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"Willa" is a short story by Stephen King that was originally published in the December 2006 issue of Playboy magazine.The story is also included as the first entry in King's 2008 short-fiction collection Just After Sunset

William (Abbot of Arbroath & Bishop of Dunblane)
William O. Tiron. was a late 13th century Tironensian abbot and bishop in the Kingdom of Scotland. He appears in the extant sources for the first time on April 25, 1276; he is Abbot of Arbroath

William (d. 1162)
William was a 12th century prelate based in the Kingdom of Scotland. He occurs in the records for the first time, 1152 x 1153, late in the reign of King David I of Scotland witnessing a grant from that monarch of the church of Clackmannan to the Abbot of Cambuskenneth. By this point in time he is already Bishop of Moray

William (marcha orientalis)
William was the margrave of the March of Pannonia in the mid ninth century until his death on campaign against the Moravians in 871. In his day, the march orientalis corresponded to a front along the Danube from the Traungau to Szombathely and the Rába river and including the Vienna basin

William (TV series)
William was a BBC television series based on the Just William series of books written by Richmal Crompton. It ran for two series from 1962 to 1963. 12 episodes were made in all, each of half an hour long

-People:* Williams , a surname English in origin, but popular in Wales, 3rd most common in the United Kingdom* "Williams", the pseudonym of racing driver and SOE agent William Grover-Williams-United States:Communities*Williams, Arizona

Williams (MCC cricketer)
Williams was an English amateur cricketer who made 6 known appearances in major cricket matches in 1798.-External sources:*

Williamson (surname)
Williamson is a common English language patronymic surname meaning "son of William". Williamson is uncommon as a first name, but quite common as a surname in English speaking countries.-List of persons with the surname:

Willis (surname)
Willis, a variant of the name William, is a surname, of Scottish and English origin meaning . Notable persons with that surname include:-A:* Adam Willis , retired English footballer

Willow (Dreadstar)
Willow is a fictional character in the space opera Dreadstar, created by Jim Starlin. She was introduced in the first issue of Dreadstar's regular series and had her origin told in issue 2.-Character history:

Willow (PAT station)
Willow is a station on the Overbrook branch of the Port Authority of Allegheny County's light rail network. It is located in Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania. It is a transfer point between the Beechview and Overbrook lines

Wills is a surname and may refer to:* Alfred Wills , English High Court judge and mountaineer* Andrew Wills , Australian rules footballer* Anneke Wills , British actress

Willy (EastEnders)
Willy is a fictional dog from the BBC soap opera EastEnders. Willy was a Pug, who appeared in the first episode of the programme and remained in the show until 1992.-Storylines:

- People :* Wilson * Woodrow Wilson , 28th President of the United States* Wilson Francisco Alves , often only Wilson, Brazilian footballer of Brazil and Vasco da Gama* Harold Wilson, UK Prime Minister 1964-70, 1974-6

Wilson (Amtrak station)
The Wilson Amtrak Station, located in Wilson, North Carolina, is served by two passenger trains, the Palmetto and Carolinian. The street address is 401 East Nash Street, and is located in the heart of historic downtown Wilson.

Wilson (Surrey cricketer)
Wilson was an English professional cricketer who made 2 known appearances in major cricket matches from 1797 to 1809.-Career:He was mainly associated with Surrey and was a member of the Montpelier Cricket Club .-External sources:*

Wilt may refer to:* Wilting, the loss of rigidity of non-woody parts of plants* WILT, An acronym commonly used in instant messaging for 'What I'm Listening To'* Wilt disease, which can refer to a number of different diseases in plants.

WILT is a radio station broadcasting an adult contemporary format. Licensed to Wilmington, North Carolina, USA, the station serves the Wilmington area. WILT is currently owned by Sunrise Broadcasting, A subsidiary of Capitol Broadcasting Company of

- England :*Wilton, Cumbria, a place in the county of Cumbria*Wilton, Herefordshire, a village in south Herefordshire*Wilton, North Yorkshire, a place in the county of North Yorkshire*Wilton, Redcar and Cleveland, a place in the borough of Redcar and Cleveland

Wilton (UK Parliament constituency)
Wilton was the name of a parliamentary borough in Wiltshire. It was represented in the House of Commons of the Parliament of England from 1295 to 1707, then in the Parliament of Great Britain from 1707 to 1800 and finally in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom of the Parliament of the United Kingdom from 1801 to 1918

Wiltshire (European Parliament constituency)
Prior to its uniform adoption of proportional representation in 1999, the United Kingdom used first-past-the-post for the European elections in England, Scotland and Wales. The European Parliament constituencies used under that system were smaller than the later regional constituencies and only had one Member of the European Parliament each

Wily is a text editor created by Gary Capell for Unix computer systems. It is based on Acme, the mouse-centric editing environment for the Plan 9 operating system.

