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Wall (Chinese constellation)
The Wall mansion is one of the Twenty-eight mansions of the Chinese constellations. It is one of the northern mansions of the Black Tortoise.- Asterisms :

Wall (surname)
-List of people with the surname Wall:* Anthony Wall* Art Wall, Jr.* Barbara Wall* Bree Seanna Wall* Brad Wall* C. T. C. Wall* Carol Wall* D. D. Wall* Daniel E. Wall* Derek Wall* Donne Wall* Frank Wall* Garret D. Wall* George Wall* Gerard Wall

Wall Street
Wall Street refers to the financial district of New York City, named after and centered on the eight-block-long street running from Broadway to South Street on the East River in Lower Manhattan. Over time, the term has become a metonym for the financial markets of the United States as a whole, or signifying New York-based financial interests

-People:* Wallace * Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace , English crime writer, journalist, novelist, screenwriter, and playwright.* Clan Wallace in Scotland* William Wallace, a famous Scottish knight, and Guardian of Scotland

Wallace (New Zealand electorate)
Wallace was a New Zealand parliamentary electorate, from 1859 to 1996.-Population centres:This electorate is in the rural part of Southland.-History:

Wallace (surname)
-People:* A. J. Wallace , American football player* Alfred Russel Wallace, British naturalist and biologist, who identified the Wallace Line and co-discovered natural selection* Andy Wallace * Andy Wallace

Wallaroo (disambiguation)
A wallaroo is a medium-sized marsupial. It can also be:* Wallaroo, New South Wales a rural locality near Canberra in New South Wales in Australia* Wallaroo, South Australia a town in Australia* Wallaroo, Western Australia a town in Australia

A wallet, or billfold, is a small, flat case that is used to carry personal items such as cash, credit cards, identification documents , photographs, business cards and other paper or laminated cards

Walleye is a freshwater perciform fish native to most of Canada and to the northern United States. It is a North American close relative of the European pikeperch

Erysimum is a genus that includes about 180 species, both popular garden plants and many wild forms. The genus Cheiranthus is sometimes included herein whole or in part. Erysimum has recently adscribed to a monogeneric cruciferous tribe, Erysimeae

Wallflower (album)
Wallflower is the second and final album by rock band My Sister's Machine. The song "Enemy" was included on the compilation album Hard Music, Volume 1 in 1994.-Tracklist:All tracks written by Pollock/Wright, except where noted.-Reception:

Wallflower (band)
Wallflower were an alternative rock band from London, England. They were active between 1994–1998, and released two EPs and a 10" single.-Influences:

Wallflower (Bob Dylan song)
"Wallflower" is a song written and recorded in 1971 by Bob Dylan. Dylan's own recording, however, was not released until twenty years later as part of The Bootleg Series Volumes 1–3 1961–1991. The song was recorded, with Dylan's backing vocal, for Doug Sahm's 1973 recording Doug Sahm and his Band

Wallonia (disambiguation)
Wallonia commonly refers to:* Wallonia, the meridional part of Belgium belonging to the Romance linguistic field* Walloon Region, one of the three Regions of the federal Belgium* The French-speaking language area of Belgium* Wallonia, Kentucky

Wallon may refer to:*Henri-Alexandre Wallon , a French historian and statesman*Henri Wallon , a psychologist and grandson of Henri-Alexandre Wallon

Wallop was originally designed as an Internet social network service tracing its origins from Microsoft Research. As a startup, the company behind Wallop was backed by $13 million from Microsoft and venture capitalists including Norwest Venture Partners, Bay Partners and Consor Capital.While the Wallop team was working on launching their website, however, the expansion to platforms of

Wallop (disambiguation)
Wallop is a social networking service.Wallop or Wallops may also refer to:-Places:*Farleigh Wallop, a small village and civil parish in Hampshire, England*Middle Wallop, a village in Hampshire, England

- Other uses :*Wall's , a company that makes ice cream*Wall's sausages, a British sausage brand*Walls, an episode of Power Rangers S.P.D.- Music :*Walls EP, a 2005 album by The Red Paintings*Walls , 2007

Walls (album)
Walls is an album by Apparat, released in 2007.The album received very positive reviews from critics, with allmusic calling the album "remarkable" and saying that it "ranks as his best yet.". Pitchfork compared the album to the work of M83 and Slowdive, calling it "one of the best electronic dream-pop records in a while"

Walls (Icehouse song)
"Walls" is the third single released by Australian rock band Flowers, later known as Icehouse. It was released in January 1981, on independent label Regular Records from their debut album, Icehouse, it peaked at #20 on the Australian Kent Music Reoport Singles Charts

-People:* Wally Broecker, American geochemist* Wally Chambers, American football player* Wally Hayward, South African ultra distance runner* Wally Lewis, Australian rugby league footballer* Wally Moon, American baseball player

Wally (band)
Wally, led by the singer-songwriter Roy Webber, was an English progressive rock band, which originated in Harrogate, Yorkshire, in the early 1970s.-Career:

WALLY (commuter rail)
WALLY is a proposed commuter rail service which would link the Michigan cities of Ann Arbor and Howell.- Proposal :

Wally (Wally album)
While the band fitted broadly into the Progressive rock category, there was more than a hint of country / rock about the album, especially with Paul Middleton's steel guitar. The album is very much of its time, and shows influences of The Byrds, Crosby Stills and Nash and the like

WALO is a radio station broadcasting a Spanish Variety format. Licensed to Humacao, Puerto Rico, USA. The station is currently owned by Ochoa Broadcasting Corp. and features programing from CNN Radio.

