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Argonaut may refer to:
  • Argonaut (animal)
    Argonaut (animal)
    The argonauts are a group of pelagic octopuses. They are also called paper nautiluses, referring to the paper-thin eggcase that females secrete...

    , a kind of octopus in the genus Argonauta
  • Jason and the Argonauts
    The Argonauts ) were a band of heroes in Greek mythology who, in the years before the Trojan War, accompanied Jason to Colchis in his quest to find the Golden Fleece. Their name comes from their ship, the Argo, which was named after its builder, Argus. "Argonauts", therefore, literally means...

    , sailors in Greek mythology
  • Argonauts of Saint Nicholas, a military order in Naples
  • Argonaut Conference, the codename for The Yalta Conference, 1945 wartime meeting between Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin
  • a person who took part in the California Gold Rush
    California Gold Rush
    The California Gold Rush began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California. The first to hear confirmed information of the gold rush were the people in Oregon, the Sandwich Islands , and Latin America, who were the first to start flocking to...

In transportation:
  • Argonaut (submarine)
    Argonaut (submarine)
    The Argonaut was a class of submarines built by engineer Simon Lake. When used without clarification generally refers to the second built and larger one launched in 1897 at Baltimore. She was long, cigar shaped and built of steel. She had a gas engine and propeller, dynamo, searchlight, and pumps...

    , a class of submarines built by engineer Simon Lake, name of two submarines of the United States Navy
  • HMS Argonaut
    HMS Argonaut
    Four ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Argonaut after the Argonauts of Greek mythology: was a 64-gun third-rate, originally the French ship Jason, captured in 1782 in the West Indies and broken up in 1831. was a Diadem-class armoured cruiser launched in 1898 and broken up in 1921. was a...

    , name given to four ships of the Royal Navy
  • French ship Argonaute
    French ship Argonaute
    A large number of ships of the French Navy have borne the name Argonaute in honour of the mythological navigators argonauts. Among them:* Argonaute , a 50-gun ship of the line, personal ship of Emmanuel-Auguste de Cahideuc, Comte Dubois de la Motte* Argonaute , a 46-gun ship of the line, lead ship...

    , name of various French vessels
  • Argonaut (train), train operated between Los Angeles and New Orleans
  • C4 Argonaut, a variant of the Canadair North Star
    Canadair North Star
    The Canadair North Star was a 1940s Canadian development of the Douglas C-54 / DC-4 aircraft. Instead of radial piston engines found on the Douglas design, Canadair employed Rolls-Royce Merlin engines in order to achieve a 35 mph faster cruising speed. The prototype flew on 15 July 1946 and...

  • Argonaut (automobile)
    Argonaut (automobile)
    The Argonaut was an American automobile manufactured from 1959 to 1963, or at least the company is listed as being in existence during those years. The Argonaut Motor Machine Corporation was based in Cleveland, Ohio. The company's president was Richard S...

    , an American automobile manufactured from 1959 to 1963

  • Argonaut Games
    Argonaut Games
    Argonaut Games plc was a British video game developer. Founded as Argonaut Software by teenager Jez San in 1982 the company name is a play on his name and the movie title Jason and the Argonauts. It had its head offices in Edgware, London....

    , a British video game company
  • Argonaut Mine
    Argonaut Mine
    The Argonaut Mine is a gold mine in Jackson, California, United States. It was discovered in 1850 and was the site of the worst gold-mining disaster in the state's history. The mine closed in 1942 and, along with the nearby Kennedy Mine, is registered as California Historical Landmark #786.It was...

    , a defunct gold mine in Jackson, California

  • Argonaut class reactor
    Argonaut class reactor
    The Argonaut class reactor is a design of small nuclear research reactor. Many have been built throughout the world, over a wide range of power levels...

    , a type of small nuclear research reactor
  • Toronto Argonauts
    Toronto Argonauts
    The Toronto Argonauts are a professional Canadian football team competing in the East Division of the Canadian Football League. The Toronto, Ontario based team was founded in 1873 and is one of the oldest existing professional sports teams in North America, after the Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta...

    , a team in the Canadian Football League
  • Argonaut Rowing Club
    Argonaut Rowing Club
    The Argonaut Rowing Club is an amateur rowing club in Toronto, Ontario. It is located on Lake Ontario at the foot of Dowling Avenue, south of Lake Shore Boulevard West, west of Exhibition Place. The club was founded in 1872...

    , a rowing club in Toronto, Ontario
  • Argonaute
    Argonaute proteins are the catalytic components of the RNA-induced silencing complex , the protein complex responsible for the gene silencing phenomenon known as RNA interference . Argonaute proteins bind different classes of small non-coding RNAs, including microRNAs , small interfering RNAs and...

     proteins, catalytic components of the complex that mediates RNA interference
  • Argonaut Island, real name Ulleungdo
    Ulleungdo is a South Korean island in the Sea of Japan . Formerly known as Dagelet to the Europeans, Ulleungdo is about 120 km east of the Korean Peninsula...

    , a South Korean island
  • The Argonaut
    The Argonaut
    The Argonaut was a literary journal based in San Francisco, California that ran from 1877 to 1893, founded and published by Frank M. Pixley. The magazine was known for containing strong political Americanism combined with art and literature...

    , a San Franciscan literary journal
  • Argonaut Building
    Argonaut Building
    The Argonaut Building, renamed in 2009 the A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education , is a large office building located in the New Center area of Detroit, Michigan. The building is located at 485 West Milwaukee Avenue, and is located across the street from Cadillac Place...

    , an office building in Detroit, Michigan
  • Mission Argonaut Loudspeaker, produced by UK audio manufacturer Mission Electronics
  • "Argonaut", code name assigned to Ron "Captain Clarinet" Peterson in the comic book series PS238
    PS238 is a comic book that follows the lives of both teachers and students at an elementary school for children with super powers, which the comic calls metaprodigies. Issue #0 was published in November 2002. PS238 is written and drawn by Aaron Williams and published by Do Gooder Press. Until...