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Aneta (album)

Aneta (album)

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Aneta is an album by popular Greek singer Irini Merkouri that was released in Greece in 2005 by Sony BMG Greece. It includes 7 new tracks along with Merkouri's greatest hits to date.

Track listing

  1. "Aneta"
  2. "Mazi Den Kanoume Ke Horia De Boroume" (Tzini Magiko)
  3. "Thelo Gia Mia Stigmi"
  4. "Mia Kardia"
  5. "Tha Sou To Filao"
  6. "Ela Edo Kardia Mou"
  7. "Kati Eho Pathi Me Ta Matia Sou"
  8. "Ematha Na Zo Horis Esena"
  9. "Meine Mazi Mou Apopse"
  10. "Dio Mas" (featuring Antonis Remos
    Antonis Remos
    Antonis Remos , is a Greek laïko singer.-Early life:Antonis Remos was born in Düsseldorf, West Germany. He was raised there by his Greek parents, and later his family moved back to their native Thessaloniki, Greece, where he finished school. During his childhood he got involved with music and...

  11. "Foties Anapste"
  12. "Krata Me Ksana"
  13. "Osa Ferni I Ora" (featuring Kostas Doxas)
  14. "Pou Na Fantasto"
  15. "Palirroia"
  16. "Syntelia"
  17. "Agapi Mou Esi" (featuring Sarbel
    Sarbel Michael known professionally as Sarbel, is a Greek Cypriot pop singer of partial Cypriot and Lebanese ancestry. He is well known in Cyprus, Greece and parts of the Arab world for his debut single, "Se pira sovara", and his subsequent albums Parakseno sinesthima, Sahara and Kati san esena...

  18. "Ki An Tora De Thimase"
  19. "Agie Mou Vasili" (Bonus Track)