Canaan were eliminated. In 2009, an episode of The X Factor
The X Factor (UK)
The X Factor is a British television music competition to find new singing talent. Created by Simon Cowell, it began in September 2004 and is contested by aspiring singers drawn from public auditions. It is the originator of the international X Factor franchise. The seven series of the show to date...

 was partially filmed at the hotel, with Dannii Minogue
Dannii Minogue
Danielle Jane "Dannii" Minogue is an Australian singer-songwriter, actress, television personality, radio personality, fashion designer and model...

 using it to choose which female contestants joined her in the live shows. In the video game Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is an installment of the Ace Combat arcade combat flight video game series developed by Project Aces and published by Namco Bandai for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. -Plot:...

, mission 7 (Power Play) takes place in Dubai, in which one can fly through the hotel gates to get the achievement "Checking In". The achievement will give 10 Gamerscore Points to the player on Xbox 360 and a Bronze Trophy on PS3.

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