Ariarathes III of Cappadocia

Ariarathes III of Cappadocia

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Ariarathes III son of Ariamnes
Ariamnes of Cappadocia
Ariamnes II , ruler and king of Cappadocia, succeeded his father Ariarathes II. He was fond of his children, and shared his crown with his son Ariarathes III in his lifetime...

, ruler of Cappadocia
Cappadocia is a historical region in Central Anatolia, largely in Nevşehir Province.In the time of Herodotus, the Cappadocians were reported as occupying the whole region from Mount Taurus to the vicinity of the Euxine...

, and grandson of Ariarathes II
Ariarathes II of Cappadocia
Ariarathes II , satrap and king of Cappadocia, son of Holophernes, fled into Armenia after the death of his uncle and adopted father Ariarathes I, ruler of Cappadocia. After the death of Eumenes he recovered Cappadocia with the assistance of Ardoates, the Armenian king, and killed Amyntas, the...

, married Stratonice
Stratonice of Cappadocia
For other persons with the same name, see StratoniceStratonice was a Syrian Greek Princess of the Seleucid Empire. Stratonice was of Greek Macedonian and Persian descent. She was one of the daughters born to the Seleucid Monarchs Antiochus II Theos and Laodice I...

, a daughter of Antiochus II
Antiochus II Theos
Antiochus II Theos was a king of the Hellenistic Seleucid Kingdom who reigned 261 BC – 246 BC). He succeeded his father Antiochus I Soter in the winter of 262–61 BC...

, king of Syria
Seleucid Empire
The Seleucid Empire was a Greek-Macedonian state that was created out of the eastern conquests of Alexander the Great. At the height of its power, it included central Anatolia, the Levant, Mesopotamia, Persia, today's Turkmenistan, Pamir and parts of Pakistan.The Seleucid Empire was a major centre...

 and wife Laodice I
Laodice I
Laodice I was an Anatolian noblewoman who was a close relative of the early Seleucid Dynasty and was the first wife of the Seleucid Greek King Antiochus II Theos. -Family Background:...

, and obtained a share in the government during the life-time of his father. About 250 BC he was the first ruler of Cappadocia to proclaim himself king (basileus
Basileus is a Greek term and title that has signified various types of monarchs in history. It is perhaps best known in English as a title used by the Byzantine Emperors, but also has a longer history of use for persons of authority and sovereigns in ancient Greece, as well as for the kings of...

). It is known that he sided with Antiochus Hierax
Antiochus Hierax
Antiochus Hierax , or Antiochus III, , so called from his grasping and ambitious character, was the younger son of Antiochus II and Laodice I and separatist leader in the Hellenistic Seleucid kingdom, who ruled as king of Syria during his brother's reign.On the death of his father, in 246 BCE,...

 in his war against Seleucus II Callinicus
Seleucus II Callinicus
Seleucus II Callinicus or Pogon , was a ruler of the Hellenistic Seleucid Empire, who reigned from 246 to 225 BC...

. Ariarathes is also said to have expanded his kingdom adding Cataonia
Cataonia was one of the divisions of ancient Cappadocia.It is described by Strabo, who had visited it, as a level plain surrounded by mountains: on the south by the Amanus, and on the west by the Antitaurus, which branches off from the Cilician Taurus and contains deep narrow valleys Cataonia was...

to his dominions. By his marriage he was the father of Ariarathes IV.