Wimbledon may refer to:* Wimbledon, London, a suburb in south-west London where the tennis championships are held** Municipal Borough of Wimbledon, a former borough** Wimbledon

Wimbledon (ecclesiastical parish)
Wimbledon is an ecclesiastical parish and part of the Rural Deanery of Merton and Southwark Diocese in Wimbledon, London, UK. There are five churches, four of which are part of the Wimbledon Team Ministry.-Churches:* St Mary's, St. Mary's Road.

Wimp may refer to:*A cowardly or unadventurous individual*Winfrey Sanderson known as "Wimp" , retired basketball coach*Katherine McDonald Wimp, better known as Kay Davis , jazz singer

WIMP (webserver)
The acronym WIMP is a solution stack of software, partially free and open source software, used to run dynamic Web sites on servers. The expansion is as follows:*Windows, referring to the operating system;*IIS, the Web server;

A wimple is a garment worn around the neck and chin, and which usually covers the head. Its use developed among women in early medieval Europe . At many stages of medieval culture it was unseemly for a married woman to show her hair

Wimpy could refer to:*J. Wellington Wimpy, a hamburger-loving character from the Popeye cartoons*Wimpy , a chain of hamburger restaurants, named after the cartoon character*Wimpy P-1, the first registered American Quarter Horse

A win is a victory.Win may also refer to:* Win , the opposite of the internet meme fail* Win , a 1975 song by David Bowie* Win , a statistical credit given to a pitcher* Win , a Scottish band

WIN (Detergent)
WIN High Performance Sports Detergent is a brand of laundry detergent launched in the United States in 2006 and also sold in Canada. It is designed specifically to clean high performance sports clothing made from microfibers and is marketed towards elite-level athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It is the first officially licensed detergent of the U.S

A winch is a mechanical device that is used to pull in or let out or otherwise adjust the "tension" of a rope or wire rope . In its simplest form it consists of a spool and attached hand crank. In larger forms, winches stand at the heart of machines as diverse as tow trucks, steam shovels and elevators

Winchester is a historic cathedral city and former capital city of England. It is the county town of Hampshire, in South East England. The city lies at the heart of the wider City of Winchester, a local government district, and is located at the western end of the South Downs, along the course of the River Itchen

Winchester measure
Winchester measure is a set of legal standards of volume defined in the city of Winchester, England during the tenth century and in use, with some modifications, until the present day.-National standard:

The Global Geospace Science WIND satellite is a NASA science spacecraft launched at 04:31:00 EST on November 1, 1994 from launch pad 17B at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Merritt Island, Florida aboard a McDonnell Douglas Delta II 7925-10 rocket. WIND was designed and manufactured by Martin Marietta Astro Space Division in East Windsor, New Jersey

Wind is the flow of gases on a large scale. On Earth, wind consists of the bulk movement of air. In outer space, solar wind is the movement of gases or charged particles from the sun through space, while planetary wind is the outgassing of light chemical elements from a planet's atmosphere into space

Wind & Wuthering
"It's Yourself" is the B-side to "Your Own Special Way", released February 1977-Related EP:All tracks from the Single Spot the Pigeon 20 May 1977-2007 SACD/CD/DVD Release:

Wind (Miami)
Wind Tower is a skyscraper in Downtown Miami, Florida, United States. It was completed in early 2008. It is located adjacent to the River Front East complex, on the north bank of the Miami River in Downtown. The building is located on Southwest 3rd Street and Miami Avenue. It is 501 ft tall and has 41 floors

Wind Chimes
"Wind Chimes" is a song composed by Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks for the American rock band The Beach Boys. The original version of the song was written and recorded for the aborted 1966 album Smile. The band completely re-recorded the song for inclusion on their next album, Smiley Smile

Wind instrument
A wind instrument is a musical instrument that contains some type of resonator , in which a column of air is set into vibration by the player blowing into a mouthpiece set at the end of the resonator. The pitch of the vibration is determined by the length of the tube and by manual modifications of the effective length of the vibrating column of air

Wind machine
The wind machine is a specialist musical instrument used to produce the sound of wind. One type uses an electric fan with wooden slats added to produce the required sound

Wind turbine
A wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy. If the mechanical energy is used to produce electricity, the device may be called a wind generator or wind charger. If the mechanical energy is used to drive machinery, such as for grinding grain or pumping water, the device is called a windmill or wind pump

A windbreaker is a thin outer coat designed to resist wind chill and light rain . It is usually of light construction, characteristically made of some type of synthetic material and often incorporating an elastic waistband and zipper

Windbreaker (disambiguation)
Windbreaker may refer to:*Windbreaker, a thin jacket*Windbreaker, a sheet of material supported by poles to protect from the wind*Windbreaker , a Transformers action figure

Winden may refer to the following places:*in Germany:**Winden im Elztal, in the district of Emmendingen, Baden-Württemberg**Winden, Aichach-Friedberg, in the district of Aichach-Friedberg, Schwaben, Bayern

Winder may refer to:* winder , a device for transferring energy into a mechanical storage such as mainsprings or the weights of a longcase clock. Its supply may be the hand—most familiarly so—or an electric motor.

Winder (machine)
A winding machine or winder is a machine for wrapping string, twine, cord, thread, yarn, rope, wire, ribbon, tape, etc onto a spool, bobbin, reel, etc.-In textiles:

Windfall is a serial drama television series about a group of people in an unnamed small city who win almost $400 000 000 in a lottery. The series premiered Thursday, June 8, 2006 on NBC, taking the time slot occupied by ER during the rest of the year.On August 31, 2006, NBC announced the show's cancellation by stating on its website that the episode that night would be the

Windfall may refer to:* Windfall gainArts* Windfall , an alternative rock bandFilm and stage* Windfall , by R. C. Sherriff* Windfall , adaptation directed by Frederick Hayward and George King

Windfall (album)
-Track listing:#"Legacy" – 3:24#"Someone to Love" – 3:58#"How Many Times" – 4:42#"Evil Woman Child" – 3:45#"Don't Let Me Leave Here" – 2:44

Windfall (novel)
Windfall is a novel written by English author Desmond Bagley, and was first published in 1982.-Plot introduction:This is a novel about the source of a mysterious 40 million pound legacy. The main benefactor was a small college in the remote Rift Valley in Kenya

Windhoek is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Namibia. It is located in central Namibia in the Khomas Highland plateau area, at around above sea level. The 2001 census determined Windhoek's population was 233,529

Windigo (disambiguation)
Windigo may refer to:*Lake Windigo, a small lake on Star Island*Windigo Lake, Ontario, a lake in Northern Ontario*Windigo Ranger Station, a docking and refueling port on Isle Royale in Lake Superior

Winding (disambiguation)
A winding is a series of loops.Winding may also refer to:* Kai Winding , Danish trombonist and jazz composer* Winding number, an integer representing the total number of times that a curve travels counterclockwise around a point

The windlass is an apparatus for moving heavy weights. Typically, a windlass consists of a horizontal cylinder , which is rotated by the turn of a crank or belt

Windle may refer to:People called:* Bob Windle* Janice Woods Windle* Jeanette WindlePlaces called:* Windle, St HelensCompanies* Windle

A windmill is a machine which converts the energy of wind into rotational energy by means of vanes called sails or blades. Originally windmills were developed for milling grain for food production. In the course of history the windmill was adapted to many other industrial uses. An important application was to pump water

Windmill (chess)
In chess, a windmill is a tactic in which a combination of discovered checks and regular checks, usually by a rook and a bishop, can win massive amounts of material. This tactic is also sometimes referred to as a see-saw

Windmill (disambiguation)
A windmill is an engine powered by the wind to produce energy.Windmill may also refer to:- Art and Culture :*Windmill , one of the most well-known power moves in breakdancing*Windmill , an indie band from the UK

Windmill (sailing dinghy)
The Windmill is a two person one-design sailing dinghy designed by Clark Mills in 1953. It was designed to be inexpensive and buildable by amateur woodworkers, such as father-and-son team

Windmill (song)
"Windmill" is a song by the German power metal band Helloween taken from the album Chameleon. It was released in some countries as Windmill

A window is a transparent or translucent opening in a wall or door that allows the passage of light and, if not closed or sealed, air and sound. Windows are usually glazed or covered in some other transparent or translucent material like float glass. Windows are held in place by frames, which prevent them from collapsing in

Window (short story)
"Window" is a science fiction story by Bob Leman, published in 1980 and reprinted numerous times. It was nominated for the Nebula Award for best short story, and the influential science fiction publisher Donald A. Wollheim considered it one of the finest examples of the genre.The prose is straightforward and to-the-point

Window cleaner
A window cleaner is a person who maintains the cleanliness of windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces as a profession.-Profession:

Window dresser
Window dressers arrange displays of goods in shop windows or within a shop itself. They may work for design companies contracted to work for clients or for department stores, independent retailers, airport or hotel shops.

Windowbox (film)
Windowboxing in the display of film or video occurs when the aspect ratio of the media is such that the letterbox effect and pillarbox effect occur simultaneously

Windowpane may refer to:*Paned window and Window, an architectural element*Windowpane , Coil album released in 1990*"Windowpane", an Opeth song from the album Damnation*Fenestrane*Windowpane, a piece of gelatin containing LSD

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