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VPN (disambiguation)
VPN may refer to:* VPN, IATA code for Vopnafjörður Airport, Iceland* Vietnam People's Navy* Virtual private network* Public Against Violence

VR (nerve agent)
VR is a "V-series" nerve agent closely related to the better-known VX nerve agent.

-people::*Elisabeth Vrba, a paleontologist at Yale University* Pavel Vrba, Czech football manager*Rudolf Vrba, co-author of the Vrba-Wetzler report about the Auschwitz concentration camp-places::

Vrba (Serbia)
Vrba is a village in the city of Kraljevo, located at .


Vrede (song)
"Vrede" was the Dutch entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1993, cowritten by Eric van Tijn, Jochem Fluitsma and performed in Dutch by Ruth Jacott.

Vrees is a municipality in the Emsland district, in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Vroom may refer to:People*Cornelis Vroom , a Dutch painter of the Baroque era*Frederick Vroom , Canadian film actor*Hendrick Cornelisz Vroom , a Dutch painter

VT or Vt may refer to:* Vermont, postal abbreviation VT**Vt., older postal abbreviation for Vermont* Virginia Tech, common name of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, USA* VT F.C

VUE (Visual Understanding Environment)
VUE is a free, open source concept mapping application written in Java. The application is developed by the Academic Technology group at Tufts University. VUE is licensed under the Educational Community License. VUE 3.0, the latest release, was funded under a grant from the Andrew W

Vuelo is the first studio album by the Chilean pop rock band Kudai. This album has 13 tracks, two of which are acoustic versions of the originals, and one of which is a karaoke song. The album was released in Mexico in July, 2006, with the same track listing but a different cover

Vuelta (album)
Vuelta is the sixth album by singer-songwriter Richard Shindell. The album's eighth track, "So says the Whipporwill," is a tribute to the late folk artist Dave Carter.- Track listing :All songs written by Richard Shindell except where indicated.

Vuelta (magazine)
Vuelta was a Mexican literary magazine, founded by poet Octavio Paz in 1976 following the controversial dismantling of the workers' cooperative that ran the daily newspaper Excélsior. It ceased publication following Paz's death in 1998.

Vuelvo will be the fourth studio album released by Argentine group Erreway. It will be the first album recorded without Luisana Lopilato, who reported she would record a solo album, but by Camila Bordonaba, Felipe Colombo and Benjamín Rojas only.Erreway confirmed that, unlike their previous albums, Vuelvo would feature songs written by the band themselves

Vuk is the Serbo-Croatian word for "Wolf".*VUK-T , often called VUK is a high-performance Yugoslavian sailplane*Vuk , a novel by Istvan Fekete*Vuk , an animated Hungarian movie*Vuk , Serbo-Croatian given name

Vuk (name)
Vuk is a South Slavic male given name, meaning "wolf". In earlier times it was given to weak and ill neonates so it would protect them from illness and witchcraft .- Notable people :*Vuk Orle , Serbian military commander

-Mythology:* Vulcan , the blacksmith god of fire and volcanoes in Roman mythology** Vulcan of the alchemists, the patron deity associated with Paracelsian alchemy-Books :* Vulcan!, a 1978 Star Trek novel by Kathleen Sky

Vulcan (automobile company)
Vulcan Manufacturing Company was a brass era American automobile manufacturer based in Painesville, Ohio, founded in 1914.Vulcan's first products were the Model 27 speedster and five-passenger tourer. They ran on a 115 in wheelbase and had a 27 hp engine and left-hand drive

Vulcan (barge)
The Vulcan, launched in 1819, was the first all iron-hulled vessel to be built. It was designed as a horse-drawn passenger barge for use on the Scottish canals..-History:

Vulcan (comic book)
Vulcan was a weekly comic book published by Fleetway from 1975 to 1976.-Publishing History:Vulcan was a reprint title used by Fleetway to make use of its back-catalogue of superhero and adventure strips printed in Lion and Valiant during the 1960s and early 1970s

