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Blanc or le Blanc is a surname of French origin, meaning White. Bearers of the name include the following.* Antoine Blanc, first Archbishop of New Orleans* Antoine le Blanc , French immigrant to the United States, celebrated murderer

Blancas is a municipality located in the province of Teruel, Aragon, Spain. According to the 2004 census , the municipality has a population of 171 inhabitants.

Blanch or blanching may refer to:*Blanch , a temporary whitening of the skin due to transient ischemia*Blanching , cooking briefly in boiling water*Blanching , a method used to whiten metal

Blanch (medical)
When skin is blanched, it takes on a whitish appearance as blood flow to the region is prevented. This occurs during and is the basis of the physiologic test known as diascopy.

Bland may refer to:Places:*Bland, Missouri, a US city*Bland, Virginia, a US unincorporated community*Division of Bland, a former Australian Electoral DivisionPeople with the surname Bland:*Bland *The Baronets Bland of Kippax, Yorkshire

Bland (surname)
Bland is a surname. Notable persons with that surname include:*Alexander Bland, Wales international rugby player*Bill Bland, a British communist*Bobby Bland, American singer*Christopher Bland, British politician*Colin Bland, Rhodesian cricketer

Blanda (city)
Blanda , and later Blanda Julia, was an ancient city of Lucania, mentioned by Ptolemy among the inland towns of that province; but placed both by Pliny and Mela on or near the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea

Blanda (disambiguation)
Blanda is the name of:*Blanda, a river in Iceland*Blanda , an ancient city in Lucania, Italy*George Blanda, an American football playerBlanda may also refer to:*Blanes , a city in Girona, Spain

Blank may refer to:*Blank, a space where there is nothing at all.*Blank , a thick, shaped stone biface of suitable size and configuration for refining into a stone tool

Blank (surname)
The surname Blank may refer to one of the following people.* Amanda Blank, an American rapper and singer* Arthur Blank, an American businessman and a co-founder of Home Depot

Blank verse
Blank verse is poetry written in unrhymed iambic pentameter. It has been described as "probably the most common and influential form that English poetry has taken since the sixteenth century" and Paul Fussell has claimed that "about three-quarters of all English poetry is in blank verse."The first documented use of blank verse in the English language was by Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

A blanket is a type of bedding, generally speaking, a large piece of cloth, intended to keep the user warm, especially while sleeping. Blankets are distinguished from sheets by their thickness and purpose; the thickest sheet is still thinner than the lightest blanket. Blankets are generally used for warmth, while sheets are for hygiene, comfort and aesthetics

Blanket (disambiguation)
A blanket is a large, usually rectangular piece of thick bedding material.Blanket may also refer to:-Types of blanket:* Afghan blanket, a colored wool knitted or crocheted in geometric shapes* Blanket sleeper, a one-piece, footed sleeping garment

Blanket stitch
The blanket stitch is a stitch used to reinforce the edge of thick materials. Depending on circumstances, it may also be called a whip stitch or a crochet stitch. It is defined as "A decorative stitch used to finish an unhemmed blanket

Blankets may refer to:* Blankets , a graphic novel by Craig Thompson.* Blankets , an accompaniment to aforementioned novel from Tracker, an American indie rock act* Plural of Blanket

In raster scan equipment an image is built up by scanning an electron beam from left to right across a screen to produce a visible trace of one scan line, reducing the brightness of the beam to zero moving it back as fast as possible to the left of the screen at a slightly lower position , restoring the brightness, and continuing until all the lines

Blanking and piercing
Blanking and piercing are shearing processes in which a punch and die are used to modify webs. The tooling and processes are the same between the two, only the terminology is different: in blanking the punched out piece is used and called a blank; in piercing the punched out piece is scrap.-Types:There are various types of blanking and piercing: lancing, perforating,

Blanquette is a term which means "white" and which may refer to:*A synonym for the name of various white grape varieties**In the southwest of France, alternatively Bourboulenc, Clairette, Graisse, Mauzac and Ondenc**In other parts of France, Colombard

Blarney is a town and townland in County Cork, Ireland. It lies north-west of Cork and is famed as the site of Blarney Castle, home of the legendary Blarney Stone.-Tourism:Blarney town is a major tourist attraction in County Cork

Blarney Stone
The Blarney Stone is a block of bluestone built into the battlements of Blarney Castle, Blarney, about from Cork, Ireland. According to legend, kissing the stone endows the kisser with the gift of the gab . The stone was set into a tower of the castle in 1446

Blasphemy is the disrespectful use of the name of one or more gods.Blasphemer may also refer to:* "Blasphemer", the stage name of Rune Eriksen, a Norwegian guitarist formerly of the black metal group Mayhem.

