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A wheeze is a continuous, coarse, whistling sound produced in the respiratory airways during breathing. For wheezes to occur, some part of the respiratory tree must be narrowed or obstructed, or airflow velocity within the respiratory tree must be heightened

WHEN is a radio station broadcasting an urban adult contemporary format, simulcasting on the HD sub channel for WSYR-FM 106.9 FM HD-2. Licensed to Syracuse, New York, USA, the station serves the Syracuse area

When All Is Said and Done
When All Is Said and Done may refer to:*When All Is Said and Done , an album by From Satellite*"When All Is Said and Done" , a song by ABBA*"When All Is Said and Done" a song by Trapt

When All Is Said and Done (song)
"When All Is Said and Done" is the name of a song recorded in 1981 by Swedish pop group ABBA. It is featured on the group's final studio album, The Visitors, and was released as a single in the United States on December 31, 1981 on Atlantic 3889. It debuted on the Billboard pop singles chart on January 9, 1982 and peaked at #27. The lead vocals were sung by Anni-Frid Lyngstad

Whetstone may refer to:* Whetstone, a sharpening stone used for knives and other cutting tools* Whetstone , a benchmark for measuring computing power* Operation Whetstone, a nuclear test program in the 1960s- Places :United Kingdom

Whey or Milk Serum is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. It is a by-product of the manufacture of cheese or casein and has several commercial uses. Sweet whey is manufactured during the making of rennet types of hard cheese like cheddar or Swiss cheese

WHEY is a non-commercial educational radio station licensed to serve North Muskegon, Michigan, USA. The station is owned and operated by Muskegon Community Radio Broadcast Company.

Which (Unix)
which is a Unix command used to identify the location of executables.The command takes one or more arguments; for each of these arguments, it prints to stdout the full path of the executable that would have been executed if this argument had been entered into the shell. It does this by searching for an executable or script in the directories listed in the environment variable PATH

-In the British Isles:* A faction of the Scottish Covenanters during the 17th-century Wars of the Three Kingdoms, and the original Whigs.

Whigfield II
Whigfield II is the second studio album by Danish artist Whigfield, released in 1997.-Tracklist:#Givin' All My Love 3:34#No Tears To Cry 3:47#Baby Boy 3:39#Tenderly 4:01#What We've Done For Love 3:47#Lover 3:56

"While" is a word in the English language that functions both as a noun and as a subordinating conjunction. Its meaning varies largely based on its intended function, position in the phrase and even the writer or speaker's regional dialect

Whim may refer to:* Whim , a capstan or drum with a vertical axle used in mining* Whim , a type of carriage* Whim, a reissue of Adventures of Wim, a book by George Cockroft as Luke Rhinehart

WLKW is a radio station licensed to West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA. The station is the ESPN Radio affiliate for Rhode Island and is owned by Hall Communications. WLKW was an affiliate of the Pawsox Radio Network until 2009.

WHIM may refer to:*The Warm–hot intergalactic medium in astrophysics*WHIM syndrome, Wart, Hypogammaglobulinemia, Infection, and Myelokathexis syndromeCallsigns:*WHIM , a radio station licensed to Coral Gables, Florida, United States.

Whimsical may refer to:* Whimsical , the 1906 winner of the Preakness Stakes* "Whimsical," a song by Days of the New from their 1997 album Days of the New

Whimsical (horse)
Whimsical was an American thoroughbred filly racehorse. She was sired by the great stakes winner Orlando, out of the mare, Kismet, who was sired by United States Racing Hall of Fame stallion, Hindoo.