Vulcan (comics)
Vulcan, in comics, may refer to:* Vulcan is the name of several characters published by DC Comics, one of whom featured in Son of Vulcan*Marvel Comics characters:

Vulcan (EP)
Vulcan is the recording debut of bay area rock group Snake River Conspiracy. The five-song EP includes 3 versions of the title track, along with a b-side and a cover of the Beatles classic, She Said She Said. The song Vulcan was also included on the band's debut album, Sonic Jihad, which came out almost exactly six months after this EP

Vulcan (mythology)
Vulcan , aka Mulciber, is the god of beneficial and hindering fire, including the fire of volcanoes in ancient Roman religion and Roman Neopaganism. Vulcan is usually depicted with a thunderbolt. He is known as Sethlans in Etruscan mythology

Vulcanite is a rare copper telluride mineral. The mineral has a metallic luster, and is a green or bronze-yellow shade. It has a hardness between 1 and 2 on the Moh's scale . Its crystal structure is orthorhombic.

Vulgar is the fourth studio album released by Dir En Grey on September 10, 2003 in Japan and on February 21, 2006 in Europe. A limited edition containing an additional DVD was also released. It featured the video of the song "Obscure", albeit a censored version

Vulgar (disambiguation)
Vulgar can refer to:*Vulgarism*Vulgar Latin, the dialects of Latin spoken after the fall of the Roman Empire*Vulgar , a 2000 American film*Vulgar , a 2003 album by Japanese band Dir en grey

Vulgar Latin
Vulgar Latin is any of the nonstandard forms of Latin from which the Romance languages developed. Because of its nonstandard nature, it had no official orthography. All written works used Classical Latin, with very few exceptions

A vulgarism , also called scurrility, is a colloquialism of an unpleasant action or unrefined character, which substitutes a coarse, indecorous word where the context might lead the reader to expect a more refined expression.-See also:*Euphemism*Grotesque body*Ribaldry, scatology, toilet humour*Profanity, obscenity

The Vulgate is a late 4th-century Latin translation of the Bible. It was largely the work of St. Jerome, who was commissioned by Pope Damasus I in 382 to make a revision of the old Latin translations

Vulnerability refer to the susceptibility of a person, group, society, sex or system to physical or emotional injury or attack. The term can also refer to a person who lets their guard down, leaving themselves open to censure or criticism

Vulnerable may refer to:*Vulnerability* Vulnerable , 2003* Vulnerable , 1997* Vulnerable , 2012* "Vulnerable" , a 1994 song by Roxette

Vulnerable (Marvin Gaye album)
Vulnerable is a posthumous album which was recorded by American singer Marvin Gaye in the late 1970s and set to be released under the tentative title of The Ballads. Shelved in 1979, the album was released by Motown in 1997.-Background:

Vulture is the name given to two groups of convergently evolved scavenging birds, the New World Vultures including the well-known Californian and Andean Condors, and the Old World Vultures including the birds which are seen scavenging on carcasses of dead animals on African plains

Vulture (DC Comics)
VULTURE is a fictional international crime cartel in the DC Comics universe. VULTURE first appears in House of Mystery #160 , and was created by Jack Miller and Joe Certa.-History:

Vulturine may refer to:* Vulturine Guineafowl, the largest and most spectacular of the guineafowl bird family* Vulturine Parrot, a Neotropical parrot

The vulva consists of the external genital organs of the female mammal. This article deals with the vulva of the human being, although the structures are similar for other mammals.

VY can mean one of the following:*Formosa Airlines, IATA code*Vueling Airlines, IATA code*University of Vaasa, Vaasan yliopisto, VY*Vince Young, NFL player*VY speed, best rate of climb in aviation

Vyrus (Motorcycle)
Vyrus is a small, exclusivist Italian motorcycle manufacturer based in Coriano, Italy.Vyrus initially worked alongside Bimota on the evolutionary development of Bimota's "Tesi" motorcycle. The "Tesi", meaning Thesis in Italian, had its origins as a university engineering project linked to Massimo Tamburini

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