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A-Sides (disambiguation)

A-Sides (disambiguation)

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A-Sides may refer to:
In music:
  • An A-side and B-side
    A-side and B-side
    A-side and B-side originally referred to the two sides of gramophone records on which singles were released beginning in the 1950s. The terms have come to refer to the types of song conventionally placed on each side of the record, with the A-side being the featured song , while the B-side, or...

    , the featured song of a (music) single
  • 458489 A sides, a 1990 The Fall compilation album
  • A-Sides
    A-Sides is a compilation album by the American rock band Soundgarden with songs spanning the band's thirteen year career. It was released on November 4, 1997 through A&M Records.-Overview:...

    , a 1997 Soundgarden compilation album
  • The A-Sides
    The A-Sides
    The A-Sides were an American indie rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They formed in 2002 and consisted of Jon Barthmus , Charlie Cottone , Christopher Doyle , Mike "Flem" Fleming , and Patrick "Party Todd" Marsceill...

    , a 2000s indie rock band