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Word of Mouth (Mike + The Mechanics album)
Word of Mouth is the third album by Mike + The Mechanics, released in 1991.There was some overlap with the marketing of the album and the making of Genesis's We Can't Dance, with Mike Rutherford being committed to both

Word of Mouth (The Blueskins album)
Word of Mouth is the debut album from Wakefield blues-rock four-piece The Blueskins who have been described as "the sound of a teenage Led Zeppelin ripping through 'Rock 'n' Roll' in their parents' garage"

Word of Mouth (website)
Word of Mouth is a scam website promoted by spam e-mail."Word of Mouth" spam mails state that an anonymous person posted a secret about the recipient and that he needs to pay a fee in order to see the message. The editors of Snopes examined the scheme and concluded that the scheme is a likely scam, as the owner claims to have substantial information when he has nothing

Word polygon
A word polygon is a word puzzle where the solver is presented with a grid or shape with 5 to 9 letters. The aim of the player creating as many words as possible using each letter no more than once. Often, one of the letters is a mandatory inclusion

Word processing
Word processing is the creation of documents using a word processor. It can also refer to advanced shorthand techniques, sometimes used in specialized contexts with a specially modified typewriter.-External links:

Wordplay (album)
Wordplay is the 11th studio album & 13th album overall by Christian parody band ApologetiX. It was their 1st album of entirely new music since 2003's Adam Up.-Track listing:# "Somebody Sold Me" – 3:18#* Parody of "Somebody Told Me" by The Killers

Wordplay (song)
"Wordplay" is a song by Jason Mraz released as the first single from his 2005 album Mr. A-Z. The song was Mraz's second entry on the Billboard Hot 100 at #81 after "The Remedy ".The song was the most successful single from Mr. A-Z.

Words (F. R. David song)
"Words" is a 1982 romantic song by F. R. David, which sold 8 million copies worldwide and peaked at #2 on the British charts in spring of 1983. It was a huge European hit, peaking at #1 in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria and Norway. It also went to #1 in South Africa in late 1982 and spent 25 weeks on the charts

Words (The Christians song)
"Words" is a 1989 song recorded by the English band The Christians. It was their first single from their second album, Colour. Released in December 1989 in Ireland and UK and in the first months in other Europeans countries, the song was the first major hit from the band outside the UK.-Song information:The group adapted a famous refrain of Irish folk heritage, known as "Mná na

WordSmith Tools is a collection of corpus linguistics tools for looking for patterns in a language. The software was devised by Mike Scott at the University of Liverpool and for versions 1 to 4 was sold by Oxford University Press

Work may refer to:Human labor:* Employment* House work* Labor , measure of the work done by human beings* Manual labor, physical work done by people* Wage labor, in which a worker sells their labor and an employer buys it

WORK is a radio station licensed to serve Barre, Vermont. The station is owned by Nassau Broadcasting III, LLC. It airs a Classic Hits format.

Work (Jars of Clay song)
"Work" is a song written and performed by Jars of Clay. It is the second radio single from their 2006 studio album Good Monsters. The song was the 13th most played song on U.S. Christian Hit Radio stations in 2007. A live concert version of the song appears on the Live Monsters EP, which was released in 2007

Work (Jimmy Eat World song)
"Work" is a song by Jimmy Eat World from their 2004 album, Futures. It was the second single released from that album. The song was written by Jim Adkins and features backing vocals by Liz Phair.

Work (Kelly Rowland song)
"Work" is a song recorded by American singer-songwriter Kelly Rowland. It was written by Rowland, Scott Storch and "Work" is a song recorded by [[United States|American]] singer-songwriter [[Kelly Rowland]]. It was written by Rowland, [[Scott Storch]] and "Work" is a song recorded by [[United States|American]] singer-songwriter [[Kelly Rowland]]

Work (painting)
Work is a painting by Ford Madox Brown, which is generally considered to be his most important achievement. It attempts to portray, both literally and analytically, the totality of the Victorian social system and the transition from a rural to an urban economy

Work Experience (film)
Work Experience is a 1989 short comedy film directed by James Hendrie. It won an Academy Award in 1990 for Best Short Subject.-Cast:* Lenny Henry - Terence Weller* Kathy Burke - Sally* Neil Pearson - Greg* Shelagh Fraser* Neil McCaul

Work in progress
Work in progress may refer to:-Film:* A Work in Progress, a documentary film of the recording of Rush's Test for Echo album* Work in Progress , a computer-animated short film-Music:* Work in Progress , by Man Alive

Work in Progress (Man Alive album)
Work in Progress is the second full-length album by Israeli punk rock band Man Alive, released independently in 2002 via Sterile Records. Due to the success of the album, it was re-released in the same year via Dying Is Deadly.