Blasphemy is irreverence towards religious or holy persons or things. Some countries have laws to punish blasphemy, while others have laws to give recourse to those who are offended by blasphemy

Blasphemy (disambiguation)
Blasphemy is the disrespectful use of the name of one or more gods.Blasphemy may also refer to:* Blasphemy , a black metal band* Blasphemy , an album by Latvian black metal band Dark Domination

Blast or The Blast may refer to:*Explosion, a rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner*Detonation, an exothermic front accelerating through a medium that eventually drives a shock front-Film:

In bioinformatics, Basic Local Alignment Search Tool, or BLAST, is an algorithm for comparing primary biological sequence information, such as the amino-acid sequences of different proteins or the nucleotides of DNA sequences

Blasted is the first play by British author Sarah Kane. It was first performed in 1995 at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs in London. This performance was highly controversial and the play was fiercely attacked by most newspaper critics, many of whom regarded it as a rather immature attempt to shock the audience

Blasto (arcade game)
Blasto is a 1978 arcade game by Gremlin. The player controls a spaceship and must maneuver it through a mine field. The player tries to beat the clock to destroy all the mines

Blastobasis is the type genus of the gelechioid moth family Blastobasidae; in some arrangements these are placed in the case-bearer family as a subfamily

-In amniotes:A blastoderm is the layer of cells formed at one pole of macrolecithal eggs such as the yolky egg of birds. The yolk prevents the division from taking place through the egg, resulting in meroblastic cleavage during the many cleavage divisions

Blat or BLAT may refer to:* Blat , a form of corruption in Russia and the Soviet Union* Blat , a term denoting a fixed match in Romanian football

BLAT (bioinformatics)
Analyzing vertebrate genomes requires rapid mRNA/DNA and cross-species protein alignments.BLAT is a software program developed by Jim Kent at UCSC to identify similarities between DNA sequences and protein sequences. It was developed to assist in the annotation of the human genome sequence

Blat (Russia)
Blat is a term which appeared in the Soviet Union to denote the use of informal agreements, exchanges of services, connections, Party contacts, or black market deals to achieve results or get ahead.

Blatta is a genus of cockroach.- External Links :*

Blatta (disambiguation)
Blatta may refer to:*Blatta, genus of cockroach*Blatta or Blata in Ethiopian aristocratic and court titles

Blatter is a surname and may refer to:* Ethelbert Blatter , Swiss Jesuit priest and botanist* Heinz Blatter , Swiss ski mountaineer* Joseph "Sepp" Blatter , current president of FIFA* Silvio Blatter , Swiss writer

Blau (Danube)
The Blau is a 15 km long river in Baden-Württemberg, southern Germany, and a left tributary of the Danube. The source of the Blau is the karst spring of Blautopf, in the town Blaubeuren, in the Swabian Jura. It flows east through Blaustein to the city of Ulm, where it empties into the Danube.- Blau valley :The valley of the Blau was formed by the Danube

- Music :* Blaze Bayley, former Wolfsbane and Iron Maiden vocalist** Blaze Bayley , his current band, formerly known as Blaze* Blaze , an electronica band formed in 1984 in New Jersey, USA

Blaze (dinghy)
The Blaze was designed in the mid-90's by Ian Howlett, one time International 14 designer and associated with Americas Cup design work and John Caig, winner of Fireball Worlds. It is a powerful winged single-hander with well-developed 10 m sail

Blaze (film)
Blaze is a 1989 film written and directed by Ron Shelton. Based on the 1974 memoir Blaze Starr: My Life as Told to Huey Perry by Blaze Starr and Huey Perry, the film stars Paul Newman as Earl Long and Lolita Davidovich as Blaze Starr, with Starr herself appearing in a cameo.-Plot:The movie tells the highly-fictionalized story of the latter years of Earl Long, a flamboyant

Blaze (Herman's Hermits album)
Bonus Tracks # "Sleepy Joe"# "Just One Girl"# "London Look"# "Sunshine Girl"# "Nobody Needs to Know"# "Something's Happening"# "The Most Beautiful Thing in My Life"# "Ooh! She's Done It Again"# "My Sentimental Friend"# "My Lady"

Blaze (Jpop band)
Blaze is the name of Japanese hard rock band that first premiered in 1975. The band consists of Ike , Shige , Nobu , Sam , & Jack . The band is currently known by Yu-Gi-Oh! fans for their song "Fire" which was used as the closing theme for the Japanese release of the Yu-Gi-Oh! film Pyramid of Light.