The Whinchat Saxicola rubetra is a small migratory passerine bird breeding in Europe and western Asia and wintering in Africa.Its scientific name means "small rock-dweller", in reference to its habitat

Whine is an album by Scorn, originally released in 1997 on Invisible Records in the United States, and KK Records in Europe.-Track listing:Tracks 1–8 recorded live in Rome, 1997-03-05.#"Not Answering" – 9:54#"Twitcher" – 6:02#"Strand" – 6:04

A whip is a tool traditionally used by humans to exert control over animals or other people, through pain compliance or fear of pain, although in some activities whips can be used without use of pain, such as an additional pressure aid in dressage

WHIP may refer to* Walks plus hits per inning pitched, a baseball statistic* WHIP , a radio station in Mooresville, North Carolina, United States* WHIP , a student-run internet radio stream from Temple University

Whip (musician)
Whip is an alias for American folk musician Jason Merritt who lives in Portland, Oregon. He is a full-time member of Timesbold, as well as writing solo records under the "Whip" pseudonym. Merritt was born in upstate New York, and lived in Brooklyn where he wrote four Whip records before forming Timesbold. Whip and Timesbold records are now both regularly released

Whiplash may refer to:* The long flexible part of a whip* Whiplash , an injury-Film and television:* Whiplash , a 1948 American film noir* Whiplash , a Hong Kong film starring Cheng Pei-pei

Whiplash (Gladiators)
Whiplash is an event played in several incarnations of the television series Gladiators. In this event, a contender and Gladiator stand within a circle, each holding the end of a 'dogbone'

Whiplash (Stellar\* song)
"Whiplash" is New Zealand band Stellar*'s eleventh single, and their first single from their third album Something Like Strangers. This was Stellar*'s first new release in three years

Whipped may refer to:* Whipped , a 2000 independent comedy film* Whipped!, Faster Pussycat's third album* Whipping knot* "Whipped", a song by Axium from The Story Thus Far-See also:* Whip * Whipped cream

Whipped (film)
-Plot:Three single men gather at a local restaurant every Sunday so they can discuss each other's sex lives; however, when each one of them falls for the beautiful Mia , their weekly ritual becomes something of a trial, and their once strong friendships are put at risk.-Cast:* Amanda Peet as Mia* Brian Van Holt as Brad* Beth Ostrosky as Beth* Judah Domke as Eric* Zorie

Whipped cream
Whipped cream is cream that has been beaten by a mixer, whisk, or fork until it is light and fluffy. Whipped cream is often sweetened and sometimes flavored with vanilla, in which case it may be called Chantilly cream or crème Chantilly .

Whipper (disambiguation)
A whipper is an especially hard or dynamic fall in rock climbing where the rope is weighed by a significant load.Whipper may also refer to:* Bob "Whipper" Watson , Canadian lacrosse player

The Whippet is a breed of dog in the sighthound family. They are active and playful and are physically similar to a small Greyhound.- Description :

Whipping boy
A whipping boy was a young boy who was assigned to a young prince and was punished when the prince misbehaved or fell behind in his schooling. Whipping boys were established in the English court during the monarchies of the 15th century and 16th centuries

Whipping boy (disambiguation)
Whipping boy may refer to:* Scapegoat, a person or group who is blamed for the sins, crimes, or sufferings of others* The Whipping Boy, a Newbery Medal winning book* Whipping boy, a young boy who was assigned to a prince and was punished in his place

Whippletree may refer to:*Whippletree , a pivot mechanism used to distribute force evenly, used for draught animals and in windscreen wipers*Whippletree, a name for dogwood, a shrub

Whippletree (mechanism)
A whippletree or whiffletree is a mechanism to distribute force evenly through linkages. The mechanism may also be referred to as an equalizer, leader bar or double tree. It consists of a bar pivoted at or near the centre, with force applied from one direction to the pivot, and from the other direction to the tips

WHIR is a radio station broadcasting a News Talk Information format. Licensed to Danville, Kentucky, USA. The station is currently owned by Hometown Broadcastng of Danville Inc.WHIR features The Charlie Perry Show which can be heard Monday through Friday from 6-9 am

Whirl may refer to:* Whirl , a Transformers toy* Tilt-A-Whirl, a type of amusement ride* Atomic whirl, a symbol of atheism* Whirl * Whirl magazine, a luxury lifestyle magazine in Pittsburgh, PA