Work In Progress (short)
Work in Progress is a 2000 ILM computer animated short film directed by Tom Bertino-Plot:A tall, thin inventor with a wisp of white smoke for hair is in a large workshop with his dumpy, cigar smoking assistant working on designing and building a huge gorilla

Work In Progress (short)
Work in Progress is a 2000 ILM computer animated short film directed by Tom Bertino-Plot:A tall, thin inventor with a wisp of white smoke for hair is in a large workshop with his dumpy, cigar smoking assistant working on designing and building a huge gorilla

Work of art
A work of art, artwork, art piece, or art object is an aesthetic item or artistic creation.The term "a work of art" can apply to:*an example of fine art, such as a painting or sculpture*a fine work of architecture or landscape design

Work Out
Work Out was a reality television series on Bravo. The show was centered around Jackie Warner, owner of a gym and spa in Beverly Hills, California. It features many of the trainers who work for Warner, aspects of the gym and its clients and Jackie's other fitness ventures, and also covers aspects of Warner's private life, such as her openly lesbian dating and romantic life

Workable may refer to:* Shek Kip Mei SA, a football club which play under the name Workable FC in 2007–2008 season in Hong Kong First Division League.

A workaholic is a person who is addicted to work.The term generally implies that the person enjoys their work; it can also imply that they simply feel compelled to do it

A workbench is sturdy table at which manual work is done. They range from simple flat surfaces to very complex designs that may be considered tools in themselves. Workbenches vary in size from tiny jewelers benches to the huge benches used by staircase makers

Workbench (AmigaOS)
-Overview:Commodore named their Amiga computer's first operating system Workbench 1.0 and continued with the Workbench name until version 3.1, when it was changed to AmigaOS, prompted by Apple renaming their propriety OS from "System" to "MacOS"

Workbench (woodworking)
A Workbench is a table used by woodworkers to hold workpieces while they are worked by other tools. There are many styles of woodworking benches, each reflecting the type of work to be done or the craftsman's way of working

Workbooks in the American education system, are cheap, paperback textbooks, issued to students. Workbooks are usually filled with practice problems, where the answers can be written directly in the book.-Advantages:

Workday may refer to:* A day in the workweek.* Working time, the period of time an individual spends at paid occupational labor* Workday, Inc., a business software company

Worker (disambiguation)
Worker may refer to:* Laborer, a person who performs labour* A member of the workforce* Worker animal, an animal caste; see also List of animal names* "Worker", a minister in the Two by Twos house sect

Workforce (brand)
-OEM brand:Tools under the Workforce brand are made by various OEM manufacturers and the same tools may be made by different manufacturers. Therefore, as long as the products meet the specifications, parts may not be interchangeable and tools may operate differently

Workforce (comics)
The Workforce is a semi-heroic super-team in DC Comics' post-Zero Hour Legion of Super-Heroes continuity. It was introduced in Legion of Super-Heroes #64 .-Fictional history:

A Workgroup may refer to* a peer-to-peer computer network. See Workgroup * a group of people working together toward a common goal, also known as a working group

Working class
Working class is a term used in the social sciences and in ordinary conversation to describe those employed in lower tier jobs , often extending to those in unemployment or otherwise possessing below-average incomes

Working for Peanuts
Working for Peanuts is a 1953 animated short produced by Walt Disney. It is notable for being one of their first shorts filmed in 3D .

Working Girl
Working Girl is a 1988 romantic comedy film written by Kevin Wade and directed by Mike Nichols. It tells the inspiring story of a Staten Island-raised secretary, Tess McGill , working in the mergers and acquisitions department of a Wall Street investment bank

Working Girl (TV series)
Working Girl is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from April to July 1990. Loosely based on the 1988 film of the same name starring Melanie Griffith, the series stars Sandra Bullock as Tess McGill , in a role that was initially meant for Nancy McKeon.-Synopsis:Tess McGill is a spunky, independent secretary, who suddenly becomes a junior

Working majority
Working majority describes a parliamentary majority big enough for the party or faction in power to carry through most of its legislative programme without the risk of parliamentary defeat.

Working week
Working week may refer to*Working Week , a British jazz-dance band of the 1980s and 1990s.*Working time, the period of time that people spend in paid labour*Workweek, referred to as the Working Week in the UK.

Working Week (band)
Working Week were a British jazz-dance musical ensemble, active in the 1980s and 1990s.Working Week were formed in 1983 by guitarist Simon Booth and saxophonist Larry Stabbins, who were previously in post punk outfit Weekend

-An amount of labor:While a precise definition of a workload is elusive, a commonly accepted definition is the hypothetical relationship between a group or individual human operator and task demands.

Workman or WORKman may refer to:* Workman , an English surname* Workman, a Linux cd player programmed in OpenLook* WORKman, a windows-based job control and task management application published by Veracity Systems

Workman (horse)
Workman was a racehorse and the 1939 Grand National Winner, coming in at 100/8 in the colours of millionaire match manufacturer Sir Alexander Maguire. It was ridden by Timmy Hyde and trained by Jack Ruttle out of Hazelhatch Stud

Workmanship is an EP by Joy Electric released exclusively as a 7" vinyl record album through Republic of Texas Recordings. Workmanship was completely written and recorded by Ronnie Martin on a Minimoog Voyager synthesizer

Workmanship is the skill of an artisan or craftsman.It may also refer to:* Workmanship , an EP by Joy Electric

Workout (album)
Workout is an album by jazz tenor saxophonist Hank Mobley released on the Blue Note label in 1961. It features performances by Mobley, Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers, Grant Green and Philly Joe Jones

Works may refer to:* An author's or artist's body of work of art* Engineering structures, projects, and so on, including:** Earthworks , created through moving soil or unformed rock

Works team
A works team is a sports team that is financed and run by a manufacturer or other business. Sometimes, works teams contain or are entirely made up of employees of the supporting company.-Africa:

A worksheet is a sheet of paper, or on a computer, on which problems are worked out or solved and answers recorded.-Education:Students in a school may have 'fill-in-the-blank' sheets of questions, diagrams, or maps to help them with their exercises

A workshop is a room or building which provides both the area and tools that may be required for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods

A workstation is a high-end microcomputer designed for technical or scientific applications. Intended primarily to be used by one person at a time, they are commonly connected to a local area network and run multi-user operating systems

Workup may refer to:*Workup - Additional reactions carried out after the main chemical reaction to obtain the desired product.*Workup is also used to describe a game of practice baseball .

Workweek and weekend
The workweek and weekend are those complementary parts of the week devoted to labour and rest respectively. The legal working week , or workweek , is the part of the seven-day week devoted to labor. In most Western countries it is Monday to Friday. The weekend comprises the two traditionally non-working days in the seven-day week

World is a common name for the whole of human civilization, specifically human experience, history, or the human condition in general, worldwide, i.e. anywhere on Earth.

World (album)
World is the second studio album by British synthpop / dance band D:Ream, released in 1995. It was to be their final studio release before their disbanding in 1997.-Overview:

World (Bee Gees song)
"World" is the second UK single from the Bee Gees second album Horizontal, released in 1967 in the United Kingdom. Though it was a big hit in Europe, Atco Records did not issue it as a single in the United States

World (Five for Fighting song)
"World" is the title of a song written and recorded by American singer-songwriter Five for Fighting. It was released in November 2006 as the second single from the album Two Lights. It reached number 14 on the U.S

World Cup
A World Cup is a type of sporting competition.World Cup commonly refers to:*FIFA World Cup *ICC Cricket World Cup*Rugby World Cup World Cup can also refer to:-Baseball and softball:

World Power
World Power is the debut album of German Eurodance project Snap!, released in 1990 on Bookmark/Ariola Records. The album received generally positive reviews from music critics, as the project's musical style and its vocalists, Turbo B and Penny "Tiny" Ford, were well-received

World record
A world record is usually the best global performance ever recorded and verified in a specific skill or sport. The book Guinness World Records collates and publishes notable records of all types, from first and best to worst human achievements, to extremes in the natural world and beyond

World Series
The World Series is the annual championship series of Major League Baseball, played between the American League and National League champions since 1903. The winner of the World Series championship is determined through a best-of-seven playoff and awarded the Commissioner's Trophy

World trade center
The World Trade Centers Association founded in 1970, is a not-for-profit, non-political association dedicated to the establishment and effective operation of World Trade Centers as instruments for trade expansion representing 316 members in 91 countries

World Trade Center (Amsterdam)
The World Trade Center Amsterdam is a commercial center located at the Zuidas in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was officially opened in 1985, and renovated between 1998 and 2004. The center consists of nine buildings—labeled from A to I—with 120,000 m2 of offices and office facilities. Tower H is the highest building, it has 27 levels and measures 104 m

World Trade Center (Beijing)
The China World Trade Center is located in the central business district of Beijing, China.The construction started in 1985 and was completed in 1990. It is the top upmarket commercial mixed-use development

World Trade Center (Colombo)
The World Trade Centre is the tallest completed building in Sri Lanka. Standing over from the ground, it ranks as the third tallest twin tower in South Asia. WTCC runs under the management of Overseas Realty Ceylon plc

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