Blaze (novel)
Blaze is a crime novel by Stephen King, published under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman. King announced on his website that he "found it" in an attic. In fact it was written before Carrie and King offered the original draft of the novel to his Doubleday publishers at the same time as Salem's Lot

Blaze (song)
"BLAZE" is Kotoko's eleventh maxi single produced by I've Sound under the Geneon Entertainment label. The single was released on March 12, 2008. The title track was used as the second intro theme for the anime series Shakugan no Shana Second starting episode 16 which aired on January 31, 2008. The B-side "Sociometry" was used as the ending theme for Shakugan no Shana Second

A blazer is a type of jacket. The term blazer occasionally is synonymous with boating jacket and sports jacket, two different garments. A blazer resembles a suit coat cut more casually — sometimes with flap-less patch pockets and metal buttons. A blazer's cloth is usually durable , because it is an outdoor sports jacket

In heraldry and heraldic vexillology, a blazon is a formal description of a coat of arms, flag or similar emblem, from which the reader can reconstruct the appropriate image

Bleach (British band)
Bleach were an indie rock band from Ipswich, England, usually considered part of the shoegazing genre. The band was formed in 1989 by brothers Neil and Nick Singleton together with drummer Steve Scott and vocalist Salli Carson. Their first release was the Eclipse EP in 1990, followed in 1991 by the Snag EP

Bleach (short film)
Bleach is a 30 minute sci-fi thriller about memory-suppressing drugs. The short film, directed by Bill Platt, won the Directors Guild of America Student Film Award, as well as the gold medal in the narrative category of the 25th Annual Student Academy Awards. The film also played at the 1998 Sundance film festival.

Bleachers is an American term used to describe the raised, tiered rows of seats found at sports fields or at other spectator events

The common bleak is a small pelagic fish of the Cyprinid family. It is often referred to simply as a "bleak", though this term can refer to any species of Alburnus.-Description:

Bleak may refer to:* a kind of fish** Common Bleak** Danube Bleak** Italian Bleak* Bleak * David B. Bleak* A song by Opeth on the Blackwater Park album

Bleb may refer to:* Bleb , an irregular bulge in the plasma membrane of a cell* Bleb , a large blister filled with serous fluid* Bleb , a small bubble-like inclusion of one mineral within a larger mineral

Bleb (cell biology)
In cell biology, a bleb is an irregular bulge in the plasma membrane of a cell caused by localized decoupling of the cytoskeleton from the plasma membrane

Bleed may refer to:*Bleeding, the loss of blood*Bleed *Ink bleeding*Bleed *Bleed *Bleed *Bleed , a 2002 horror film

Bleed (film)
Bleed is a 2002 direct-to-DVD horror film starring Debbie Rochon, Danny Wolske, Brinke Stevens, Julie Strain, Lloyd Kaufman, Orly Tepper, Ronnie Gene Blevins and Allen Nabors. Directed by Dennis Petersen and Devin Hamilton.-Plot:The film begins on a cold night. Two men are dressed-up as a nun and a hooker

Bleeders (Album)
Bleeders is the second full-length studio album by New Zealand band, the Bleeders.-Track listing:#"The Black Widow Creeps" – 3:39#"No Hope Left" – 3:56#"Stay Away" - 2:54#"Inside Your Head" - 2:43#"The Price We Pay" - 3:25

Bleeders (film)
Bleeders is a horror movie released in 1997, based on H. P. Lovecraft's story "The Lurking Fear".-Plot:John and Kathleen Strauss are a couple attempting to uncover the secret to John's rare blood disease. Along the way, they encounter Dr. Marlowe , who is intrigued by the case

