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Al-Suwaiq is an Omani football club
Football clubs of Oman
The Sultanate of Oman has had a relatively long history of football clubs dating back to the 1940s. The oldest club still surviving to date in the Sultanate is Oman Club which was established in 1942. Many clubs have also experienced mergers such as Muscat, and Seeb...

 based in Oman
Oman , officially called the Sultanate of Oman , is an Arab state in southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by the United Arab Emirates to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Yemen to the southwest. The coast is formed by the Arabian Sea on the...

. It was founded in 1970.

Performance in AFC competitions

  • AFC Cup
    AFC Cup
    The AFC Cup is an annual international association football competition between domestic clubs sides run by the Asian Football Confederation . Qualification to the competition is to clubs from AFC-affiliated countries which fall into the AFC's 'developing nations' category as laid out in their...

    : 2 appearances
AFC Cup 2009
The 2009 AFC Cup was the 6th season of the AFC Cup and is competed among clubs from nations who are members of the Asian Football Confederation....

: Group Stage
2011: Group Stage

Notable players

Lionardo Zaid Jaber Mahmoud Za'tara Hassan Rabia
Hassan Rabia
Hassan Rabia Al-Housni is an Omani football striker. He currently plays for Al-Suwaiq and Oman national football team.In the past year or two, Hassan has played a vital role in the national team as well as with his club...

 Francis Kasonde
Francis Kasonde
Francis Kasonde , is a Zambian football defender. He is currently contracted with Power Dynamos F.C..-Career:Kasonde has played for Power Dynamos FC in Kitwe, Zambia and Omani side Al-Suwaiq...

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