Whirl (Transformers)
Whirl is the name of several fictional characters from the various Transformers universes. All are blue Autobot helicopters.-Transformers: Generation 1:

A whirligig is an object that spins or whirls, or has at least one member that spins or whirls. Whirligigs are also known as pinwheels, buzzers, comic weathervanes, gee-haws, spinners, whirlygigs; whirlijig; whirlyjig; whirlybird; or plain whirly. Whirligigs are most commonly powered by the wind, but can be hand or friction powered, or even powered by a motor

Whirligig beetle
The whirligig beetles are a family of water beetles that normally live on the surface of the water. They get their common name from their habit of swimming rapidly in circles when alarmed, and are also notable for their which can see both above and below water.They are also known for their grouping behavior, a survival mechanism which helps them to avoid predation

In computer science and cryptography, Whirlpool is a cryptographic hash function designed by Vincent Rijmen and Paulo S. L. M. Barreto first described in 2000. The hash has been recommended by the NESSIE project

Whirlpool (Chapterhouse album)
Whirlpool is the debut album by British band Chapterhouse. The album was reissued in 2006, on the label Cherry Red, with seven bonus tracks taken from three EPs released in the same time frame as the album. The Cherry Red reissue also included, for the first time, lyrics to all of the songs

Whirlpool (song)
"Whirlpool" is a song by the Meat Puppets. It was the second promotional single released from their album Forbidden Places. The single includes two previously unreleased cover songs: the Wanda Jackson cover "Funnel of Love" and the Led Zeppelin cover "Rock & Roll".They Might Be Giants did a cover of this song on their EP Why Does the Sun Shine? "Whirlpool" is a song by the Meat Puppets. It was the second promotional single released from their album Forbidden Places. The single includes two previously unreleased cover songs: the Wanda Jackson cover "Funnel of Love" and the Led Zeppelin cover "Rock & Roll".They Might Be Giants did a cover of this song on their EP Why Does the Sun Shine? "Whirlpool" is a song by the Meat Puppets. It was the second promotional single released from their album Forbidden Places. The single includes two previously unreleased cover songs: the Wanda Jackson cover "Funnel of Love" and the Led Zeppelin cover "Rock & Roll".They Might Be Giants did a cover of this song on their EP Why Does the Sun Shine? (The Sun Is a Mass of Incandescent

Whirlwind (atmospheric phenomenon)
A whirlwind is a weather phenomenon in which a vortex of wind forms due to instabilities and turbulence created by heating and flow gradients. Whirlwinds occur all over the world and in any season.

A whisk is a cooking utensil used in food preparation to blend ingredients smooth, or to incorporate air into a mixture, in a process known as whisking or whipping. Most whisks consist of a long, narrow handle with a series of wire loops joined at the end. The wires are usually metal, but some are plastic for use with nonstick cookware

Whisker may refer to:* an element of box plots* cat's whisker diode, a thin wire used as a contact on a crystal radio receiver* facial hair, hair on the face of a human* vibrissa, a hair on the face of a mammal, used for sensing the surroundings

Whisky or whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. Different grains are used for different varieties, including barley, malted barley, rye, malted rye, wheat, and corn

-In fiction:* Whisper , fictitious character in the popular Fantasy RPG Fable* Whisper, a character created by Ian Fleming in the James Bond novel and film Live and Let Die* Whisper , a 2007 horror film

Whisper (Farthing Wood)
Whisper is a character from The Animals of Farthing Wood . She is an urban fox who Bold met when he left White Deer Park. Although uninterested in him at first, Whisper would later become Bold's mate. When she fell pregnant, Whisper wanted to move to White Deer Park so that her cubs could grow up in a safe environment

Whisper (film)
Whisper is a 2007 horror film directed by Stewart Hendler and written by Christopher Borrelli. The film revolves around the kidnapping of a young boy, David, who is more than he appears and brings unexpected troubles for his kidnappers.- Plot :