Bleeding, technically known as hemorrhaging or haemorrhaging is the loss of blood or blood escape from the circulatory system

Bleeding (album)
Bleeding was Psychotic Waltz's fourth and final studio album, released in 1996. In 2004, Metal Blade Records reissued Bleeding in a box set also containing the band's second album Into the Everflow and a bonus CD containing demos

Bleeding (disambiguation)
Bleeding usually means the loss of blood from the body.Bleeding, or bleed, may also refer to:*"Bleeding the patient", or bloodletting, the ancient, actually harmful practice of withdrawing a large amount of blood from a patient in an attempt to cure a disease*The presence of surface water on concrete*Bleeding ** Bleeding *Bleed , a printing term for when an

Bleeding (song)
"Bleeding" is the debut single by Finnish band Lovex, released in 2005.

Bleeding heart
A bleeding heart is an informal label applied to someone regarded as excessively sympathetic, liberal in a political sense, or both. It is typically considered a derogatory remark

Bleeding Heart (album)
-Personnel:*Jimi Hendrix – electric guitar, vocals*Jim Morrison – vocals, screaming, harmonica*Unknown – bass guitar*Randy Zehringer – drums-External links:

Bleep may refer to:* Bleep sound, a noise, generally of a single tone, often generated by a machine** Bleep censor, the replacement of offensive language , or personal details with a beep sound*, an online digital music retailer

Bleep censor
A bleep censor is the replacement of profanity or classified information with a beep sound , in television or radio

Blemish may refer to:*A minor imperfection. For skin imperfection, see Acne vulgaris*Blemish a music album from David Sylvian released in 2003.*Blemish a Brazilian alternative rock band

Cartoon Network Philippines
Cartoon Network is a cable and satellite television channel created by Turner Broadcasting, a unit of Time Warner which primarily shows animated programming. The Philippine version is a branch of Cartoon Network Asia, broadcasting exclusively in the Philippines.

In Egyptian hieroglyphs, a cartouche is an ellipse with a horizontal line at one end, indicating that the text enclosed is a royal name, coming into use during the beginning of the Fourth Dynasty under Pharaoh Sneferu, replacing the earlier serekh

Carver (automobile)
The Carver is a tilting three wheeled vehicle using an automatic balancing technology to balance the passenger compartment under all conditions. The first commercial Carver product, the Carver One, was designed to seat two people, and manufactured and distributed by Carver Europe in the Netherlands

Cary, North Carolina
Cary is a large town and suburb of Raleigh, North Carolina in Wake and Chatham counties in the U.S. state of North Carolina. Located almost entirely in Wake County, it is the second largest municipality in that county and the third largest municipality in The Triangle after Raleigh and Durham

A caryatid is a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or a pillar supporting an entablature on her head. The Greek term karyatides literally means "maidens of Karyai", an ancient town of Peloponnese

Caryophyllales is an order of flowering plants that includes the cacti, carnations, amaranths, ice plants, and many carnivorous plants. Many members are succulent, having fleshy stems or leaves.-Description:

Caryopteris is a genus of 16 species of flowering plants in the family Lamiaceae , native to eastern and southern Asia.

CASA C.212 Aviocar
The CASA C-212 Aviocar is a turboprop-powered STOL medium transport aircraft designed and built in Spain for civil and military use. C-212s are also produced under licence in Indonesia by Indonesian Aerospace, formerly called IPTN but now known as IAe

The CASA/IPTN CN-235 is a medium-range twin-engined transport plane that was jointly developed by CASA of Spain and IPTN of Indonesia as a regional airliner and military transport. Its primary military roles include maritime patrol, surveillance, and air transport

Casablanca is a city in western Morocco, located on the Atlantic Ocean. It is the capital of the Grand Casablanca region.Casablanca is Morocco's largest city as well as its chief port. It is also the biggest city in the Maghreb. The 2004 census recorded a population of 2,949,805 in the prefecture of Casablanca and 3,631,061 in the region of Grand Casablanca

Casablanca (film)
Casablanca is a 1942 American romantic drama film directed by Michael Curtiz, starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Paul Henreid, and featuring Claude Rains, Conrad Veidt, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre and Dooley Wilson. Set during World War II, it focuses on a man torn between, in the words of one character, love and virtue

Casanova (film)
Casanova is a 2005 American romantic film directed by Lasse Hallström starring Heath Ledger and loosely based on the life of Giacomo Casanova.-Plot:

Casca (series)
Casca is a series of paperback novels, created and written by author Barry Sadler in 1979. The stories revolve around the life of Casca Rufio Longinus, a soldier in the Roman legions who is cursed by Christ on Golgotha for driving a spear into him

Cascade Range
The Cascade Range is a major mountain range of western North America, extending from southern British Columbia through Washington and Oregon to Northern California. It includes both non-volcanic mountains, such as the North Cascades, and the notable volcanoes known as the High Cascades

Cascade reaction
A cascade reaction or tandem reaction or domino reaction is a consecutive series of intramolecular organic reactions which often proceed via highly reactive intermediates. It allows the organic synthesis of complex multinuclear molecules from a single acyclic precursor. The substrate contains many functional groups that take part in chemical transformations one at the time

Cascade Volcanoes
The Cascade Volcanoes are a number of volcanoes in a volcanic arc in western North America, extending from southwestern British Columbia through Washington and Oregon to Northern California, a distance of well over 700 mi 

Cascadia Community College
Cascadia Community College is an American community college located in Bothell, Washington on a shared campus with the University of Washington, Bothell

Cascadia earthquake
The 1700 Cascadia earthquake was a magnitude 8.7 to 9.2 megathrust earthquake that occurred in the Cascadia subduction zone on January 26, 1700. The earthquake involved the Juan de Fuca Plate underlying the Pacific Ocean, from mid-Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, south along the Pacific Northwest coast as far as northern California, USA

Cascading Style Sheets
Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language used to describe the presentation semantics of a document written in a markup language

Cascate del Serio
The Serio Falls are the tallest waterfall in Italy, and one of the major ones in Europe. They are located approximately 100 km from Milan, near the village of Valbondione, in the upper Valle Seriana, Province of Bergamo, Lombardy, Northern Italy.

Casco Bay Lines
Casco Bay Lines is a publicly run transportation company that services the residents of the islands of Casco Bay. These islands include Peaks Island, Little Diamond Island, Great Diamond Island, Diamond Cove, Long Island, Chebeague Island and Cliff Island.The company has a fleet of five vessels

Case Corporation
Case Corporation was a manufacturer of construction and agricultural equipment. In 1999 it merged with New Holland to form CNH Global, a Fiat Group division

Case IH
Case IH is an American mechanical company, one of the world’s largest brands of agricultural equipment. With headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin, it has a network of more than 4,000 dealers and distributors that operates in more than 160 countries

Case law
In law, case law is the set of reported judicial decisions of selected appellate courts and other courts of first instance which make new interpretations of the law and, therefore, can be cited as precedents in a process known as stare decisis

Casey Affleck
Caleb Casey McGuire Affleck-Boldt , better known as Casey Affleck, is an American actor and film director. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, he played supporting roles in mainstream hits like Good Will Hunting and Ocean's Eleven as well as in critically acclaimed independent films such as Chasing Amy

Cash Box magazine
Cashbox magazine was a weekly publication devoted to the music and coin-operated machine industries in the USA which was published from July 1942 to November 16, 1996

Cash Cab
Cash Cab is a TV game show devised by Adam Wood that originated in the United Kingdom and has been licensed to television networks in numerous other countries

Cash register
A cash register or till is a mechanical or electronic device for calculating and recording sales transactions, and an attached cash drawer for storing cash

The cashew is a tree in the family Anacardiaceae. Its English name derives from the Portuguese name for the fruit of the cashew tree, caju, which in turn derives from the indigenous Tupi name, acajú. It is now widely grown in tropical climates for its cashew nuts and cashew apples.-Etymology:The name Anacardium refers to the shape of the fruit, which looks like an

Cashier's check
A cashier's check is a check guaranteed by a bank. They are treated as guaranteed funds and are usually cleared the next day. It is the customer's right to request "next-day availability" when depositing a cashier's check in person

In modern English, a casino is a facility which houses and accommodates certain types of gambling activities. Casinos are most commonly built near or combined with hotels, restaurants, retail shopping, cruise ships or other tourist attractions

Cask ale
Cask ale or cask-conditioned beer is the term for unfiltered and unpasteurised beer which is conditioned and served from a cask without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide pressure

Caspian Tiger
The Caspian tiger, also known as the Turan tiger and Hyrcanian tiger, is an extinct tiger subspecies that has been recorded in the wild until the early 1970s, and used to inhabit the sparse forest habitats and riverine corridors west and south of the Caspian Sea, from Turkey, Iran and west through Central Asia into the Takla Makan desert of Xinjiang, China

Cass Ole
Cass Ole was a Texas bred Arabian stallion. Originally bred to be a show horse, he was National Champion in Arabian Western Pleasure in 1975, National Reserve Champion Arabian Ladies Side Saddle in 1976, and U.S. Top Ten Arabian English Pleasure in both 1975 and 1976

Cass Township, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
Cass Township is a township in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, United States. Formed in 1848 from part of Branch Township, it is named for Lewis Cass.-Geography:

Cassiel is the Latin name of an archangel in post-biblical Judeo-Christian religion, particularly that of the Kabbalah. Unlike many other angels, Cassiel is known for simply watching the events of the cosmos unfold with little interference

Cassiopeia (constellation)
Cassiopeia is a constellation in the northern sky, named after the vain queen Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, who boasted about her unrivalled beauty. Cassiopea was one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century Greek astronomer Ptolemy, and it remains one of the 88 modern constellations today

The cassock, an item of clerical clothing, is an ankle-length robe worn by clerics of the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Anglican Church, Lutheran Church and some ministers and ordained officers of Presbyterian and Reformed churches. Ankle-length garment is the meaning of the corresponding Latin term, vestis talaris

The cassowaries are ratites, very large flightless birds in the genus Casuarius native to the tropical forests of New Guinea, nearby islands and northeastern Australia. There are three extant species recognized today

Cast Away
Cast Away is a 2000 drama film directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks as a FedEx employee stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes in the South Pacific. The film depicts his successful attempts to survive on the island using remnants of his plane's cargo, as well as his eventual escape and return to society

Cast iron
Cast iron is derived from pig iron, and while it usually refers to gray iron, it also identifies a large group of ferrous alloys which solidify with a eutectic. The color of a fractured surface can be used to identify an alloy. White cast iron is named after its white surface when fractured, due to its carbide impurities which allow cracks to pass straight through

Cast iron cookware
Cast iron is used for cookware because it has excellent heat retention properties and can be produced and formed with a relatively low level of technology. Seasoning is used to protect bare cast iron from rust and to create a non-stick surface.-History:

A castaway is a person who is cast adrift or ashore. While the situation usually happens after a shipwreck, some people voluntarily stay behind on a deserted island, either to evade their captors or the world in general. Alternatively, a person or item can be cast away, meaning rejected or discarded

Castaway 2000
Castaway 2000 was a reality TV programme commissioned by the BBC in 2000.-The Concept:Castaway 2000 is a successful British television show that, because it was aired in the same year that Survivor first aired in the United States and Big Brother first aired in Great Britain, is often regarded as a reality show

Caste is an elaborate and complex social system that combines elements of endogamy, occupation, culture, social class, tribal affiliation and political power. It should not be confused with race or social class, e.g. members of different castes in one society may belong to the same race, as in India

Caste system in Kerala
The caste system in Kerala differed from that found in the rest of India. While the Indian caste system generally modelled the four-fold division of society into Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas and Shudras, in Kerala the Nambudiri Brahmins formed the priestly class and only rarely recognized anyone else as being other than Shudra

Castel Capuano
Castel Capuano is a castle in Naples, southern Italy. It takes its name from the fact that it was at that point in the city walls where the road led out to the city of Capua

Castel Gandolfo
Castel Gandolfo is a small Italian town or comune in Lazio that occupies a height overlooking Lake Albano about 15 miles south-east of Rome, on the Alban Hills. It is best known as the summer residence of the Pope. It is an Italian town with the population of 8834

Castell Coch
Castell Coch is a 19th-century Gothic Revival castle built on the remains of a genuine 13th-century fortification. It is situated on a steep hillside high above the village of Tongwynlais, to the north of Cardiff in Wales, and is a Grade I listed building as of 28 January 1963.Designed by William Burges, with an impressively medieval appearance, working portcullis and drawbridge, and

Castellammare del Golfo
Castellammare del Golfo is a town and comune in the Trapani Province of Sicily. The name is roughly translated "Sea- Fortress of the Gulf", deriving from the medieval fortress in the harbor

