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Y is the twenty-fifth letter in the basic modern Latin alphabet and represents either a vowel or a consonant in English.-Name:In Latin, Y was named Y Graeca "Greek Y". This was pronounced as I Graeca "Greek I", since Latin speakers had trouble pronouncing , which was not a native sound

Y (disambiguation)
Y is the twenty-fifth letter of the Latin alphabet.Y or y may also refer to:-Science:* Yotta , the SI prefix for 1024* Yocto , the SI prefix for 10-24* Yttrium, chemical symbol Y

Y chromosome
The Y chromosome is one of the two sex-determining chromosomes in most mammals, including humans. In mammals, it contains the gene SRY, which triggers testis development if present. The human Y chromosome is composed of about 60 million base pairs

Y'all (magazine)
Y'all magazine is an American magazine based out of Oxford, Mississippi, literary hub of the American South. It is published bimonthly with a circulation of 100,000 and features Southern celebrities, events and ordinary people with extraordinary stories to tell

Ya (disambiguation)
Ya may refer to:*A variant spelling of Yah, divine name in Hebrew*A vocative particle in Arabic and other Semitic languages.* Ya , a letter in the Cyrillic alphabet* Ya , the Japanese word for arrow* Ya , one of the Japanese kana

A yacht is a recreational boat or ship. The term originated from the Dutch Jacht meaning "hunt". It was originally defined as a light fast sailing vessel used by the Dutch navy to pursue pirates and other transgressors around and into the shallow waters of the Low Countries

Yachting refers to recreational sailing or boating, the specific act of sailing or using other water vessels for sporting purposes.-Competitive sailing:

Yachts (band)
Yachts were a British pop/rock band, best remembered for their 1977 single, "Suffice To Say", and “minor new wave classic”, "Love You, Love You".-Career:

-Real people:*Dr. Hidetsugu Yagi , electrical engineer and professor at Tohoku Imperial University in Japan and developer of the Yagi antenna*Hirokazu Yagi , former Japanese ski jumper*Jukichi Yagi , Japanese poet

YAGO (Ontology)
YAGO is a huge semantic knowledge base. Currently, YAGO knows over two million entities such as persons, organizations and cities and about twenty million facts about these entities. A web interface allows users to pose questions to YAGO in the form of queries on the YAGO homepage

Yagura is the Japanese word for "tower" or "turret." The word is most often seen in reference to structures within Japanese castle compounds, but can be used in a variety of other situations as well. The bandstand tower erected for Bon Festival is often called a yagura, as are similar structures used in other festivals

Yahoo (band)
- History :Yahoo was founded in 1988 by guitarist Robertinho do Recife. It was fairly successful in Brazil during the 1990s by playing cover versions of other bands' hard rock songs translated to Portuguese

Yahoo (horse)
Yahoo was a successful National Hunt racehorse, who is best remembered for a memorable second in the 1989 Cheltenham Gold Cup to Desert Orchid.

Yahudi is a 1958 Bollywood film directed by Bimal Roy. It starred Dilip Kumar, Meena Kumari, Sohrab Modi, Nasir Hussain, Nigar Sultana and others.

Yahweh (disambiguation)
Yahweh is the personal name of the God of Israel as described in the Hebrew Bible.- More specific articles :*Yahweh , usage of the name in Christianity

Yakka may refer to:* Yakka Banovic , Bosnian footballer* A Lot of Hard Yakka, autobiography by English cricketer journalist Simon Hughes* Yacka, South Australia, settlement in South Australia

, also known as , are members of traditional organized crime syndicates in Japan. The Japanese police, and media by request of the police, call them bōryokudan , literally "violence group", while the yakuza call themselves "ninkyō dantai" , "chivalrous organizations". The yakuza are notoriously known for their strict codes of conduct and very organized nature

Yakuza (band)
Yakuza is an avant-garde metal band, formed in Chicago in 1999. They have been acclaimed for their incorporation of jazz and world music elements.-History:

Yakuza (disambiguation)
Yakuza refers to traditional organized crime groups in Japan and members thereof.Yakuza may also refer to:* Yakuza , a Sega franchise In the Ryu Ga Gotoku series Yakuza refers to traditional organized crime groups in Japan and members thereof.Yakuza may also refer to:* Yakuza (series), a Sega franchise In the Ryu Ga Gotoku series Yakuza refers to traditional organized crime groups in Japan and members thereof.Yakuza may also refer to:* Yakuza (series), a Sega franchise In the Ryu Ga Gotoku series (龍が如く, lit

