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Afghan Wireless is a cellular network
Cellular network
A cellular network is a radio network distributed over land areas called cells, each served by at least one fixed-location transceiver known as a cell site or base station. When joined together these cells provide radio coverage over a wide geographic area...

 provider in Afghanistan
Afghanistan , officially the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, is a landlocked country located in the centre of Asia, forming South Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East. With a population of about 29 million, it has an area of , making it the 42nd most populous and 41st largest nation in the world...

 which was launched on 13 November 2002 by Ehsan Bayat
Ehsan Bayat
Ehsan Bayat is an Afghan business entrepreneur from the New York metropolitan area. He is an ethnic Qizilbash originally from Ghazni, Afghanistan. In 1979 or 1980, he went to the United States and obtained a bachelor degree in engineering. His family was influential in the commercial section of...

. It is a joint venture business between Telephone Systems International
Telephone Systems International
Telephone Systems International is a U.S.-based provider of international telecommunications services founded by Afghan-American entrepreneur Ehsan Bayat. TSI operates the Afghan Wireless Communication Company in a joint venture with the Afghan Ministry of Communications....

 in the United States
United States
The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district...

 and the Afghan Ministry of Communications
Afghan Ministry of Communications
The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology is an organ of the government of Afghanistan. Current communications minister is Amirzai Sangin....

. Afghan Wireless signed a 15 year-contract with the Afghan Ministry of Communications, which has a 20% stake in Afghan Wireless. Some services were taken over by Ertebat
Ertebat is an Afghan cellular service provider. The company doesn't serve Afghanistan, but it only connects the country internationally. It is available throughout the USA, Canada, the UK, and Australia....

 in 2009, but has returned. Some services are provided by both companies as partners.

The company provides GSM services in the four major cities of Afghanistan, including Kabul
Kabul , spelt Caubul in some classic literatures, is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan. It is also the capital of the Kabul Province, located in the eastern section of Afghanistan...

, Kandahar
Kandahar is the second largest city in Afghanistan, with a population of about 512,200 as of 2011. It is the capital of Kandahar Province, located in the south of the country at about 1,005 m above sea level...

, Herat
Herāt is the capital of Herat province in Afghanistan. It is the third largest city of Afghanistan, with a population of about 397,456 as of 2006. It is situated in the valley of the Hari River, which flows from the mountains of central Afghanistan to the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan...

, and Mazar-i-Sharif.