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World Trade Center (Copenhagen)
World Trade Center Copenhagen is a proposed complex in Ørestad, a development zone between Copenhagen's city center and Copenhagen Airport in Denmark. Designed by Kim Utzon, son of architect Jørn Utzon, who designed the Sydney Opera House

World Trade Center (Lexington)
The World Trade Center is a skyscraper in downtown Lexington, Kentucky bordered by South Mill, Vine and East Main Streets. Originally named the Vine Center, it was constructed by the Webb Cos. The World Trade Center was originally named the Vine Center and includes the adjacent Hilton Hotel.-See also:* Cityscape of Lexington, Kentucky

World Trade Center (Manama)
The Bahrain World Trade Center is a high twin tower complex located in Manama, Bahrain. The towers were built in 2008 by the multi-national architectural firm Atkins

World Trade Center (Taipei)
The Taipei World Trade Center , was started in January 1986 by Taiwan's foremost trade promotion organization, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council , to provide a single, modern venue that would combine exhibition space, conference facilities, offices, and hotel accommodation for international business

World Trade Center (Turku)
The World Trade Center Turku is a world trade center for financial companies and bureaus, located in central Turku, Finland. The building is located on Linnankatu. the WTC Turku is located within a walking distance to the Port of Turku.-External links:*

World war
A world war is a war affecting the majority of the world's most powerful and populous nations. World wars span multiple countries on multiple continents, with battles fought in multiple theaters.

World War III (comics)
World War III is the title of two comic book sagas published by DC Comics and involving many of the superheroes of the DC Universe. The first was published in 2000 in the JLA ongoing series; the second was published in 2007 as a limited series of its own.

World Wide Web
The World Wide Web is a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet

Worlds Apart
-Film and television:*"Worlds Apart" , a 1996 episode of The Outer Limits*Worlds Apart , a 2008 film written and directed by Niels Arden Oplev

Worlds Apart (2008 film)
Worlds Apart is a 2008 Danish drama directed by Niels Arden Oplev and written by Oplev and Steen Bille. The film stars Rosalinde Mynster and Pilou Asbæk. Based upon a true story, the film is about a 17-year-old Jehovah's Witness girl who struggles to reconcile her faith and her secret romance with a non-believer boy

Worlds Apart (album)
Worlds Apart is the third and last studio album by the English anarcho-punk band Subhumans. It was released shortly after the band's initial demise in 1985.-Track listing:# "33322" - 1:21# "British Disease" - 2:40# "Heads of State" - 2:30

Worlds Apart (boyband)
Worlds Apart were a multi-national boy band of the 1990s that featured Marcus Patrick in the original group and Totally Scott-Lee's Nathan Moore in one of the later incarnations of the band

Worlds Apart (Jars of Clay song)
"Worlds Apart" is a song written and recorded by Jars of Clay. The song is the fifth and final radio single from the band's self-titled debut album. The band has mentioned that it took several months to finally complete the song to the form that it appears in on the album. This was due to the extensively long lyrics compared to other songs the band has written

Worlds Apart (Saga album)
Worlds Apart is the fourth studio album by the Canadian progressive rock band Saga and was originally released in 1981. The album has been released with several different covers. The album was produced by Rupert Hine

Worldwide (disambiguation)
Worldwide may refer to:* Worldwide , 1991* Worldwide , a 2003 Christian rock album* "Worldwide", a song on Outlawz's 2001 album Novakane

Worldwide (Everything but the Girl album)
Worldwide is the sixth album by Everything but the Girl, released on October 1, 1991.-Track listing:# "Old Friends" # "Understanding" # "You Lift Me Up" # "Talk to Me Like the Sea" # "British Summertime"

Worm (artillery)
A worm is a device used to remove unspent powder bag remnants from a cannon or other piece of muzzle loading field artillery. It usually took the form of a double corkscrew shaped piece of iron on the end of a long pole that could be twisted down the barrel to pick up any debris left over from the previous firing of the weapon.

Worm (comics)
Worm is a fictional character in the Marvel Universe.-Fictional character biography:Worm was a Savage Land dweller, recruited by the mutant Zaladane to join the Savage Land Mutates as a warrior. He has the ability to secrete a liquid from his hands that, when it comes into contact with the flesh of a victim, adheres to the brain tissue and allows Worm to assume control of the victim

Wormhole (video game)
Wormhole is an abandonware game. It was developed and published by Centerfleet games, but promptly abandoned after a series of events that left Centerfleet with the name Centerscore. Gameplay consisted of fast-paced space shooting, remarkably similar to asteroids. Each player spawned in his/her own area, and the goal of the game was to shoot enemies through your rival's wormhole

Worms (1995 video game)
Worms is an artillery video game developed by Team17 and released in . It is the first game in the Worms series of video games and was initially only available for the Amiga. Later it was ported to other platforms.