RapidMiner, formerly YALE , is an environment for machine learning, data mining, text mining, predictive analytics, and business analytics. It is used for research, education, training, rapid prototyping, application development, and industrial applications

Yale (1916 automobile)
The Yale was a Brass Era car manufactured in Saginaw, Michigan from 1916 to 1918, not to be confused with the Yale from Toledo, Ohio.The man behind this Yale was Louis J. Lampke, who previously had been with Palmer-Singer and Lion. He then created a car he had designed himself, this was the MPM of Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Yale (company)
Yale is a lock manufacturer owned by Assa Abloy. It is associated with the pin tumbler lock, which is often known as the Yale lock.- History :

Yale (RTD)
Yale is an island platformed RTD light rail station in Denver, Colorado, United States. Operating as part of the E, F and H Lines, the station was opened on November 17, 2006, and is operated by the Regional Transportation District. Yale features a series of public art murals entitled Connected, which was created by Gregory Goveand dedicated in 2007.

Yali may refer to:* Yalı , a water's edge house or mansion in Turkey* Yali , a Hindu mythical creature with the body of a lion and some elephant features* Yali , a Greek volcanic island

Yali (Hindu mythology)
Yali , also known as Vyalam or Sarabham in Sanskrit, is a mythical creature seen in many Hindu temples, often sculpted onto the pillars. Yali is a mythical lion, and it has been widely used in south Indian sculpture. Descriptions of and references to yalis are very old, but they became prominent in south Indian sculpture in the 16th century

Yali (residence)
A yalı , literally "seashore, beach") is a house or mansion constructed at immediate waterside in Istanbul and usually built with an architectural concept that takes into account the characteristics of the coastal location

Yalıkavak is a town near Bodrum in Muğla province, on the Aegean coast of Turkey. It is 18 km from Bodrum and located at the north eastern tip of the Bodrum peninsula

Yam or YAM may refer to:*Yam , common name for members of Dioscorea*Sweet potato, specifically its orange-fleshed cultivars, often marketed as 'yams' in North America and as 'kumara' in New Zealand

Yam or YAM may refer to:*Yam , common name for members of Dioscorea*Sweet potato, specifically its orange-fleshed cultivars, often marketed as 'yams' in North America and as 'kumara' in New Zealand

Yammer is an enterprise social network service that was launched in September 2008. Unlike Twitter, which is used for broadcasting messages to the public, Yammer is used for private communication within organizations or between organizational members and pre-designated groups, making it an example of enterprise social software

Yan (Anshi)
Yan , also known as the Great Yan , was a state established in 756 by the Tang Dynasty general An Lushan, after he rebelled against the reign of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang in 755. The state was extinguished in 763, with the death of An Lushan's former subordinate, Shi Siming's son, Shi Chaoyi, who was the last person to claim the title as Yan's emperor.- Rulers of Yan :

Yang may refer to:* Yang, in yin and yang, the word for one half of the two opposing forces in Chinese philosophy, described as "bright positive masculine principle" in Chinese dualistic cosmology* Yang County, in Shaanxi, China

Yangon is a former capital of Burma and the capital of Yangon Region . Although the military government has officially relocated the capital to Naypyidaw since March 2006, Yangon, with a population of over four million, continues to be the country's largest city and the most important commercial centre.Yangon's infrastructure is undeveloped compared to

Yank may refer to:* Yank, the Army Weekly, a newspaper for American soldiers during World War II* Yank , the rate of change in force* Yanks, a 1979 film* Short form of Yankee, a slang term for someone of American origin or heritage

Yank (Automobile)
The Yank was a vehicle made by Custom Auto Works, a company based in San Diego, California, in 1950. Being what could be described as a poor man's sports car, it was an inexpensive, though rather attractive, aluminum-bodied car. It was powered by a , 134.2 Willys four-cylinder L-head engine mated to a three-speed manual transmission

The term Yankee has several interrelated and often pejorative meanings, usually referring to people originating in the northeastern United States, or still more narrowly New England, where application of the term is largely restricted to descendants of the English settlers of the region.The meaning of Yankee has varied over time

Yankee (ferry)
Yankee is an early-20th century steel hulled ferry which is registered as an historic vessel with the National Register of Historic Places

Yankees (album)
-Track listing:# "City, City, City" - 8:29# "The Legend of Enos Slaughter" - 9:27# "Who's on First?" - 3:15# "On Golden Pond" - 17:49# "The Warning Track" - 5:47-Personnel:*Derek Bailey – guitar*John Zorn – alto*George Lewis – trombone

Yannick is a first name which originated in Brittany, France where the combination of its two Breton language parts, Yann and Ick results in the meaning of Little John or Petit Jean in French