Castellammare di Stabia
Castellammare di Stabia is a comune in the province of Naples, Campania region, southern Italy. It is situated on the Bay of Naples about 30 kilometers southeast of Naples, on the route to Sorrento.-History:

Castello Estense
The Castle Estense or Castle of Saint Michele is a moated medieval structure in the center of Ferrara, northern Italy. It is a large block with four corner towers.- History :

-Places:Towns in Italy, many of which were simply called Castiglione prior to the unification of Italy in the 19th century:* Castiglion Fibocchi, in the province of Arezzo* Castiglion Fiorentino, in the province of Arezzo

Castiglione Cosentino
Castiglione Cosentino is a town and comune in the province of Cosenza in the Calabria region of southern Italy.

Casting out nines
Casting out nines is a sanity check to ensure that hand computations of sums, differences, products, and quotients of integers are correct. By looking at the digital roots of the inputs and outputs, the casting-out-nines method can help one check arithmetic calculations

Castle Air Force Base
Castle Air Force Base is a former United States Air Force Strategic Air Command base located northeast of Atwater, northwest of Merced and about east southeast of San Francisco, California.

Castle class corvette
The Castle-class corvettes were an updated version of the much more numerous Flower-class corvettes of the Royal Navy, and started appearing during late 1943

Castle Clinton
Castle Clinton or Fort Clinton, once known as Castle Garden, is a circular sandstone fort now located in Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan Island, New York City, in the United States. It is perhaps best remembered as America's first immigration station , where more than 8 million people arrived in the U.S. from 1855 to 1890

Castle Hill, Townsville
Castle Hill is an isolated pink granite monolith standing in the heart of the north Queensland city of Townsville. It rises to a height of some 286 metres above sea level and dominates the city skyline. It is one of the most distinctive natural features on the Queensland coast

Castle Vale
Castle Vale is a housing estate located near Erdington currently Castle Vale votes with Tyburn Ward which is part of Erdington constituency, northeast of Birmingham city centre in England

Castledawson is a village in County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. It is mostly within the townland of Shanemullagh , about four miles from the north-western shore of Lough Neagh, and close to the market town of Magherafelt

Castledermot is an inland village in the south-east of Ireland in County Kildare, about from Dublin, and from the town of Carlow. The N9 road from Dublin to Waterford passes through the village but completion of a bypass is due during 2010.-Demographics:

Castlefield is an inner city area of Manchester, in North West England. The conservation area which bears its name is bounded by the River Irwell, Quay Street, Deansgate and the Chester Road. It was the site of the Roman era fort of Mamucium or Mancunium which gave its name to Manchester

Castleknock is a suburb of Dublin, Ireland. It is in the west of the modern administrative county of Fingal within the traditional county of Dublin. It is located west of the centre of Dublin.

Castles in Northern Ireland
The following is a partial list of castles in Northern Ireland:- County Antrim :* Antrim Castle * Ballycastle Castle* Ballygally Castle* Ballylough Castle* Belfast Castle* Carra Castle, ruins* Carrickfergus Castle, Restored Castle

Castles in Scotland
This list of castles in Scotland is a link page for any castle in Scotland.A castle is a type of fortified structure built during the Middle Ages. Scholars debate the scope of the word castle, but usually consider it to be the private fortified residence of a lord or noble

Castleton, Greater Manchester
Castleton is an area of Rochdale and an electoral ward of the wider Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale, in Greater Manchester, England. It is south-southwest of Rochdale town centre and north-northwest of the city of Manchester.

Castletown Geoghegan in County Westmeath, Ireland, lies south west of Lough Ennell near the county town of Mullingar. Castletown was the seat of the Geoghegan family of the medieval Barony of Moycashel, County Westmeath. The family were descendants of the Southern Ui Neill. They were major landholders in south Westmeath prior to the War of the Three Kingdoms

Castner-Kellner process
The Castner–Kellner process is a method of electrolysis on an aqueous alkali chloride solution to produce the corresponding alkali hydroxide, invented by American Hamilton Castner and Austrian Karl Kellner in the 1890s.

Castor (star)
Castor is the second brightest star in the constellation Gemini and one of the brightest stars in the night sky. Although it has the Bayer designation "alpha", it is actually fainter than Beta Geminorum