Worms (2007 video game)
Worms is a turn-based, artillery game developed by Team17. It is available on, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and iPhone OS platforms and is one of the many installments of the Worms series created by Team17

Wormwood may refer to:*Various plants of the genus Artemisia but commonly Artemisia absinthium, also called grande wormwood or absinthe wormwood

Wormwood (book)
Wormwood, originally published as Swamp Foetus, is a collection of short stories by New Orleanian horror fiction author Poppy Z. Brite. It was first published by Borderlands Press, a small press publisher of horror fiction, in 1993

Wormwood (computer virus)
Wormwood was written as a proof of concept computer virus infecting FreeBSD systems, using BSD-style system calls. It is perhaps the first published virus for this OS.-External links:*

Wormwood (G. P.Taylor)
Wormwood is a fantasy sequel to Graham Taylor's Shadowmancer. It follows the adventures of the book's two main protagonists, Dr. Sabian Blake and his servant girl, Agetta Lamian. The work is a Christian allegory.

Wormwood (journal)
Wormwood: Writings about fantasy, supernatural and decadent literature is a magazine of literature and literary criticism, edited by Mark Valentine, and published semi-annually since 2003 by Tartarus Press.

Wormwood (TV series)
Wormwood is a Canadian and Australian children's television program that premiered on Channel Ten on 4 October 2007. It also screened in 2008 on the ABC1 , as part of the Rollercoaster show. It also premiered on Foxtel's disney channel on August the 2nd 6pm, Saturday 2008.There are 13 episodes based on the stories by Paul Jennings.-Storyline:The town of Wormwood is a weird place

Wormy is the name of a number of unrelated comic and cartoon characters, including:*Wormy Marrons, a Dick Tracy villain character, introduced in 1949*Wormy, a comic and title dragon character by David A

Worry is thoughts, images and emotions of a negative nature in whichmental attempts are made to avoid anticipated potential threats. As an emotion it is experienced as anxiety or concern about a real or imagined issue, usually personal issues such as health or finances or broader ones such as environmental pollution and social or technological change

Worship is an act of religious devotion usually directed towards a deity. The word is derived from the Old English worthscipe, meaning worthiness or worth-ship — to give, at its simplest, worth to something, for example, Christian worship.Evelyn Underhill defines worship thus: "The absolute acknowledgment of all that lies beyond us—the glory that fills

Worship (style)
His or Her Worship is an honorific prefix for mayors, Justices of the Peace and magistrates in Commonwealth Realms. In spoken address, these officials are addressed as Your Worship or referred to as His or Her Worship; South Africa is an exception, as the term is still used to address judges in court

Worst Case Scenario (song)
"Worst Case Scenario" is the third single by the English indie band The Hoosiers from their 2007 #1 album The Trick to Life. It has been admitted by lead man Irwin on the bands website that it is one of the bands favourite songs.-History:

Wort may refer to:* Wort, the liquid created by the mashing of malted barley to use in brewing beer* Worting, Hampshire, a large district and suburb of the town of Basingstoke, in Hampshire, England.

WORT is a listener-sponsored community radio station, broadcasting from 118 S. Bedford St. in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. WORT offers a range of programming.

Wort (brewing)
Wort, , is the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whisky. Wort contains the sugars that will be fermented by the brewing yeast to produce alcohol.- Production :

-People:*Bobby Worth , American songwriter*Brendan Worth, Australian rugby league player*Brian Worth , British actor*Charles Frederick Worth , an English-born fashion designer of the 19th century

Worth (Metra)
Worth is a station on Metra's SouthWest Service in Worth, Illinois. The station is away from Union Station, the northern terminus of the line. In Metra's zone-based fare system, Worth is in zone D.

-People:* James Worthy, basketball player from Gastonia, North Carolina* John Worthy Chaplin, English recipient of the Victoria Cross* F. F. Worthington, nicknamed 'Worthy'

Wot (musical instrument)
The wot or vot is a circular panpipe used in the traditional morlam music of Laos and the Isan region of northeastern Thailand. It is often a major component in pong lang ensembles.

Wotan (comics)
Wotan was a fictional DC Comics supervillain and the archenemy of Doctor Fate until his recent reformation at the hand of Yahweh himself.-Fictional character biography:

A wound is a type of injury in which skin is torn, cut or punctured , or where blunt force trauma causes a contusion . In pathology, it specifically refers to a sharp injury which damages the dermis of the skin.-Open:

Wounded may refer to:* The Wounded, a Dutch wave-rock band* "The Wounded" , a fourth season episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation* "Wounded ", a song by the American rock band Third Eye Blind

Wounded (2005 play)
Wounded is a stage play collaboratively developed by The Los Angeles Theatre Ensemble under the direction of the ensemble's artistic director Tom Burmester

Wounded (Third Eye Blind song)
"Wounded" is the second song on American rock band Third Eye Blind's second album Blue. The music and lyrics were written by lead singer Stephan Jenkins and former lead guitarist Kevin Cadogan.

