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W is the 23rd letter in the basic modern Latin alphabet.In other Germanic languages, including German, its pronunciation is similar or identical to that of English V

The term w00t is a slang interjection used to express happiness or excitement, usually over the Internet. The expression is most popular on forums, USENET posts, multiplayer computer games , IRC chats, and instant messages, though use on the World Wide Web is by no means uncommon.-History:The definite origin of the term w00t is unknown but

Waarde is a village in the Dutch province of Zeeland. It is located in the municipality of Reimerswaal, about 4 km southeast of Kruiningen.Waarde was a separate municipality until 1970.

WABO may refer to:* WABO , a radio station licensed to Waynesboro, Mississippi, United States* WABO-FM, a radio station licensed to Waynesboro, Mississippi, United States

WABO is a radio station licensed to serve Waynesboro, Mississippi. The station is owned by Martin Broadcasting Company. It airs a Country music format.

WAC is a three-letter acronym and may refer to:* WAC Corporal, the first U.S. sounding rocket* Walker Art Center, a modern art museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

WAC (gene)
WW domain-containing adapter protein with coiled-coil is a protein that in humans is encoded by the WAC gene.-Further reading:

WACC is a radio station broadcasting a Spanish Religious format. Licensed to Hialeah, Florida, USA. The station is currently owned by Radio Peace Catholic Broadcasting, Inc..-History:

Wachs means wax in German.Wachs as a surname may refer to:* Caitlin Wachs , American actress* Daliah Wachs, an American radio personality

Wachtel is a surname, and may refer to:* Christine Wachtel , German track and field athlete* Eleanor Wachtel, Canadian writer and broadcaster.* Marion Wachtel , American painter* Waddy Wachtel , American musician

WACK is a radio station broadcasting a news talk information format and licensed to Newark, New York, USA. The station is owned by Waynco Radio, Inc., and features programing from CNN Radio, ESPN Radio and Westwood One.

Wacko is a 1983 arcade game by Bally Midway. It debuted during the "Golden Age of Arcade Games". It featured a unique angled, or "sloped" cabinet design and a combination of trackball and joystick controls.-Description:

Wacko (TV series)
Wacko was a half-hour children's television series that aired on CBS on Saturday mornings. The show was a live action variety show featuring skits and musical numbers

- File format :* Doom WAD file, package files for the id Tech 1 engine* Wii WAD file, a file format used to package Channels for the Nintendo Wii* Quake engine texture archive file- Person :* Wad

Wad is an old mining term for any black manganese oxide or hydroxide mineral rich rock in the oxidized zone of various ore deposits. Typically closely associated with various iron oxides. Specific mineral varieties include pyrolusite, lithiophorite, nsutite, takanelite and vernadite.

WOHS is a radio station broadcasting a Classic Country format. Licensed to Shelby, North Carolina, USA, the station is currently owned by HRN Broadcasting, Inc

Wadding (disambiguation)
Wadding is a disc of material used in guns to seal gas behind a projectile or to separate powder from shot. It may also refer to:* Batting , a layer of insulation used in quilting between a top layer of patchwork and a bottom layer of backing material* Wadding

A Waddy, nulla nulla or hunting stick is an Australian Aboriginal war club. The former name comes from the Dharuk Aborigines of Port Jackson, Sydney.

- Places :* Wade, California* Wade, Maine* Wade, Mississippi* Wade, North Carolina* Wade Township, Clinton County, Illinois* Wade Township, Jasper County, Illinois* Wade County, Choctaw Nation, former political subdivision-Surname:

WADE is an AM Radio Station broadcasting on 1340 kHz. The station is owned by the Inspirational Deliverance Center of Waxhaw, North Carolina, but the city of license is Wadesboro, North Carolina, one county east in Anson County, North Carolina.

Waders, called shorebirds in North America , are members of the order Charadriiformes, excluding the more marine web-footed seabird groups. The latter are the skuas , gulls , terns , skimmers , and auks

Wadi is the Arabic term traditionally referring to a valley. In some cases, it may refer to a dry riverbed that contains water only during times of heavy rain or simply an intermittent stream.-Variant names:

WADI is a radio station licensed to serve the community of Corinth, Mississippi, USA. The station is owned by Power Valley Communications Inc. It broadcasts a country music format.