Yao (African Language)
Yao is a Bantu language in Africa with approximately 1 million speakers in Malawi, half a million in Tanzania, and around 450,000 in Mozambique. There are also some speakers in Zambia. In Malawi, the main dialect is Mangoche, mostly spoken around Lake Malawi. In Mozambique, the main dialects are Makale and Massaninga

Yet Another Previewer is the name of two different document previewing applications, one for DVI and one for PostScript.-PostScript:

Yap, also known as Wa'ab by locals, is an island in the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific Ocean. It is a state of the Federated States of Micronesia. Yap's indigenous cultures and traditions are still strong compared to other neighboring islands. The island of Yap actually consists of four continental islands

Yap (disambiguation)
Yap is an island in the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific Ocean.YAP may also refer to:* YAP , a mutation on the Y chromosome* Yap International Airport, by its IATA Airport Code* Yet Another Previewer, a program to view dvi files

A yard is a unit of length in several different systems including English units, Imperial units and United States customary units. It is equal to 3 feet or 36 inches

A yarder is piece of logging equipment which uses a system of cables to pull or fly logs from the stump to the landing. It generally consists of an engine, drums, and spar, but has a range of such as the Swing yarder.-Early Yarders:

Yardie is a term stemming from the slang name originally given to occupants of "government yards", social housing projects with very basic amenities, in Trenchtown, a neighborhood in West Kingston, Jamaica. Trenchtown was originally built as a housing project following devastation caused by Hurricane Charlie

A yardstick is a straightedge used to physically measure lengths of up to a yard high. Yardsticks are flat wooden boards with markings at regular intervals.-Construction:

Yari (disambiguation)
Yari may refer to :* Yari, a weapon* Mount Yari, the 'Matterhorn of Japan'* Yari Allnutt , a retired soccer player from the United States*Yari, Benin

Yaro is a town in the Bagassi Department of Balé Province in southern Burkina Faso, in west Africa.The town has a population of 1,573.-References:

Yaroo or Yaru is a town and union council of Dera Ghazi Khan District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is located at 30°10'33N 70°37'24E and has an altitude of 121 metres .-References:

Achillea millefolium or yarrow is a flowering plant in the family Asteraceae, native to the Northern Hemisphere. In New Mexico and southern Colorado, it is called plumajillo, or "little feather", for the shape of the leaves. In antiquity, yarrow was known as herbal militaris, for its use in staunching the flow of blood from wounds

Yarrow (novel)
Yarrow: An Autumn Tale is an urban fantasy novel by Charles de Lint, set in 1980s Ottawa. A fantasy writer has a secret source of inspiration: when she dreams, she visits a world where magic is real. Unknown to her, a supernatural predator who feeds on dreams is feeding on her and destroying that world.

A yashmak, yashmac or yasmak is a Turkish type of veil or niqab worn by some Muslim women to cover their faces in public.

Yate (volcano)
Yate Volcano is a large, glaciated stratovolcano located in the southern Andes, in the Los Lagos Region of Chile, south of the Reloncaví Estuary

The word yaw can refer to:* Yaw angle, one of the Tait-Bryan angles, describing the heading of a vehicle or machine, and some other related elements:**Yaw system, component responsible for the orientation of a wind turbine towards the wind.

This article is about the workflow system. For the sailing craft, see yawl.YAWL is a workflow language based on the Workflow patterns. The language is supported by a software system that includes an execution engine, a graphical editor and a worklist handler

A yawn is a reflex of simultaneous inhalation of air and stretching of the eardrums, followed by exhalation of breath. Pandiculation is the act of yawning and stretching simultaneously.

Yaws is a tropical infection of the skin, bones and joints caused by the spirochete bacterium Treponema pallidum pertenue

Yaws is a web server written in Erlang by Claes Wikström.Yaws can be embedded into other Erlang-based applications or run as a regular standalone web server.

Yay may refer to:*A word spoken when cheering*Street slang for cocaine

YB is an abbreviation for:* Ytterbium, a chemical element* Young Buck, a rapper* Yeah Boy, an exclamation* BSC Young Boys, a Bernese soccer club* yottabyte, a unit of information or computer storage* Ypatingasis būrys* Youngstown Belt Railroad

Ye (pronoun)
Ye was the second-person, plural, personal pronoun , spelled in Old English as "ge". In Middle English and Early Modern English, it was used to direct an equal or superior person

Ye Gods (The Twilight Zone)
"Ye Gods" is the second segment of the fifth episode of the first season from the television series The New Twilight Zone.-Synopsis:

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