Wounds (Album)
- Personnel :James Joyce - guitarJustin Garcia - guitarAlex Hernandez - drumsJohn Strachan - vocalsAdam Campbell - bass guitar

A woven is a cloth formed by weaving. It only stretches in the bias directions , unless the threads are elastic. Woven cloth usually frays at the edges, unless measures are taken to counter this, such as the use of pinking shears or hemming.Woven fabrics are worked on a loom and made of many threads woven on a warp and a weft

-Business:*WOW!, an internet, cable, and phone company*WOW! , a defunct ISP from CompuServe*WOW, a radio station in Omaha, Nebraska, started in 1922 by Woodmen of the World; today known as KXSP*WOW , English toy company

Wow (album)
Wow is the third album from the French power pop group Superbus. It reached the sixth place on French album charts. It was released on October 16, 2006.-Track listing:All tracks by Jennifer Ayache# "Le Rock à Billy" - 2:01

Wow (Kate Bush song)
"Wow" was the second single to be released from Kate Bush's second album Lionheart.The single is an edited version of "Wow", although it is not labelled as such. On all European "Wow" singles, the first 12 seconds of synthesizer chords have been removed

Wow (Kylie Minogue song)
"Wow" is a song performed by Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue from her tenth studio album X . The song was written by Minogue, Greg Kurstin and Karen Poole and was produced by Kurstin. "Wow" is a dance song, incorpitate with house and electropop beats. "Wow" was chosen as the album's second single, although it was suppost to be the U.S

WOW (TV station)
WOW is an Australian television station licensed to WIN Television, serving regional and remote Western Australia. The station officially commenced transmissions on 26 March 1999 as the second commercial regional broadcaster in Western Australia, alongside former monopoly, Golden West Network .-History:Prior to WIN Television's expansion into Western Australia, the Golden West

WOW (Zhou Bichang album)
WOW is the third studio album from Chinese singer and songwriter Zhou Bichang. It was released simultaneously with Zhou's second album NOW on December 18, 2007.-Track listing:# "WOW" - 3:42# "No Rest for the Whole Year" 全年无休 - 2:41

The term "wrack" can refer to a thin, flying cloud.Wrack may also refer to:* wrack , a concept in knot theory* wrack , several species of seaweed* Wrack , a novel about the Mahogany Ship

Wraith (comics)
Wraith, in comics, may refer to:*Wraith , three Marvel characters:**Wraith , a one-time member of the X-Men**Wraith , a supervillain adversary of Spider-Man

Wraith (Marvel Comics)
Wraith is the name of four unrelated fictional characters from the Marvel Comics universe.-Brian DeWolff:The Wraith is a fictional character, owned by Marvel Comics and existing in that company's Marvel Universe

Wraith (Wild Cards)
Wraith is a fictional character in the Wild Cards shared universe series. She was created by John J. Miller, and first appeared in the third book, Jokers Wild.-Character background:

WRAK can refer to:* WRAK , a radio station licensed to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, United States* WRAK-FM, a radio station licensed to Bainbridge, Georgia, United States, part of the Tallahassee, Florida market

Wrangle or similar can mean:-*Wrangle, Lincolnshire, a village in Lincolnshire, England.*As an intransitive verb, to bicker, or argue angrily and noisily.*As a transitive verb, to herd horses or other livestock.

At the University of Cambridge in England, a 'Wrangler' is a student who gains first-class honours in the third year of the University's undergraduate degree in mathematics. The highest-scoring student is the Senior Wrangler, the second highest is the Second Wrangler, and so on

Wrangler (TV series)
Wrangler was a Western television series starring Jason Evers that aired on the NBC television network from August 4 to September 15, 1960.

Wrap is something in which an object is encased, enclosed, or covered.Wrap may also refer to:-Storage and preservation:* Overwrap, a wrapping of items in a package or a wrapping over packages

The acronym WRAP may refer to:* WRAP-CA, a television station in Cleveland, Ohio* WRAP , the first radio station in Central Florida* The Wireless Router Application Platform, a very small form factor personal computer

WRAP (album)
wRAP is the first studio album by the Finnish rapper Kana. It was released on November 30, 2002, by Edel Records.- Track listing :# "Mistä Hanasta" # "Neuroottista Elämää" # "Aallon Harjalla" # "Sydän Ja Pää"

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