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Afrika may refer to:
  • Africa
    Africa is the world's second largest and second most populous continent, after Asia. At about 30.2 million km² including adjacent islands, it covers 6% of the Earth's total surface area and 20.4% of the total land area...

    , the continent
  • Afrika (video game), a video game for the PlayStation 3
  • Afrika Bambaataa
    Afrika Bambaataa
    Afrika Bambaataa is an American DJ from the South Bronx, New York who was instrumental in the early development of hip hop throughout the 1980s. Afrika Bambaataa is one of the three originators of break-beat deejaying, and is respectfully known as the "Grandfather" and the Amen Ra of Universal...

    , a hip hop artist
  • Afrikan Boy
    Afrikan Boy
    Olushola Ajose, better known by his stage name Afrikan Boy is a grime MC from Woolwich, London, England, originally from Nigeria. He made a guest appearance on the track "Hussel" from the M.I.A. album Kala, and is one of the initial artists M.I.A. wanted signed to her label in 2007, then titled...

    , an Afro-beat-grime artist
  • The Afrika Korps
    Afrika Korps
    The German Africa Corps , or the Afrika Korps as it was popularly called, was the German expeditionary force in Libya and Tunisia during the North African Campaign of World War II...

    , a German Army during World War II
  • Afrika (Sergei Bugaev)
    Afrika (Sergei Bugaev)
    Afrika is a Russian artist.He was born in Novorossiysk, on the Black Sea, and in the early 1980s moved to Saint Petersburg, where he met and became friends with leaders of the art scene there, such as the painter Timur Novikov and musician Boris Grebenshchikov...

    , a Russian artist
  • "Afrika" (song)
    Afrika (song)
    "Afrika" is a B-side song of the third single by Serbian new wave band Električni Orgazam and the second single from the Lišće prekriva Lisabon album. The lead vocals on the track were done by Ljubomir Đukić...

  • It Began in Afrika
    It Began in Afrika
    "It Began in Afrika" is the first single from The Chemical Brothers' fourth album Come with Us. Originally named "Electronic Battle Weapon 5" to DJs, "It Began In Afrika" became a hit in clubs and was renamed. The song contains a sample from the track "Drumbeat" from Jim Ingram.The Chemical...

    , a song by The Chemical Brothers
  • Tatamkulu Afrika
    Tatamkulu Afrika
    Tatamkulu Afrika was a South African poet and writer.-Writing:...

    , a South African poet and writer
  • A.F.R.I.K.A.
    A.F.R.I.K.A. is a 2002 South Korean film in the action comedy genre, directed by Shin Seung-soo and starring Lee Yo-won, Kim Min-sun, Lee Young-jin and Cho Eun-ji...

    , a 2002 South Korean film
  • Afrika, a style of jackets and leggings from M.I.A.'s 2008 "Okley Run" fashion line
  • Cecil Afrika
    Cecil Afrika
    Cecil Afrika is a South African rugby union player. He is currently part of the South African sevens team where he plays at Flyhalf.-Career:Afrika represented the South African Schoolboys in 2006...

    (born 1988), South African rugby player