The walrus is a large flippered marine mammal with a discontinuous circumpolar distribution in the Arctic Ocean and sub-Arctic seas of the Northern Hemisphere. The walrus is the only living species in the Odobenidae family and Odobenus genus. It is subdivided into three subspecies: the Atlantic walrus The walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) is a large flippered marine mammal with a discontinuous circumpolar distribution in the Arctic Ocean and sub-Arctic seas of the Northern Hemisphere. The walrus is the only living species in the Odobenidae family and Odobenus genus. It is subdivided into three subspecies: the Atlantic walrus The walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) is a large flippered marine mammal with a discontinuous circumpolar distribution in the Arctic Ocean and sub-Arctic seas of the Northern Hemisphere. The walrus is the only living species in the Odobenidae family and Odobenus genus. It is subdivided into three subspecies: the Atlantic walrus (O

WALT is a radio station broadcasting a talk radio format. Licensed to Meridian, Mississippi, USA, the station is owned by New South Communications and features programing from the Talk Radio Network.

Walter or Walther is a masculine given name, from an Old High German Walthari, containing the elements wald "rule" and hari "army, warrior".

-Television:* Walter * W*A*L*T*E*R, a pilot for a spin-off of the TV series M*A*S*H-Astronomy:* Walter , on the Moon, more commonly known as Diophantus* Walther , also on the Moon-Businesses:

Walther is a masculine given name. It is a German form of Walter, which is derived from the Old High German Walthari, containing the elements wald "rule" and hari - "army, warrior".-Given name:

The waltz is a ballroom and folk dance in time, performed primarily in closed position.- History :There are several references to a sliding or gliding dance,- a waltz, from the 16th century including the representations of the printer H.S. Beheim

Waltzing Matilda (album)
Waltzing Matilda is a studio album by Dutch violinist André Rieu and Australian soprano Mirusia, released on 28 April 2008 in Australia. The album includes several Australian traditional songs sung by Mirusia. Rieu and Mirusia will be performing the tracks in their worldwide tour late in 2008. The album debuted at number two on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart

Walu may refer to:*Walu, Burma*Hawaiian term for escolar, a fish*WaLu Martial arts, a Chinese Martial Arts System

WAMI may refer to:* WAMI , a radio station licensed to Opp, Alabama, United States* WAMI-FM, a radio station licensed to Opp, Alabama, United States

Wampum are traditional, sacred shell beads of the Eastern Woodlands tribes of the indigenous people of North America. Wampum include the white shell beads fashioned from the North Atlantic channeled whelk shell; and the white and purple beads made from the quahog, or Western North Atlantic hard-shelled clam

WAN may refer to:* Wide area network * World Association of Newspapers* Wanborough railway station in England, which has the station code WAN

Wan may refer to:Gaming/Computers*Common acronym WANPeople*Wan , a Chinese surname*Wan is a common name for the people that originate from the states of Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu, in Malaysia

A wand is a thin, straight, hand-held stick of wood, stone, ivory, or metal. Generally, in modern language, wands are ceremonial and/or have associations with magic but there have been other uses, all stemming from the original meaning as a synonym of rod and virge, both of which had a similar development.-Symbolism:In ecclesiastical and formal government ceremonial, special

WAND, virtual channel 17, is an NBC-affiliated television station serving the Decatur–Springfield–Champaign area. It is owned by Block Communications

Wand (disambiguation)
A wand is a thin, straight, hand-held stick of wood, ivory, or metal.Wand or magic wand may also refer to:-Erotic:*Hitachi Magic Wand, an electric body massager*Prince's wand, a piece of body piercing jewellery

Wanda (crater)
Wanda is a crater in the Akna Montes on Venus first mapped first by the Soviet Venera 15/16 mission in 1984. It was formed by the impact of an asteroid. The crater has a rugged central peak and a smooth radar-dark floor, probably volcanic material. The crater does not appear to be much deformed by later crustal movement that uplifted the mountains and crumpled the plains

In telecommunication, wander are long-term low-frequency random variations of the significant instants of a digital signal from their ideal positions. Phase variations with a frequency content above 10 Hertz are considered jitter, while those with a frequency below 10 Hz are referred to as wander. Wander variations are those that occur over a period greater than 1 s

Wanderer, Wanderers, or The Wanderer may refer to:* Itinerant people, who wander from place to place with no permanent home, or are vagrant* Wanderer , the file browser component of the AROS operating system

Wanderer (novel)
Wanderer is a science fiction novel written by Dennis Schmidt published in 1985. It is the fourth and final part in the Kensho series of novels.

