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The term zygoma generally refers to the zygomatic bone, a bone of the human skull commonly referred to as the cheekbone or malar bone, but it may also refer to:

Zygomatic can refer to:* Zygomatic bone* Zygomatic branches of the facial nerve* Zygomaticus major muscle* Zygomaticus minor muscle* Zygomatic nerve* Zygomatic process** Zygomatic process of frontal bone

Zygomatic bone
The zygomatic bone is a paired bone of the human skull. It articulates with the maxilla, the temporal bone, the sphenoid bone and the frontal bone. The zygomatic is homologous to the jugal bone of other tetrapods

The Zygophyllaceae is a family of flowering plants that contains the bean-caper and caltrop. It includes around 285 species in 22 genera.In the APG III system of classification, the families Zygophyllaceae and Krameriaceae compose the order Zygophyllales

A zygospore is a diploid reproductive stage in the life cycle of many fungi and protists. Zygospores are created by the nuclear fusion of haploid cells. In fungi, zygospores are termed chlamydospores and are formed after the fusion of hyphae of different mating types

A zygote , or zygocyte, is the initial cell formed when two gamete cells are joined by means of sexual reproduction. In multicellular organisms, it is the earliest developmental stage of the embryo

Zygote (album)
Zygote is the debut solo album by musician John Popper of the American jam band Blues Traveler. Produced by Terry Manning, it was released on September 7, 1999, less than a month after Popper lost a good friend and fellow bandmember, Bobby Sheehan

Zygote (disambiguation)
Zygote can mean:*Zygote, a fertilized biological cell*Zygote , the first solo album from John Popper*Zygote Media Group, a high-end 3D rendering and animation software company

Zyklon (comics)
Der Zyklon is a fictional villain created by DC Comics. He was created by Roy Thomas and first appeared in All Star Squadron #45 .-Fictional character biography:

Zymase is an enzyme complex that catalyzes the fermentation of sugar into ethanol and carbon dioxide. They occur naturally in yeasts

A zymogen is an inactive enzyme precursor. A zymogen requires a biochemical change for it to become an active enzyme. The biochemical change usually occurs in a lysosome where a specific part of the precursor enzyme is cleaved in order to activate it

Zymology is the study of zymurgy, the area of applied science related to fermentation. It deals with the biochemical processes involved in fermentation, with yeast selection and physiology, and with the practical issues of brewing.- Fermentation :

Zymosan is a glucan with repeating glucose units connected by β-1,3-glycosidic linkages. It binds to TLR 2.Zymosan is prepared from yeast cell wall and consists of protein-carbohydrate complexes. It is used to induce experimental sterile inflammation

Juan Manuel Silveyra zZz is a Dutch band from Amsterdam, founded in 2001, formed by Björn Ottenheim and Daan Schinkel. On their first album, the instruments of the band only consisted of an organ and a drumkit. They have since incorporated other electronic and live elements into their sound. The duo makes dark, danceable rock

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