The Whispered are unique individuals in the Full Metal Panic! universe who possess access to Black Technology, technology that outstrips the level of technology that should exist in the world.- Abilities :

Whisperer may refer to:*someone who whispers*Horse whisperer*Ghost Whisperer*Dog Whisperer*The Whisperer

Whispering is an unvoiced mode of phonation in which the vocal cords do not vibrate normally but are instead adducted sufficiently to create audible turbulence as the speaker exhales during speech. This is a somewhat greater adduction than that found in breathy voice

Whispers (album)
Whispers is the title of the second studio album by singer-songwriter & producer Thomas Anders, released in 1991. The album was produced by Paul Muggleton & Mike Paxman and mixed by Stephen W Tayler. Some tracks for the album were provided by songwriters of Roxette and Jennifer Rush

Whispers (radio series)
Whispers was a British radio panel game which was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 over three series from 2003 to 2005. The show was hosted by Gyles Brandreth, a former Conservative Party MP, and featured regular team captains Anthony Holden, Stella Duffy and Lucy Moore.The format of the quiz involved the guests identifying whether various pieces of information about celebrities were true or

Whist is a classic English trick-taking card game which was played widely in the 18th and 19th centuries. It derives from the 16th century game of Trump or Ruff, via Ruff and Honours

A whistle or call is a simple aerophone, an instrument which produces sound from a stream of forced air. It may be mouth-operated, or powered by air pressure, steam, or other means

Whistle (film)
Whistle is a 2003 South Indian Tamil film which is a verbatim remake of the English horror film Urban Legend. Although an average grosser, the film was a musical super hit. It is noted for vivek's rib tickling comedy. It is one of the most remarkable horror movies. The film marked the debut of vikramaditya in the lead role. The story revolves around a triangular love story

Whistleblower (magazine)
Whistleblower, formerly WorldNet, is the monthly news magazine companion of WorldNetDaily. Every month features a different topic or event in the news, with articles from the website as well as original articles and commentary.WorldNetDaily managing editor David Kupelian is "the driving force behind" the magazine

Whistler may refer to:* Someone who whistles* Whistler Group, a brand name of mobile electronic equipment* Whistler , a very low frequency radio phenomenon* Whistler , Microsoft's Trainable Text-to-Speech Engine

Whistler (band)
Whistler were a British indie band who released two albums on the Wiiija label. Formed by Ian Dench after leaving EMF, the band consisted of Dench, Kerry Shaw and James Topham .Both of the band's albums feature contributions from Tim Weller and

Whistler (surname)
The Whistler family are a notable artistic family from the south of England whose members include the prominent English national figures, brothers Rex Whistler and Laurence Whistler.-Family Members :

Human whistling is the production of sound by means of carefully controlling a stream of air flowing through a small hole. Whistling can be achieved by creating a small opening with one's lips and then blowing or sucking air through the hole

Whit, or, Isis amongst the unsaved is a novel by the Scottish writer Iain Banks, published in 1995. Isis Whit, a young but important member of a small, quirky cult in Scotland, narrates

WCSY is a radio station broadcasting a sports format in South Haven, Michigan. It formerly simulcasted sister station WCSY-FM

Whitby (UK Parliament constituency)
Whitby was a parliamentary constituency centred on the town of Whitby in North Yorkshire. It returned one Member of Parliament to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, MP elected by the first past the post system.-History:

White is a color, the perception of which is evoked by light that stimulates all three types of color sensitive cone cells in the human eye in nearly equal amounts and with high brightness compared to the surroundings. A white visual stimulation will be void of hue and grayness.White light can be generated in many ways. The sun is such a source, electric incandescence is another

White (band)
White is a progressive rock band formed by Alan White in 2005.-History:Alan White has achieved great success in his role as the drummer with Yes as well as having worked with John Lennon, George Harrison and Joe Cocker.

White (BBC series)
White was a series of documentaries shown in March 2008 on BBC 2 dealing with issues of race and the changing nature of the white working class in Britain

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