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'''Analamanga''' is a region in [[Madagascar]], containing the capital [[Antananarivo]] and surrounding metropolitan area. Analamanga means "blue forest". It's also an older name for Antananarivo. *Capital: [[Antananarivo]]-Renivohitra. *Area: 17,445 km² *Population: 2,650,000 *Population density: 138/km² *Chief: Pierre Manganirina Randrianarisoa The region extends mainly into the North of the capital. It is bordered by Betsiboka (North), Bongolava and Itasy (West), Alaotra Mangoro (East) and [[Vakinankaratra]] (South). The region is divided into 8 districts and 134 communes: ==Districts== * [[Ambohidratrimo]] * [[Andramasina]] * [[Anjozorobe]] * [[Ankazobe]] * [[Antananarivo-Renivohitra]] * [[Antananarivo-Atsimondrano]] * [[Antananarivo-Avaradrano]] * [[Manjakandriana]] ==External links== * [http://www.mairies-madagascar.info/Doc/Analamanga/PRD_ver_6.pdf Plan Régional de Développement, Région Analamanga] with a presentation (in French). {{coord missing|Madagascar}}