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Webster (surname)
Webster is an English occupational surname meaning weaver. Notable persons with that surname include:*Alasdair Webster , Australian politician*Andy Webster, Scottish football player

Webster's Dictionary
Webster's Dictionary refers to the line of dictionaries first developed by Noah Webster in the early 19th century, and also to numerous unrelated dictionaries that added Webster's name just to share his prestige. The term is a genericized trademark in the U.S.A

WED or Wed may refer to:* The act of getting married * Wednesday* UN World Environment Day*Western Economic Diversification Canada, a Canadian government agency

A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage or a similar institution. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes

Wedding (2005 TV series)
Wedding is an 18-episode South Korean television drama that explores the relationship of a newly wed couple. The series show how two people, who met and married through an arranged matchmaking, slowly develop a relationship and learn what it means to be married

Wedding (Shinhwa album)
Wedding was released on December 26, 2002, becoming Shinhwa's sixth studio album. With the release of Wedding, Shinhwa also broke the record for being the longest running boy band in the history of Korea, a record they are still currently holding as they have not yet disbanded

Wedding ring
A wedding ring or wedding band is a metal ring indicating the wearer is married. Depending on the local culture, it is worn on the base of the right or the left ring finger. The custom of wearing such a ring has spread widely beyond its origin in Europe

Wedge may refer to:Mathematics:* Triangular prism, a parallel triangle wedge* Wedge , a polyhedral solid defined by two triangles and three trapezoid faces* Wedge product, a mathematical term, named for the ∧ operator symbol used

Wedge (Transformers)
Wedge is a fictional character from the Transformers toy line and cartoon series.-Transformers: Robots in Disguise:The other Build Team Autobots look to Wedge as their leader, even though he's young. A natural leader-in-the-making. Can be reckless and make mistakes but will never jeapordize his friends

A wedgie occurs when a person's underwear or other garments are wedged between the buttocks. While a wedgie can be created naturally, the term is usually associated with a prank or as a form of bullying

Wedlock may refer to:* Marriage* Wedlock , an album by Sunburned Hand of the Man* Wedlock , directed by Lewis Teague* Billy Wedlock, an English footballer* Fred Wedlock, an English folk singer

Wedlock (film)
Wedlock, originally known as Deadlock, is a 1991 science fiction action film from Home Box Office , starring Rutger Hauer.-Cast:* Rutger Hauer ... Frank Warren* Mimi Rogers ... Tracy Riggs* Joan Chen ... Noelle

Wednesday is a day of the week in the Gregorian calendar. According to international standard ISO 8601, it is the third day of the week. This day is between Tuesday and Thursday

Wednesday (band)
Wednesday was a pop vocal group from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. They scored a hit single in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1974 with their cover of the song "Last Kiss", which peaked at #34. That same year, they were nominated for the Canadian Juno Award for Most Promising Group. The single reached #2 in Canada

Wee1 is a nuclear kinase belonging to the Ser/Thr family of protein kinases in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe . It has a molecular mass of 96 kDa and it is a key regulator of cell cycle progression.

A weed in a general sense is a plant that is considered by the user of the term to be a nuisance, and normally applied to unwanted plants in human-controlled settings, especially farm fields and gardens, but also lawns, parks, woods, and other areas. More specifically, the term is often used to describe any plants that grow and reproduce aggressively

Weeds (disambiguation)
Weeds may refer to:* Weed, a type of common plant* Weeds , an American comedy drama series, starting 2005* Weeds , a 1987 film starring Nick Nolte* "Weeds" , an episode of the TV series Millennium

Weeds (film)
Weeds is a 1987 American drama film about a prison inmate who writes a play that catches the attention of a visiting reporter. The film was directed by John D

Weeds (short story)
"Weeds" is a short story by Stephen King. It was first published in Cavalier magazine in May 1976.-Plot summary:

A week is a time unit equal to seven days.The English word week continues an Old English wice, ultimately from a Common Germanic , from a root "turn, move, change"

Weekend (band)
Weekend was formed by Alison Statton following the split of Young Marble Giants in 1981. The band was actually a merger between two projects. Statton began writing with Spike of Z Block Records and Reptile Ranch in Cardiff, Wales in the summer of 1981 before moving to London where she teamed up with Simon Emmerson of Methodishca Tune

Weekend (Daz song)
Weekend is a single from Daz Dillinger's album So So Gangsta. The song premiered on the DJ playlists on November 13, 2006 according to Radio & Records Rhythmic and Urban charts .-Song information:

Weekend (Kenny Lattimore album)
Weekend is the third album of R&B singer Kenny Lattimore and the first under new record label Arista Records, released in 2001.- Biography :Weekend signified a new direction for Lattimore upon its release in 2001

Weekend (news program)
Weekend was a television newsmagazine that ran on NBC from 1974 to 1979. It was originally aired in the same time slot as Saturday Night Live, rotating in on those weekends when the SNL cast was not producing a show, which averaged about once per month

Weekend Warrior
Weekend warrior may refer to:In music:*Weekend Warrior , an album by Biz Markie*Weekend Warriors , an album by Ted Nugent*"Weekend Warrior", an album by 80kidz

Weekend Warrior (album)
Weekend Warrior is the fifth and latest studio album by the American recording artist Biz Markie, released in November 18, 2003, on Tommy Boy Entertainment, ten years after his last release, his 1993 album, All Samples Cleared! Production was handled by Cool V, DJ Mark the 45 King, and Biz Markie himself

Weekender (disambiguation)
Media*Weekender, A United Kingdom newspaper*Weekender , an English-language magazine in Japan*Weekender , a record label*Weekender , A Northeastern Pennsylvania Weekly entertainment distributionTransportation

Weekender (Northeastern Pennsylvania weekly)
The Weekender is an arts entertainment weekly for Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and surrounding communities in northeastern PA. It is distributed every Wednesday.

Weeks is a surname. For information on the surname itself, see Weeks . Some notable people with the name Weeks are:* Alan Weeks , British television sports reporter and commentator

Weel is a hamlet in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. It is situated approximately east of the town of Beverley and south of the village of Tickton. It lies on the east bank of the River Hull.It forms part of the civil parish of Tickton.

WCNF is a radio station licensed to serve Dothan, Alabama, USA. The station, which began licensed operation in 1996, is currently owned by Victory Broadcasting Corporation, LLC. Temporarily dark since October 2010, the station most recently aired a Christian radio format branded as "Praise 700"

Ween (disambiguation)
Ween may refer to the following:*Ween, a rock band*Halloween, a Western holiday*Dean Ween, a member of rock band Ween*Gene Ween, a member of rock band Ween*Ween: The Prophecy, a video game by Coktel Vision

WEEP or Weep may refer to:* "weep", the act of crying* WEEP , a defunct radio station in Virginia, Minnesota* WWNL, a radio station in Pittsburgh formerly known as "WEEP"* Weep , an American rock band from New York City

A weep or a weep-brick is a small opening that allows water to drain from within an assembly. Weeps are located at the bottom of the object to allow for drainage; the weep hole must be sized adequately to overcome surface tension.

WEEP (defunct)
WEEP is a radio station formerly licensed to serve Virginia, Minnesota. The FCC license, most recently held by Full Armor Ministries, Inc., expired on August 1, 2005. The station last aired a Religious radio format. The station began broadcasting in 1936, with a power of 250 watts. It was the ninth oldest station in Minnesota.The station was purchased in 1951 by Frank P

The Weeper is the name of two fictitious comic book supervillains, originally published by Fawcett Comics and today owned by DC Comics. The original Weeper first appeared in Master Comics #23 in February 1942.

Weeping (song)
"Weeping" is the name of song written by Dan Heymann during the mid 1980s. It is a protest song, the lyrics of which refer to the apartheid system still active in South Africa at the time .- Covers :Various artists have performed versions of 'Weeping' :

Weeping Willow (Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode)
"Weeping Willow" is the tenth episode of the sixth season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. It originally aired on NBC in the United States on November 8, 2006. In the episode, a teenage vlogger nicknamed WeepingWillow17, played by guest star Michelle Trachtenberg, is apparently kidnapped during the filming of one of her Internet videos

Weeping Willows
Weeping Willows is a Swedish indie rock group that started 1995.-History:The band's first two albums are primarily influenced by the popular music of the late 1950's to early 1960's

The old scattered municipality of Weer is located in the district of Schwaz, Tyrol, Austria. It lies in the east of the Weerbach .Until World War II Weer was a farming village

Wees is a municipality in the district of Schleswig-Flensburg, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

A weevil is any beetle from the Curculionoidea superfamily. They are usually small, less than , and herbivorous. There are over 60,000 species in several families, mostly in the family Curculionidae

Weevil (Torchwood)
Weevils are a fictional extraterrestrial species from the British science fiction television series Torchwood, first appearing in the episode "Everything Changes". As Jack Harkness explains in that episode, the name "Weevil" is applied to them by Torchwood, but as communication with them is limited, the true name of their race is not known

In weaving, weft or woof is the yarn which is drawn through the warp yarns to create cloth. In North America, it is sometimes referred to as the "fill" or the "filling yarn".

WEFT Champaign 90.1FM is a community radio station in Champaign, Illinois, founded in 1981 and owned by Prairie Air, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation. It has a wide range of programming, including music from nearly every genre, public affairs discussion, theater and arts, and more

WEG may refer to:* FEI World Equestrian Games* Weg!, travel magazine* WEG Industries, the largest Latin American electric motor manufacturer* West End Games,publisher of roleplaying games* West End Gang, notorious Montreal Irish band of hoods.

WEGI-FM is a commercial FM radio station licensed to Oak Grove, Kentucky with offices located in Clarksville, Tennessee. WEGI and its sister-stations are known as the "5 Star Radio Group" and is owned by Saga Communications, Inc.

Weh or WEH may refer to:* Weh Island, a small active volcanic island, also the northernmost island of Indonesia* Weihai Airport, China, its IATA airport code* West Ham station, London, its station code* Western Express Highway, Mumbai, India

Wehr may refer to:*Wehr, Baden-Württemberg*Wehr, Rhineland-Palatinate*WEHR, a radio station in Penn State's East Residence Halls*Wehr, a village in Selfkant, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany-People with the surname:*Hans Wehr , German Arabist

-States:* Northern Wei , during Southern and Northern Dynasties* Wei , during the Spring and Autumn Period* Wei , during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period

Wei (rank)
Wei is the rank held by company-grade officers in the military of both the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China. It currently exists in three grades, Shao Wei , Zhong Wei , and Shang Wei

Wei (Spring and Autumn Period)
This article is about the State of Wei founded during the Spring and Autumn Period. For the Warring States Period state whose name is pronounced identically, see Wei .

Weide is a surname, and may refer to:* German name of the Widawa River in Poland* Hu Weide , Chinese politician and diplomat- Family name :* Robert B

Weigh anchor
Weigh anchor is a nautical term indicating the final preparation of a sea vessel for getting underway.Weighing anchor literally means raising the anchor of the vessel from the sea floor and pulling it up to the side of the vessel after the engines have been brought up to operating power.-Example of use:USS Marvel 's narrative is described in part in DANFS as "On 17

In science and engineering, the weight of an object is the force on the object due to gravity. Its magnitude , often denoted by an italic letter W, is the product of the mass m of the object and the magnitude of the local gravitational acceleration g; thus:

Weightless is the debut album by rap group, The Skinny Boys. It was released in 1986 for Warlock Records and was produced by Mark Bush and Chuck Chillout.- Track listing :# "Jockbox"- 4:30# "Unity"- 4:50# "Get Funky"- 3:32# "Weightless"- 4:51

Weightless (Wet Wet Wet song)
"Weightless" is a pop song by Scottish group Wet Wet Wet. It is the second single lifted from their comeback album, Timeless. Released on 4 February 2008, it reached #10 on the UK singles chart, becoming their first single to chart inside the UK Top 10 since 1997. However, the following week it fell to #96, making it the first-ever Top Ten hit to spend just one week in the UK Top 75

Weihnachten is the German observance of what is commonly known in English as Christmas Day. - Preparations :In preparation for Weihnachten , many German families celebrate Advent. This is a time of religious preparation for the arrival of das Christkind

Weil is the name of the following German towns:*Weil, Bavaria*Weil am Rhein, Baden-Württemberg*Weil der Stadt, Baden-Württemberg*Weil im Schönbuch, Baden-WürttembergWeil may also refer to:

Weil (surname)
- Weil :* Adolf Weil , German physician* Adolf Weil, motocross racer* André Weil, mathematician and brother of Simone* Andrew Weil, physician* Cynthia Weil, songwriter* Felix Weil, Frankfurt School supporter

Weiler (Rottenburg)
Weiler is a suburban district of Rottenburg am Neckar in the administrative district of Tübingen in Baden-Württemberg .-Geography:Weiler is located 4 km southern from Rottenburg am Neckar on a plateau with an elevation from 373 to 558 m.-Extent:The area of the district is 384 hectares

Weimar (disambiguation)
Weimar may refer to:Places:*Weimar, a city in Thuringia, Germany*Weimar , a town in Hesse, Germany*Ahnatal-Weimar, a district of Ahnatal, Hesse, Germany*Weimar, California, United States*Weimar, Texas, United StatesSee also:

Weimar Republic
The Weimar Republic is the name given by historians to the parliamentary republic established in 1919 in Germany to replace the imperial form of government

Weinberg (Winterthur)
Weinberg is a quarter in the district 6 of Winterthur.It was formerly a part of Wülflingen municipality, which was incorporated into Winterthur in 1922.