Wadi (disambiguation)
Wadi is a dry river or its valley. It may also refer to:* Wadi, Maharashtra, India* Wadi, Karnataka, a town in Gulbarga district, Karnataka, India* Wadi of the Maldives, a 13th century Sultan of the Maldives

Wado (era)
was a after Keiun and before Reiki. This period spanned the years from January 708 through September 715. The reigning empress was .-Change of era:

WADS is a radio station broadcasting a Spanish Religious format. Licensed to Ansonia, Connecticut, USA, it serves the Bridgeport area. The station is currently owned by Radio Amor.

Waffle (Sevendust song)
"Waffle" is a 2000 single by musical act Sevendust. A shot of the video is seen in the film Down to Earth.Two different versions of the song exist. One is the version that's on the album, while the other, mixed by Tom Lord-Alge, is the one used as the single. The only truly noticeable difference between the two versions is that the Tom Lord-Alge mix has a smoother drum track

Waffle iron
A waffle iron is a cooking appliance used to make waffles.It usually consists of two hinged metal plates, molded to create the honeycomb pattern found on waffles

WAFL is a radio station broadcasting a Hot Adult Contemporary format. Licensed to Milford, Delaware, USA, the station serves the Salisbury-Ocean City area. The station is currently owned by Delmarva Broadcasting Company. The station is also broadcast on HD radio.The station went on the air as WAFL-FM on 1981-03-20

Waft is a term meaning to carry along gently as through the air. The term is commonly used to describe scents that have diffused in to other parts of a room, or to describe smoke as being seen moving through the air

Wag is a traditional highland district in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia, in the approximate location of the modern Wag Hemra Zone. Weld Blundell described the district as bounded on the south by the mountains of Lasta, on the east and north by the Tellare River, and the west by the Tekezé

WAGA (disambiguation)
WAGA may refer to the following broadcast stations in Atlanta, Georgia, United States:* WAGA-TV 27 digital , formerly WAGA 5 analog* WVEE FM 103.3, originally WAGA-FM 102.9* WDWD AM 590, formerly WAGA from 1946 to 1959

WAGA-TV, virtual channel 5.1 is an owned-and-operated television station of the News Corporation-owned Fox Television Network and based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

A wage is a compensation, usually financial, received by workers in exchange for their labor.Compensation in terms of wages is given to workers and compensation in terms of salary is given to employees

WAGE may refer to:* Wage, a compensation workers receive in exchange for their labor* Formerlly the call sign of radio station WCRW licensed to Leesburg, Virginia, United States

WCRW is a broadcast radio station licensed to Leesburg, Virginia in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. WCRW is owned and operated by New World Radio, Inc., a subsidiary of Potomac Radio, LLC.-History:

Wager can refer to:* Gambling* A scientific wager* A legal wager under the Roman legal system* WAGR syndrome - a rare genetic syndrome-Given name:*Wager Swayne , American military Governor-Surname:

-People:*Ellet J. Waggoner, a Seventh-day Adventist theologian*J. T. Waggoner, member of the Alabama Senate*Lyle Waggoner, American actor*Paul Waggoner, lead guitarist of progressive metal band Between the Buried and Me

Wagner (surname)
Wagner is derived from the Germanic surname Waganari, meaning "wagonmaker" or "wagon driver".This common occupational surname was often given to one who transported produce or other goods via high-sided wagons or carts

A wagon is a heavy four-wheeled vehicle pulled by draught animals; it was formerly often called a wain, and if low and sideless may be called a dray, trolley or float.

Wagon Wheel
The Blue and Gold Wagon Wheel, now known simply as the Wagon Wheel, is awarded to the winner of the annual college football game between the University of Akron and Kent State University.

WAGs is an acronym, used particularly by the British tabloid press, to describe the wives and girlfriends of high-profile footballers, originally the England national football team. The term came into common use during the 2006 FIFA World Cup, although it had been used occasionally before that

WAGS may refer to:* WAGS , a radio station licensed to Bishopville, South Carolina, United States* WAGs, the Wives And Girlfriends of the England national football team

WAGS is a radio station broadcasting a Country music format.Licensed to Bishopville, South Carolina, USA. The station is currently owned by Beaver Communications.