Wandering can refer to:* Wandering * Wandering, Western Australia* Shire of Wandering

Wandering Albatross
The Wandering Albatross, Snowy Albatross or White-winged Albatross, Diomedea exulans, is a large seabird from the family Diomedeidae, which has a circumpolar range in the Southern Ocean. It was the first species of albatross to be described, and was long considered the same species as the Tristan Albatross and the Antipodean Albatross

Wandering Jew (disambiguation)
The Wandering Jew is a character from Christian folklore.Wandering Jew can also refer to:* Le Juif Errant , an 1844 novel by Eugène Sue

Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.-Etymology:The loanword from German language became an English term in 1902 as a reflection of what was then seen as a characteristically German predilection for wandering that may be traced back to German Romanticism and the German system of apprenticeship.A contemporary German equivalent for the

Wanderlust (1991 novel)
Wanderlust is a fantasy novel set in the Dragonlance universe. It was written by Steve Winter and Mary Kirchoff, based on characters and settings from Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's Dragonlance Chronicles series

Wanderlust (album)
Wanderlust was Frankie Laine's 42nd 12" long-play album, recorded and originally released in 1963. It is organized loosely around the theme of freedom and travel, pertaining to the German word Wanderlust-Track listing:#"Love Is Where You Find It"

Wanderlust (Björk song)
"Wanderlust" is a song written and recorded by Icelandic singer Björk. The track was released digitally as the fourth single from her seventh full-length studio album, Volta, on 7 April 2008.White labels of the single were issued in February 2008

WANDERlust (Gavin Rossdale album)
-Bonus Tracks:"I Don't Want to Lose Myself Tonight" – 3:40"You Can't Run from What You Forget" – 3:37"Jungle in the Circus" – 4:16"Vaya Con Dios" - 3:54-Chart positions:-Personnel:* Gavin Rossdale - lead vocals, guitar

Wanderlust (novel)
Wanderlust is a 1986 romantic novel, authored by Danielle Steel. The book was originally published on June 1, 1986 by Dell Publications, receiving a short number of both positive and negative editorial reviews

Wane may refer to:* Taylor Wane , British pornographic actress and model* WANE-TV, a television station licensed to Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States* Wax and Wane, 1982 song from Garlands album by Scottish band Cocteau Twins

WANG is a radio station broadcasting an Adult Standards/MOR format to the Havelock, North Carolina, USA area. The station is owned by NextMedia Group and licensed to NM Licensing LLC. WANG is limited to daytime operation only.

Wang Lina
Wang Lina is a Chinese long jumper.Wang won the silver medal at the 2002 World Junior Championships, and competed at the 2004 Olympic Games without reaching the final.In 2005 she tested positive for the banned substance norandrosterone

The ojeda are a tribe of the Luhya people of Kenya. They mainly occupy Butere-Mumias and Kakamega Districts, two of the 8 districts of Kenya's Western Province.

Wangen (Göppingen)
Wangen is a village and municipality in the district of Göppingen in Baden-Württemberg, southern Germany. It lies on the edge of the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region.-Geography:

Wango Tango
Wango Tango is an annual day-long concert produced on by local Los Angeles radio station KIIS-FM. The concert series has been staged at various venues around southern California including Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, and now at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.The concert series is noted

WANI is a news/talk radio station in Auburn, Alabama. The station is owned by Auburn Network, Inc. and serves the Montgomery, Alabama, radio market.

Wani (dragon)
was a dragon or sea monster in Japanese mythology. Since it is written using the kanji 鰐 wani is translated as "crocodile", or sometimes "shark" .

Wani (scholar)
Wani is a semi-legendary scholar who is said to have been offered as a tribute to Japan by Baekje of southwestern Korea during the reign of Emperor Ōjin. He used to be associated with the introduction of the Chinese writing system to Japan.

"Juanita" is a song made popular by Al Jolson. Written by Tin Pan Alley songwriters, Al Sherman and Sam Coslow, it was their first hit song. The song is about a man who is love with a girl who only wants to eat, thereby eating the singer out of house and home.The song is alternatively titled, "Wanita" or "Wanita ".-Unrelated

Wank may refer to:* WANK , a computer worm that attacked DEC VAX/VMS systems through DECnet in 1989* WANK , a radio station licensed to Lafayette, Florida, United States

WANK (computer worm)
The WANK Worm was a computer worm that attacked DEC VMS computers in 1989 over the DECnet. It was written in DIGITAL Command Language.-Origin:

Wanker is a pejorative term of English origin, common in Commonwealth and ex-Commonwealth countries, including Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. It initially referred to an onanist but has since become a general insult. It is synonymous with tosser.-Meaning:The term wanker originated from British slang in the 1940s