-Given name:* Waheed Ul Hasan, Living at Lahore, studied from BZU, Engineer at Pepsi cola,* Waheed Ahmed , Urdu poet* Waheed Akhtar , poet, literary critic and scholar

Wahn may refer to :Places:* Wahn, Cologne, city part of Cologne, GermanyPeople:* Ian Wahn , a Canadian politicianOther:* love of this life and hatred of death, according to the glossary of Islamic terms in Arabic

Wahnfried was the name given by Richard Wagner to his villa in Bayreuth. The name is a German compound of Wahn and Fried, .

WAHR is a hot adult contemporary music-formatted radio station licensed to serve Huntsville, Alabama, USA. The station is owned by the Black Crow Media Group and the license is held by BCA Radio LLC. The signal covers most of northern Alabama and southern central Tennessee

WAHS is a radio station broadcasting a variety format. Licensed to Auburn Hills, Michigan, it first began broadcasting in November 1975. As of 2011, teacher liaison for the station, Rick Kreinbring, has passed his duties onto Aaron Donaghy

A waif is a living creature removed, by hardship, loss or other helpless circumstance, from his original surroundings

WAIF is a community radio station based in Cincinnati, Ohio.-Overview:WAIF is an all-volunteer community radio station, one of only a handful in the USA. Along with WJVS it broadcasts at 88.3 MHz

Wail is a commune in the Pas-de-Calais department in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of France.-Geography:Wail is located 21 miles southeast of Montreuil-sur-Mer, at the D98 and D340 road junction, 4miles east of Hesdin.-Population:

WAIL is a radio station broadcasting a classic rock format. Licensed to Key West, Florida, USA, the station serves the Florida Keys area

WAIN may refer to:* WAIN , a radio station licensed to Columbia, Kentucky, United States* WAIN-FM, a radio station licensed to Columbia, Kentucky, United States

WAIN is a radio station licensed to Columbia, Kentucky, USA. The station is currently owned by Tri-County Radio Broadcasting Corp..

Wain (Württemberg)
Wain is a town in the district of Biberach in Baden-Württemberg in Germany.- References :

Wainscot is a term used in fantasy fiction to describe societies that are concealed and secretly working in the real world. It was first coined by The Encyclopedia of Fantasy in 1997.

Wainscot (disambiguation)
Wainscot is a panelling style applied to the lower 900mm to 1500mm of an interior wall.Wainscot may also refer to:* Moths:** Common Wainscot, a moth that is very pale** Shoulder-striped Wainscot, a moth that has a thick black basal streak

A wainwright is a tradesperson skilled in the making and repairing of wagons . The word is the combination of the archaic words "wain" and "wright" .In places:*Canada

Wainwright (name)
Wainwright is an Anglo-Saxon occupational surname derived from the pre-7th century Old English word waegnwyrhta. The prefix, "waegn/waen, refers to a vehicle/wagon, common in its time as being horse-driven and four-wheeled. The suffix, wyrhta/wright, refers to a maker/builder. The earliest public record of the name dates to 1237 in Essex

WAIS is a radio station broadcasting a Talk/Personality format. WAIS licensed to serve the community of Buchtel, Ohio, USA. The station is currently owned by Nelsonville TV Cable, Inc.

The waist is the part of the abdomen between the rib cage and hips. On proportionate people, the waist is the narrowest part of the torso.

A waistcoat or vest is a sleeveless upper-body garment worn over a dress shirt and necktie and below a coat as a part of most men's formal wear, and as the third piece of the three-piece male business suit.-Characteristics and use:

Waistline refers to:*the waist on a human body — the narrow point of the abdomen between the ribcage and hipsor*Waistline — the line of demarcation between the upper and lower portions of a garment, which notionally corresponds to the natural waist but may vary with fashion from just below the bust to the upper hips

In computing, wait is a command which pauses until execution of a background process has ended.-Usage: wait [n]where n is the pid or job ID of a currently executing background process . If n is not given, the command waits until all jobs known to the invoking shell have terminated.wait normally returns the exit status of the last job which terminated

- Music :Songs* "Wait" * "Wait" * "Wait" , a song by White Lion* "Wait" , a song by the band Wang Chung* "Wait" , a song by the band Seven Mary Three

Wait (Earshot song)
"Wait" is the lead single from Earshot's second album Two. It reached #13 on the Mainstream Rock charts and #33 on the Modern Rock charts.

Wait (EP)
Wait is an EP released by the band Emanuel Nice. It was released by the German label Roddog Records.-Track listing: